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There was an attempt to block videos related to the research of the remains of an antediluvian and underground civilization, traces of which were found in the Urals and the island of Aruba. The hypothesis of the existence of giants on the continents of North and South America, as well as a line of islands near the continents. Hypotheses, versions and facts.

There was an attempt to block videos related to research on the remains of an antediluvian and underground civilization, traces of which were found in the Urals and the island of Aruba. The hypothesis of the existence of giants on the continents of North and South America, as well as a line of islands near the continents. Hypotheses, versions and facts.

In the previous article, I talked about official historical facts that speak of the existence of a once antediluvian civilization of giant people on the island of Aruba, and also shared some artifacts found there in the form of footprints in the sole on a melted stone. I will continue my story.

If we stumbled upon this evidence indicating the presence of giants on the island of Aruba, which the Spaniards claimed back in the 15th century, then relatively close to the island of Aruba, on the continents of North and South America, there must be some cities built by giants, children of the Nephilim This is exactly what the Jewish sources tell us. And we will not be mistaken, indeed in the USA a «Giant underground city» was discovered in the Grand Canyon. Official academic pseudoscience, as always, by any means tries to hide the true knowledge about the universe, leaving it for the elite caste. At the beginning of the 20th century, chance brought humanity to the gates of the underground city of giants, the most famous in those days. It was an amazing discovery. The press soon echoed him with enthusiastic headlines:

«Giant Underground City».

According to an article published in La Gazeta de Arizona on April 5, 1909. The Grand Canyon was home to a civilization that was inhabited by people of cyclopean proportions. They left us only a few buildings as evidence of their existence. The article mentions the discovery of a huge underground citadel by an explorer named J. E. Kincaid. He accidentally discovered it while rafting down the Colorado River. It is worth mentioning that Kincaid was an established archaeologist and was financially supported by the Smithsonian Institution. And here you should pay attention to the keyword:

«Had the financial support of the Smithsonian Institution».

At the end of the article, I will explain why we are unable to find massive quantities of artifacts and evidence of this particular stage in the development of human civilization, but I cannot tell you the true reasons for hiding this from society. According to the descriptions, the entrance to this gigantic underground city was at the end of the tunnel. Another tunnel. Few coincidences. The underground world of the Urals, the underground world of the island of Aruba, to which I will return later, but in a different material, the underground world that spreads all over the planet and even under the oceans. The tunnel, the entrance to the «Giant Underground City» in the Grand Canyon, extended to a depth of more than 1,600 meters underground.

Kinkaid was impressed that the cave was almost inaccessible. The entrance was located about 450 meters under the wall of a steep canyon in a state protected area, access was closed under the threat of a fine.

«Above the shelf, which was not visible from the river, was the entrance to the cave. When I saw the chisel marks on the wall at the entrance, I became interested. I took the gun and went inside», - Kincaid said.

The discovered architecture suggests that the builders of this underground city had advanced engineering skills. The central axis of the underground city was a giant chamber from which aisles emanated, similar to the spokes of a wheel. The walls of the main hall were decorated with brass weapons and tablets covered with symbols and hieroglyphs, very similar to those we can see in Egypt. Another interesting find was the discovery of mummified bodies inside the citadel. None of the mummies found was less than 2.8 meters. They were all wrapped in dark linen.

Further research revealed interesting data about the beliefs of these alleged giants of the city. Look at this photo, the outward resemblance to the Buddha is noticeable, but is it the Buddha? More than 30 meters from the entrance is a room with a cruciform plant, several tens of meters long, where the idol was found. Perhaps he could be the main god of their religious system. The statue was in a sitting position, cross-legged, with a lotus or lily flower in each hand. His face had eastern ancient Aryan features. One hand was with a raised palm, as if stopping the curious from further passage inside, while the other showed the direction where it was necessary to move on.

Perhaps, before entering the underground giant city, it was necessary to perform some kind of religious ritual, and only then, without fear of being destroyed, it was possible to move inside. This idol had a certain resemblance to the Buddha, although scholars have not finished arguing what it represents and what religious cult it belongs to. The article also refers to the discovery of ceramics and other «trademark» artifacts on items made in other parts of the world. Perhaps this is a rare mixture of cultures, not often found in archaeological finds. Therefore, this discovery is of unprecedented importance for the entire human civilization, but at the same time it is carefully hidden from the whole society by official academic pseudoscience. What is the real reason for the concealment of such data?

