WHY IGNORANCE IS A BLISS: field notes for a fellow Avatar

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Imagine you are immortal. Just imagine. And almighty. You can create worlds. Observe them. Manage them. Destroy them. It should be fun, but sooner or later gets boring. To study the nature of surrounding reality is not interesting as you know everything ahead and beyond, in addition to everything else. You suffer from boredom. Your eternity is becoming burdening together with the fucking omnipower and omniknowledge.

So what do you do? You create a new world. No, a whole new Universe. You set parameters and configure settings. And you do come into play as a mighty fucking Self.

Your embodied avatar - just a casual occurrence by default has minimum knowledge about reality, where he has been placed, and endowed with a minimum of physical skills. The memory of a true Self is erased - as its necessary for complete immersion into the process. Game has its limits - well, at least here, at least for some time, so you can feel the beauty of mortality, ignorance and helplessness, in order to taste the fullness of life.

The main purpose is absent, as upon reaching it, you would come out of the game. And so the whole point is reduced to searching for missing targets and objectives, the longer, the better.

Finally, you're almost happy: enjoying excellent graphics, unpredictable plots and the process of searching for meaning. Yet, once in awhile an elusive longing for something that has been hidden from you or accidentally forgotten makes you lift up your head towards the sky with a silent question ...

So what's up with the main point: there is No Point, really, not on the level of your existence and self-recognition... just an avatar wandering through time and space keeping or losing his balance along the way, obtaining experiences that might be surprising, revelations or re-evaluation. And once you are back into your regular state of knowing it all again, you'll be thankful for the moment of bliss of ignorance and unpredictability you were fortunate to have as a holographic projection of Self.

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