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How To Identify Good And Bad Keywords

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In corpus linguistics a keyword is a term that occurs in a whole text more frequently than we'd expect to happen by pure chance. Corpus linguistics incorporates all languages into one big family tree, with all members of the family having the same general characteristics. Corpus linguists then study the words in this family tree, and use statistical techniques to identify patterns and relationships among them, to reveal any word-class coherence.

So how do you use keywords to boost your research tool like Textengine or Webcientificer? Keywords are the terms people used to find content. They're used by both authors and readers, hence the importance of research tools like Textengine. You should be able to find many keywords and phrases in your text and have these keywords, make up a significant percentage of your overall word count.

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The question then becomes how to best use keywords in your articles and other content so as to draw as many readers as possible. The traditional approach is to focus on your main keyword, i.e. the phrase that attracts the bulk of search queries. This is what advertisers do, and it's still a good way to target your audience. However, you don't want to just sell AdWords, you want to sell content and make sure that your readers really get value from your articles.

To that end we recommend that you look at keywords as a strategic asset and not just as a marketing tool. Although keywords are an important part of your strategy, you shouldn't just focus on keywords and stuff like that. You need to optimize your entire site so that people come to find information using the keywords you found in your keyword research. This optimization requires lots of thinking about how you can integrate keywords into the content so as to make it valuable to people.

Let's say you did some keyword research and you found out that people are looking for "plants grow green" then you might want to put "plants grow green" in your title. That will be fine if that phrase also comes up in the search engine results. But then you might want to put something else in there like "How plants grow" or "What grows plants" etc. Again, these aren't just keywords but phrases that will be found by the search engines. If your page ends up on the results page of a search engine for "how plants grow" then people will be able to find your site using the words in your title.

This is where your landing pages become important because they are what people will use in their search queries to find you. Landing pages are simply pages that people go to after clicking on the advertisements on your website. For example, if someone searches for "how to decorate a Christmas tree", you may end up on the home page of a search query. However, if someone searches for "free christmas decorations" then you may show up on the right hand side of the results page.

The reason for this is that the intent of the searcher is very important. Long-tail keywords have a lower intent meaning it is used less often by internet users. So even though a keyword has a high search result ranking for a particular term, it is not necessarily the best choice for the person who is performing the searching. People who are performing these searches are looking for a solution to a problem. Therefore, keywords with a low intent will not bring people to your website because solving problems is what they are looking for.

Now that you know how to identify keywords with high intent and low competition, you can optimize your webpages and ads so that you get more clicks and more conversions. The thing to do next is find out which keywords are bringing you traffic and which are ranking well for your chosen keywords. Then you can work to lower your costs per click and optimize your site so that you will be able to achieve the highest page ranking possible. Keyword difficulty is only one aspect of SEO, but it is an essential one.

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