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       We have no doubt that the island of Aruba is the remains of Atlantis, and this was claimed by German scientists from the SS Ahnenerbe department. Our «Prometheus» research group, together with our readers and viewers, independent researchers from Russia, the USA and Europe, tried to decipher the signs and symbols inflicted by the descendants of the Atlanteans. Images of animals, women, a pregnant fetus, the key to the entrances to the underworld of the island of Aruba, letters, words and unknown hieroglyphs.

Images of animals, «a woman bearing a fetus», the «key» to the entrances to the underworld of the island of Aruba, letters, words and unknown hieroglyphs.

On the following petroglyphs we will see images of animals, letters, unknown hieroglyphs that we could not identify. They were left to us by the lost ancestors belonging to the Proto-Slavic civilization of the Atlanteans. Figure № 4 shows animals and flora in black. Perhaps representatives of insects. As we discussed above, the black color indicates that the lost civilization left us a story about various species of flora and fauna that were destroyed during the global catastrophe. The petroglyph number 173 reminds us of the letter «H», and the hieroglyph number 174, which we could not attribute to any modern language. It requires professional linguists who study not just Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic and similar languages, but people who have knowledge of the forgotten languages of the Eastern group. Well, for example, ancient Japanese (jodai, nihongo), which came out of everyday use and so by analogy. The petroglyph number 175 resembles a map of a closed room of an underground structure with an entrance, where some of the corridors are depicted in black, and this tells us that these corridors are most likely littered or destroyed. It is possible that the passage comes from underground. The rest of the drawings resemble images of animals, plants or insects. This is our main working version until other information about the new hypothesis appears.


The following figure № 6 with petroglyphs brings us simply sensational information and confirms the version of a global natural disaster caused by the planetary war of Atlantis against Agarta. The figure shows an image of a map of a certain area with entrances to an underground room, possibly of a protective type, as well as an inscription in Latin capital letters VUL in the upper right corner. Since I have already said above that the continents of North and South America, as well as the nearby islands of the Caribbean, were densely populated by representatives of the Proto-Slavic civilization, and there is not only indirect evidence for this, but also the most direct, there is no straighter. Our forefathers used the same proto-language, which is directly related to Old Slavic.

Latin and Russian languages go back to a common proto-language spoken by their common ancestors, the Proto-Indo-Europeans or the ancient Aryan civilization. These are two branches of languages, separated about 4 000 years BC, and each has gone its own way of development, but the relationship is still visible. We can say that the lexical affinity of Latin and Russian languages sound about the same. Which demonstrates their shared past. So, if we consider these languages from the point of view of continuous historical development, we will come to a common ancestor and find out that these are different branches of a single Proto-Indo-European language, which means they appeared together, but went through a different path of development until they were recorded in literary forms. I claim that the three letters VUL are Latin, and here we would need a method of deciphering the writing of Professor, Doctor of Philosophy Valery Alekseevich Chudinov. Unfortunately, he has passed away and it is not possible to turn to him for help. But we also have some ideas about the possible meanings of letters, at first glance, which do not matter.

So, what could it be? If we decipher only VUL, then our ancestors made it clear to us that these petroglyphs carry a message to us. This is how the Latin translation sounds. If the «writer» of that era did not have time to finish writing the word, due to his sudden death, then we can assume that he wanted to leave us a message about the «talking» volcano, since it is only necessary to add a few more letters PUTATE to the word VUL and we will get the word VULPUTATE in Latin for volcano. But this is only a version.


And as a summing up of certain results, I can say that these drawings bring us images of dead species of animals, insects, birds and flora, with the display of some rooms under the surface of the earth of the island of Aruba. The translation from Latin gives us a direct confirmation that these petroglyphs were left to us as a message that needs to be studied, deciphered and penetrated into the underworld of the island. At the same moment, if the «writer» of that time did not have time to fully finish the word and died, then we can assume that he wanted to report a natural disaster in the form of a volcano that suddenly «spoke up» caused by a planetary war.

