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What You Should Expect From Your Cleaning Company Inside Saudi Arabia

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There is a possibility that you might find yourself contracting services from a professional cleaning company inside Saudi Arabia. The question then is, "Is this business venture right for me?" Well, it all comes down to the specific needs of each individual doing the contracting work. If you are a person who prefers to stay home and take care of your family full-time, then perhaps working for a maid service may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you are the opposite and like to be in the world and get out and enjoy life, then contracting a cleaning company inside Saudi Arabia could be just what you are looking for.

When choosing a cleaning company in any country, one has to do some basic research in order to ensure that the company does what they say they are capable of doing. In Saudi, you would want to make sure that you contract with a company that has been in the country for a long period of time. This ensures that the services being offered are of a very high standard. Additionally, you want to choose a company that can provide services for private homes as well as commercial buildings. Info

Since Saudi Arabia is a very conservative country, you will have to deal with certain restrictions when it comes to hiring domestic or professional cleaners. There are strict regulations regarding foreign workers, especially on the employment of domestic maids. Therefore, it is up to you to thoroughly discuss your personal requirements and expectations before signing a contract with a cleaning company. There are a few things that you should ask your potential contractor about.


What are the qualifications of the domestic staff that you are thinking of hiring? The majority of maids in Saudi are women and they come from a fairly conservative family environment. They also, most likely, do not have much education and are only in the job market to earn an income. You can expect them to be hardworking, committed to the job, but also fair and flexible. They should have clean uniforms and should be able to work with the other employees to solve problems if they arise.

If you do decide to hire domestic maids from a Saudi company, you will need to ensure that they are qualified to work in your home. This means that they must be over 18 years old and that they have been cleared by a reliable agency to work in Saudi. The agency can also be verified by talking to an employee of the company. This should help to weed out any agencies that are just out to take your money and leave you without maids. Asking a maid about her experiences will also be useful.

What are the living conditions for these domestic workers in Saudi? The majority of jobs in a Saudi household involve some level of independence. However, you should be aware that the family is very conservative and strict about the rules and roles of its members. Therefore, you may find that the contracts that you sign with a cleaning company are more complicated than normal. For example, you may expect them to provide you with a certain number of female workers.

You will have to pay a deposit of about twenty-five hundred Saudi riyals (or around $300) as well as a monthly maintenance fee. This payment is due on the day that the maid starts working for you. This contract period can last for about a month or more. During this time, the maid will be provided with a salary. During off-peak seasons, you can expect the company to pay more. However, this increase will depend upon the discretion of the company and how it sees fit to calculate how much each employee is worth.

When the contract ends, you can expect the company to send its maids for a two week vacation. This is when they will be provided with new clothes and housing. Upon return, they will be paid for their services. Be sure to keep all receipts for any money you pay to the maid. She will then be able to use this money to purchase more clothes and accommodations. Payment in full is also an option when hiring Saudi maids.

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