ESPN Plus raises annual subscription price

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This price is set to be $ 59.99 in 2021 for an annual subscription.

ESPN + Costs $ 4.99 per Month for a Ton of Sports - and Limited Ads - Variety

The current price for an annual subscription for ESPN Plus subscribers is $ 49.99 which soon is going to increase $ 59.99 for the year 2021, according to a report fromVariety. From January 8th, 2021, new subscribers will require to pay $ 59.99 and a few months later in March for existing subscribers, the new cost will reportedly trickle down.

Earlier the year of 2020, ESPN increased the monthly price to $ 5.99 for ESPN Plus and presently, the annual subscription is receiving the similar treatment. Disney had already reported that beginning in March 2021, the company's bundle of DisneyPlus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, and Disney Plus separately would each cost $ 1 additionally, increasing those costs to $ 13.99 and $ 8.99, respectively.

In January, a change will also be coming on the pricing for UFC pay-per-view events of ESPN Plus. Presently, every match price $ 64.99 to watch; however, it will change to $ 69.99 after January 8th.

Streaming value climbs have been a theme of 2020; YouTube TV increased its cost, Fubo didn't wait so long after, Hulu's Live TV service got a cost knock, and Netflix increased the expense of its most famous streaming plan by $ 1 as well.

In the US, UFC pay-per-view matches are exclusive to ESPN Plus; therefore, the cost change will influence any individual who regularly stays up with MMA. Outside the US, the matches availability shifts relying upon the region; however, the official UFCsite has the most upgraded data.

This year, there are some new ESPN Plus exclusives are also coming; however, the greatest get from ESPN is streaming rights to Southeastern Conference football, which in 2021 will carry SEC games to the streaming service. We'll need to check whether these are sufficient for existing subscribers of stick around. These sorts of streaming service cost getting increase aren't abnormal, and in case it provides some knowledge into ESPN and confidence of Disney in their service.

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