There are only two versions of the decryption in Figure № 7, and most likely my version is not correct, but I will voice it anyway. By associative signs, the symbols resemble a key or the shape of a key to the doors of the underworld of the island of Aruba or to hidden knowledge with a path scheme. One of the readers on the social network COMTE gave us a hint and expressed his point of view, which according to my preferences is more correct, but here the reader and the viewer should choose which point of view to adhere to or, in turn, offer their own version. According to the reader of the COMTE social network, these petroglyphs resemble the womb of a pregnant woman with a fetus inside, and here I will supplement his train of thought. They indicate different positions of a woman, perhaps this meant different stages of pregnancy. I do not exclude the possibility that genetic experiments could take place on the island and women carried a fetus not from a human, but from representatives of another form of life. So, to speak, there was a laboratory for the production of chimeras.


Why did I make the assumption that I do not exclude the version about the production of chimeras and genetic experiments taking place on the island of Aruba? Since this island, with the islands of Curacao and Bonaire, is one part of Atlantis, and together with other remnants of the Canary and Azores Islands, they are certain borders of the deceased state. They are separated only by the Atlantic Ocean. The fact is that an independent researcher from the «LiveJournal» social network conducted her own research on settlements in Portugal with unusual names that speak precisely about this hypothesis. Here are some strange names of settlements she managed to find:

- Alem de Agua - someone from the water,

- Feteira - storage of embryos,

- Gens - River of genes (DNA),

- Porto Judeu - Jewish port,

- Fetal Embryos,

- Fetais Fundeiros-fused embryos,

- Fetales Cimeiros-Chimera Embryos,

- Crossbowmen-Menagerie, Bestiary,

- Vieiros Nursery,

- Fetais dos Pretos-Black embryos,

- Foetals of sheep-embryos of sheep,

- Reguengo do Fetal-Royal embryo.



For those people who are not familiar with the meaning of the word Bestiary. It comes from the word Beast, which in Latin means «beast» - a medieval collection of zoological articles with illustrations that described various animals in detail. One of the first sources of bestiaries is the Greek treatise «Physiologist». In ancient Russian literature, bestiaries were called «physiologists». Very often, articles appeared in bestiaries, where animals that do not really exist were described in detail and with illustrations. For example, a dragon, a basilisk, a manticore and others, but is this really the case? Or maybe they were just the opposite and existed at that time, and they are tritely trying to hide the true knowledge about the past from us? The authors of the bestiaries likened the creatures to images and concepts of religion and morality, deciphering them as hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs again.


Now let's recall Figure № 4 and take another look at the hieroglyph that we could not identify. Does it not mean just such an animal that died during a natural cataclysm? Something too much indirect facts appear in this version, from which it is more and more difficult to get away. It is already impossible not to notice them. They just pop into your eyes themselves. There is already clearly talk that not everything was so simple on the island of Aruba before and after the disaster. As we can see from the names of settlements in Portugal, it is possible to draw up some historical picture of what is happening. Someone came out of the water, after a natural planetary catastrophe and the flooding of the state of Atlantis, and this someone, but already in Europe, continued genetic experiments on people, growing chimeras with human DNA, fertilizing women of our species or injecting them with alien DNA, changing the human genome. If you look at a similar picture in the names of settlements, but from the side of the island of Aruba (the other side of the lost Atlantis), you can find something interesting, but a little different in meaning, although there is a thought of a global war or a planetary catastrophe destroying everything around. For example, in Colombia from Latin:

- Ciudad Perdida - The city is lost,

- El Infiernito - Infernal (hell),

- Tekendama - Open Door,

- Mitu is a Myth,

- Riosucio, Choco - He collided,

- Tarapaca, Amazonas - Amazon and Amazonian.

At first glance, there is nothing similar in Colombia as in Portugal, but it's like watching. Tekendama means «open door» in the local language. The Chibcha Indians living here have a legend. When the people here were still wild, an elder and his wife came to them and began to teach them how to build houses, grow food and live in communities.


And it turns out the following picture, after the disaster in Atlantis, some of the surviving Atlanteans moved to Colombia, somewhere they were greeted kindly, and they helped the development of people, and somewhere hostile, because at that time, the indigenous population of Colombia lost the city, and in another hell was arranged for them. Among other things, there were tribes of Amazons.