The last chamber they found during their exploration was a ceremonial crypt. Kincaid and his partner, Professor S. A. Jordan, were, as expected, at the end of the great hall where they had found the mummies. Unfortunately, there are not many details about this discovery in the article, but the most interesting thing is that there are no official versions or references to this mysterious underground city, and the Smithsonian Institution denies knowing about its existence. In principle, there is nothing surprising, because it is the Smithsonian Institution that is involved in hiding such facts and is behind the destruction of all artifacts on our planet, or hides them in its vaults, as well as in the Vatican archive library. And now let's talk about the most sensitive moments in the history of this cult of hiding the truth from official academic pseudoscience. Many of the researchers of the real past were able not only to uncover numerous facts of falsification of our history, but also to discover that for several centuries this total project was directly supervised by the Vatican. It is in the multi-level and multi-kilometer storages of his library that many artifacts of previous ancient and megalithic civilizations are stored, including authentic written sources, but very few are not allowed to see these artifacts. Moreover, their existence is hidden from humanity. True, after the catastrophe of the middle of the 19th century and the subsequent redistribution of the world by new ruling «elites», a new project of falsifying history with a new coordinating center appeared, the role of which in concealing from humanity the true past and artifacts of ancient civilizations and their amazing technologies is no less than the Vatican with its gigantic library. What is this new coordinating center for the project of total falsification of history?

Speaking in Moscow at the very beginning of 2020 at the presentation of his new book «Long Before Columbus», written in collaboration with the researcher of esoteric knowledge N. Nepomnyashchiy, he was mentioned in his speech by a Russian researcher of artifacts of ancient civilizations located outside Russia, a member of the LAI expeditions, candidate of historical sciences A. Zhukov and this is what he said during this speech:

«In America, I’m not afraid to say this, scientific censorship is much tougher than in our country. There is such an institution there - the Smithsonian Institution, everyone has probably heard, and in my opinion it is an analogue of our Russian Academy of Sciences, that is, it is the leading scientific institution in the field, first of all, of the humanities. It was founded in 1846, and the very history of the foundation of this institution has such a rather mystical background. The Smithsonian Institution is not a separate institution. 19 institutes, 21 libraries, its own zoo, about 200 independent scientific branches, museums and research institutions throughout the country, which are considered affiliates of the Smithsonian Institution. The official collection of items at the Smithsonian ranges from 154 to 156 million artifacts, about 20 million volumes of literature, and archival documents, as I understand it, they simply measure in hundreds of thousands of cubic feet. And this organization determines the main directions in the humanities. That is, if the Smithsonian Institution said that there was no megalithic civilization in Ancient Peru, then scientists in Peru «took a salute» and also said that there was no megalithic civilization. And in general, I would say in general that the history of Ancient America was written by «state» scientists and they determine, as it were, the official image of the ancient world of the New World. Accordingly, we are forced to reckon with this one way or another, and, working from an alternative perspective, we naturally enter into one or another contradiction».

I would like to single out the words of the PHD of historical sciences A. Zhukov, who especially emphasized the mystical component of concealing facts pointing to the history of the universe of human civilization. So, the storages and storerooms of this organization contain the number of artifacts hidden from humanity comparable to the storages of the Vatican library. Moreover, the year of creation - 1846, tells us that this institution was created immediately after the catastrophe of the middle of the 19th century. Well, its scope shows us that, in fact, it controls not only American, but also global science, including historical science, that is, it is a tool to control humanity's access to «forbidden» knowledge. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the staff of this university destroyed several thousand skeletons of giant people discovered by archaeologists around the world, those very legendary «gods» of the ancient civilization of the «golden age», when the planet earth belonged to humanity. They, together with Egyptian archaeologists, «clean up» the traces of this civilization on the land of Egypt, in Russia, in the USA, in general, on all the continents of the planet, and in the Middle East, all artifacts stolen by terrorists from looted museums end up either in private collections of the world «elite», or in the numerous storerooms of the Smithsonian Institution. I am sure that the artifacts taken by the American army during the invasion of Iraq from the Baghdad Museum were also taken here. Thus, we can state that we have identified another «center of power» of the so-called «world government» and a far from complete list of these «centers of power» is as follows:

1. Financial center - City of London (UK),

2. Financial center - US Federal Reserve,

3. Military-political center - District of Columbia (USA),

4. The military-political center of the Pentagon and the US intelligence services, not controlled by the government of all countries of the world,

5. Religious and ideological center - the Vatican, with its branches of the Russian Orthodox Church and the like,

6. Scientific center - Smithsonian Institution (USA) with its branches like RAS and so on,

7. Secret and mystical orders of Freemasons, Illuminati, Satanists of B'nain B'rith and the like.

Also, it can be stated that there is a whole state-bank of the «world government» - this is Switzerland. It is for this reason that Hitler did not violate the borders of this country, because the Third Reich was financed by precisely these forces. This also explains not only the cooperation of the Vatican with the Nazi regime, but also its active participation, together with the American intelligence services, in harboring and saving many Nazi war criminals and Nazi scientists from just retribution. By the way, they were taken under their «wing» by the Smithsonian Institution, whose main task is to hide from us the true knowledge about past civilizations of the «golden age», their socially just social structure and unique technologies of cheap energy that these civilizations used. And if the Vatican in the inter-Flood period used the order of the Jesuits and its servants to rewrite history, and the work itself was carried out mainly with the replacement and correction of authentic chronicles, then after the catastrophe of the middle of the 19th century, this process began to take place strictly on a «scientific basis» under by the «scientists» of the Smithsonian Institution. Falsification of history is only one of the activities of this organization.

