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Facing the war of civilizations

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I had doubts for some time should I or not? ... Especially now? ... After surfing through posts of respected CONT authors, I have decided to go ahead. Much has been said about recent tragedy in details, timing and facts, elaborate future predictions were given as well. This post is not about a particular episode of a long waged hybrid war against all of mankind, which takes variety of forms from 'hot' to 'cold', 'proxy', economic, informational, technological, cyber or terrorist. This post is rather about carelessly opened Pandora's box with a fragile balance of civilizations with completely different life systems forced to co-exist, which promises to bring upon us endless woes. And is there still Hope left at the bottom of a box by Jupiter's will? 

Reformatting of the Middle East and North African countries in the framework of 'controlled chaos' which Anglo-Saxons arrogantly chose as a well-calculated and suitable strategy for their geopolitical and economic interests, went more or less consistently, until it stalled upon resistance of Syrian people and their leader Bashar Assad, who stubbornly refused to fit into the 'desert tyrant' template. Common people sided with their leader at large, he could competently express his position on any issue, displaying deep understanding of nuances in both, Eastern and Western mentalities. Media attempts to sculpt another crazy dictator in gold epaulettes, residing in a permanent self-intoxication, failed one after another… Not long ago, accepted at the highest level in Europe and France, in particular, head of the Syrian Republic, suddenly stranded inappropriate along with the interests of his country and people, experiencing all 'benefits' of 'controlled chaos', mentioned recently that France "was faced with what Syria lives with for over five years."

It appears suitable to ask:

"Why, despite failed experiment on propagation of external intervention and management by the Anglo-Saxons in Syria, which has resulted in thousands of civilian casualties and radically changed lives, no one is going to at least apologize to the people of Syria and stop demonizing their leader?"

Also, no one today colors their social networks avatars as flags of Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria or Yemen, for example. They don't count because MEDIA has long ago put a sign of equation between them and artificially constructed notion of 'radical islamism' by western brain storm tanks, such as Stratfor, Strategic Social, Edinburgh International, for example.

Wherefore, those irrational religious fanatics cut, tortured, hanged, bombed themselves and, thus, didn't deserve sorrows of a civilized world. These are harsh realities of bearded savages living in deserts. 'Thank God, we are not them', thought  Europeans. Were as Europeans, for example, were always given a role of innocent victims in a well-coordinated effort by the MEDIA, which placed a 'plus sign' of universal values next to 'european values' by default.
So what, if Europeans remained silent when their "European Parliament" acted outside its jurisdiction on supporting coups and overthrowing "non-European" regimes in under-civilized countries of North Africa and Middle East? None of these matters were of interest to most Pan-Europeans, despite the fact that Russia was stressing about consequences of these short-sighted decisions using all high tribunes. And now with this dam being broken, leading to the tragedy of late November 13th, as one of the episodes, let me cite the words of overthrown and killed without a trial in October of 2011, Colonel Kaddafi, who was also once a 'Big Friend' of France and one of the generous sponsors of Nicolas Sarkozy's campaign:

"Flouting stability in Libya will collapse peace in the world, through instability in the Mediterranean. If our authorities will be demolished, millions of Africans illegally flood into Italy, France ... Europe will turn black in a short time. We prevent immigration and constrain Al′-Qaeda as well. Thus, if stability in Libya will be destroyed, it immediately would have repercussions for Europe and for the Mediterranean.
All are in danger! "

Now look at these kids' faces, imprinted by a well-known Western photographer Steve McCurry. Despite their age, they already know the severity of weapons in their hands and carry vengeance in their hearts, which breaks outwards because they were unfairly stripped off a basic human right to be children, and their childhood replaced by surrounding death and collapse. Do you think, it would be easy to explain to them that the territory they considered their Home suddenly became a crossroad for geopolitical games of gentlemen residing in business palaces made of glass in London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Brussels? 'It's all about bucks, kid. The rest is conversation' as bluntly put by the icon of shark Wall Street community, Gordon Gekko. 

And if they survive, would they come to those glass palaces with a logical question: 'WHY?' or maybe instead of a question they will bring a verdict. Their verdict. Not approved by pan-European human rights committees, but a specific subject to immediate execution without a trial, same way as their national leaders were executed? Will they get through open or close borders, as there's only ashes that was once their home left behind? And if savvy gentlemen will manage to evacuate themselves from their glass palaces on their business jets, someone will still have to give an answer, and that someone will once again be an infantile European, who at one point thought that a policy of 'non-involvement' in political and financial elites' affairs was a truly European choice.

Steve McCurry photography (c)

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