Now let's study the cities in the USA in the state of Florida, which is approximately the same distance from the island of Aruba as the Canary Islands from Portugal, is there something similar and unusual there? Here is an interesting list with the name of settlements:

- Alford - Ford of the elves,

- Atlantis - Atlantis,

- Biscayne Park - Industrial planet in the Outer Ring-Park,

- Cinco Bayou - Think about it, think about it,

- Doral - The Secret of the foreigner,

- El Portal - Portal,

- Jupiter - Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar system, the fifth most distant from the Sun,

- Jupiter Inlet Colony - A colony at the entrance to Jupiter,

- Jupiter Island - Jupiter Island,

- Key Biscayne - Key Industrial Planet in the Outer Ring,

- Key Colony Beach - Key Colony Beach,

- Key West - Key of the West,

- Loxahatchee Groves - Baby Lox Grows (Latin),

- Medley - Medical Law (Latin),

- Neptune Beach - Neptune Beach,

- Plantation - Plantation,

- Polk City is a city in which kappa DNA polymerase is a DNA polymerase that in humans is encoded by the POLK gene. It participates in the synthesis of translesia.

Summing up a cursory study of the names of cities in the state of Florida, which is approximately the same distance as Portugal from the Azores and Canary Islands, one can come to understand that some of the escaped Atlanteans settled in this area. So, a city was named in honor of Atlantis, a settlement named after the God Neptune is mentioned, which was worshipped by Atlanteans, among others, there are cities with mention of planets of the Solar system, such as Jupiter, a certain industrial planet, a portal, a colony, a plantation, medical law and a city with a hint of genome and DNA. Perhaps the migrants were not able to deploy their work on medical experiments as well as in Portugal. Someone may make a remark that these cities are named in relatively modern times and Atlanteans are out of the question. But in this context, they forget to remember who actually governs not only the United States, but the whole world, preserving their secret knowledge, including history from society. Naturally, these are the occult orders of Freemasons (a generalizing image), by which I mean all the others, since there simply won't be enough space to list them all. It was they who, possessing important information, could safely give these settlements those names that corresponded to the historical epoch of the planetary catastrophe and the death of Atlantis, whose priestly knowledge they could intercept.

In Figure № 9, we clearly see a petroglyph, which also shows the development of the fetus, but no longer in the woman's stomach, but in some kind of artificial technical apparatus. It is possible that this image points us to a certain room located somewhere in the underworld of the island of Aruba, to which endless corridors lead. Whether the Atlanteans grew artificial chimeras in specialized equipment, while this question remains open. At least until this object is found, but it's a matter of time. In the near future, the «Prometheus» research group, together with the «International Academy of Sciences» and «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for Development, Health and Longevity), will organize a new expedition to Aruba to search for an underground civilization. So, to speak, by the way, according to the latest publications, and then we will begin to study the underwater objects of the island located in the coastal line. One thing can be stated, two years ago we greatly disturbed the system and underwater archaeology had to be stopped. We began to put obstacles under various pretexts and the expedition had to be curtailed. Let's take a look at this drawing.


In Figure № 10, we can observe how either an animal or a chimera created by the Atlanteans in the laboratory comes out of a certain room. It resembles a head crowned with horns and a standing body on two legs, like a Minotaur in the labyrinth of the island of Crete. The minotaur is a monster (chimera) with the body of a man and the head of a bull, descended from the unnatural love of the daughter of the sun god Helios Pasiphae, the wife of King Minos, to the bull sent by the god of the seas Poseidon, and as you know, one of the main Gods worshipped by the Atlanteans was Poseidon (Neptune). Now there are more and more broken indirect facts that need to be linked together and from individual puzzles to create a picture of what happened, which seems almost impossible.


In general, studying these petroglyphs, I see only one version that the Atlanteans were engaged in genetic experiments, growing various chimeras. We conducted experiments both on representatives of our species and with the help of equipment, growing them artificially. We were left a message as descendants in the form of words in Latin and a hieroglyph, deciphering them turns out the meaning of «message» or «volcano», and a hieroglyph can mean only one thing - a bestiary and unusual fabulous animals or, more simply, chimeras.


to be continued…

Personal evaluative and subjective opinion of the head of the «Prometheus» research group, full member of the ANNO of the «International Academy of Sciences», representative of the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity) Valery Sivokon.

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