In fact, in the past centuries, all genuine scientific knowledge was replaced with the help of completely unproven hypotheses invented by Freemasons, which were given the status of «ultimate truth». All this is being done in order to lead humanity away from those knowledge and technologies that pose a real danger to the alien power that has enslaved humanity, creating for us a parasitic and usurious system of banks, dragging us into financial bondage, leaving no time for creative and creative processes, killing or by imprisoning the smartest of us. But here, too, this institution for falsifying knowledge about the universe once failed. Most likely, the situation just suddenly got out of their control for a while. U.S. Supreme Court ruling forced the Smithsonian to release secret documents dating back to the early 1900s that prove the organization was involved in a major historical cover-up. The cover-up allegedly destroyed the evidence that gigantic human remains were found in huge numbers throughout America, and in our case, on the island of Aruba. According to the court order, high-ranking administrators ordered the destruction of the evidence in order to «protect the basic chronology of human evolution at that time».

Allegations by the American Institute for Alternative Archaeology (AIAA) that the Smithsonian destroyed thousands of giant human remains in the early 1900s were not taken lightly by the Smithsonian, which responded by suing the organization for defamation and attempting to damage the reputation of the 168-year-old institution. The litigation revealed new instances of «vandalism» as several whistleblowers of the Smithsonian Institution admitted the existence of documents allegedly proving the destruction of tens of thousands of human skeletons between 6 and 12 feet high, a reality that mainstream archeology fails to acknowledge for various reasons. Here is what AIAA spokesman James Churchward said:

«Western archaeological institutes have been carefully hiding since the early 1900s to make us believe that America was first colonized by Asian peoples who migrated through the Bering Strait 15,000 years ago, when in fact there are hundreds of thousands of burial mounds throughout America, which, according to locals inhabitants, were there long before them, and which show traces of a highly developed civilization, the sophisticated use of metal alloys and where the remains of a giant human skeleton are often found, but are still not reported in the media and news publications. A giant human femur discovered in Ohio in 2011 by the American Association for Alternative Archeology is similar to evidence presented in court».

The turning point of the trial was when a 1.3 meter long femur was shown in court as an argument for the existence of such giant human bones. The evidence came as a blow to Smithsonian lawyers, as the bone was stolen from there by one of their high-ranking handlers in the mid-1930s, who kept the bone all his life and only on his deathbed confessed in writing to Smithsonian covert operations:

«This is a terrible thing that is being done to the American people. We hide the truth about the forefathers of mankind, our ancestors, the giants who roamed the earth, as it is said in the Bible and the ancient texts of the world».

Since then, the U.S. Supreme Court has forced the Smithsonian Institution to publicly release classified information on everything related to «destruction of evidence relating to mound-builder culture» and to elements «pertaining to larger than normal human skeletons», the AIAA's decision is highly encouraged. Here is how AIAA director Hans Guttenberg reacted:

«The public release of these documents will help archaeologists and historians reassess current theories about human evolution and help us better understand mound builder culture in America and around the world. Finally, after more than a century of lies, the truth about our gigantic ancestors will be revealed to the world».

The documents were planned to be published in 2020, and the operation for their publication was to be coordinated by an independent scientific organization to ensure political neutrality, but, as always, the world man-made madness of the satanic system broke out, which feels its collapse and did not declassify this information. There is a reason. So, let's summarize the hypothesis and repeat the facts indicating that presumably on the continents of North and South America, as well as the island of Aruba and the line of coastal islands, traces of the antediluvian civilization of giants were found, respectively, it was they who once inhabited our planet:

1. Spanish navigators, the discoverers of the island of Aruba and nearby islands, gave them the name of the island of the Giants.

2. On the molten stones of the island of Aruba, supposedly footprints in the sole were found. Similar tracer stones are found all over the world.

3. An underground city of giants was discovered on the continent of North America.

So I supported my version of the existence of giants on the island of Aruba with facts found not only on the island, but also on all continents of our planet. The question remains open, who and what could destroy this civilization of giants and why is all information still hidden about it? As the sages said:

«At the end of time, all knowledge will be revealed».

Personal evaluative and subjective opinion of Valery Sivokon.

Translated by Diomid Bashkinov.

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