Türkiye enters Black water

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Erik Prince, former chief of the mercenary Blackwater company ( re-named to Academi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... visited Turkey recently. According to the source Prince was picked up from the airport by MIT and immediately taken to Ankara, where he held meetings with senior Turkish officials, including intelligence and security service managers and the mayor.

Turkish authorities’ strict measures to conceal his visit were triggered by Erik Prince's facing possible charges in the US for selling military services to Libya, money laundering and his rather controversial reputation. https://www.rt.com/usa/337038-... 

Academi's activity is providing unofficial elite military services to a number of controversial regimes, money laundering, weapon trafficking, in exchange for considerable rewards, it's also known to carry out numerous acts of sabotage on a scale of a country or a region. In all countries that are currently plagued by chaos and anarchy, former Blackwater's footprint can be seen. They operate worldwide, being contracted by groups closely associated or seeking patronage from the US, British and Israeli 'nationalist wing' elites (not to be confused with these countries' 'globalist wing' elites), leaving no opponent alive upon their demand. Following recent agreements with Israel, Turkish government authorities have been advised to engage with Academi and rely on its ability to form controlled terrorist units inside Turkey. Sources point out that one of them, ultra-Sunni Islamist and nationalist group, Asadullah, that has recently emerged in Kurdish regions of Turkey, is nothing else, but a state-sponsored cover-up, working in-line with current government strategy to drive out opponents and create pressure triggers for dealing with the EU. Though, identity of its members is still at large concealed, their spotted presence among government structures and the Turkish army raises questions about being created and controlled by the MIT.

Erdogan needs Prince's services as he doesn't trust his own army and rapidly losing popularity even within his own party, given consistent international exposure for his supporting and financing radicals, incl Daesh, oil smuggling, money laundering, driving country's economy to a massive halt and driving neighbouring countries crazy with unpredictable and obnoxious behavior.

Given the nature of the company, it may be further involved in protecting selected cities or selected areas in these cities, false flag operations, such as carrying out terrorist attacks on behalf of the PKK, provocations against Kurds and taking out Kurdish leaders. In other words, it will be working both ways, which will spark further civil riots and rise of tension within the country. All of the human and military resources needed are already in Turkey via Syrian border. For these specific services Erdogan is going to pay Prince with the money obtained from the EU for allocation and assistance to refugees, and secondly, with money from oil smuggling.

Yet Erdogan is not taking into account that Prince is there only till he pays, mistakenly hoping that he is actually getting a full backup from his Washington curators. When the time comes, he will be left alone, facing unsolved and escalated problems, as he runs out of money and support, which also means Erdogan will try to raise pressure on Europe with refugees issues, demanding for more compensation. Seems, he feels the weight of the 'black mark' that has been sent his way and tries to secure his position and family interests at all costs.  

In any case, Academi's presence is an alarming sign of further escalation. None of the countries so far, which had received Prince's services, returned back to normal civilian life.

Seems, today Turkey is driven to the point when the only way to preserve territorial and civil integrity is to change current regime, as the leadership can't cope with the situation: Erdogan stirs up abruption within the country and by international community. The question of either sooner or later, evolutionary or revolutionary? Will there be any involvement of the Turkish army in fighting this evasive virus, as it was meant to be the immune system of the state and society, otherwise, scavengers like Erik Prince, will be feasting on what is left of it.   

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