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       We have no doubt that the island of Aruba is the remains of Atlantis, and this was claimed by German scientists from the SS Ahnenerbe department. Our Prometheus research group, together with our readers and viewers, independent researchers from Russia, the USA and Europe, tried to decipher the signs and symbols inflicted by the descendants of the Atlanteans. Sacred solar signs and symbols of the island of Aruba and their connection with the occult orders of Masons and Illuminati.

Sacred solar signs and symbols of the island of Aruba.

Strangely enough, the petroglyphs on the island of Aruba are simply replete with solar signs and symbols, which may indirectly confirm the version that the Atlanteans were one of the branches of the ancient Aryan and Proto-Slavic civilizations. That is why the official science created by the Masons is trying to distort our history, giving its interpretation and keeping silent about the fact that the earth once belonged to our ancestors, but something managed to seize and take control of all mankind during the night of Svarog and began to eliminate the descendants of the White Gods. On this carved petroglyph we see the most complex of hollow crosses - the Roman holy cross. How did he end up there?



What can he do on the island of Aruba at a time when official science declares that there has never been a pre-Slavic civilization there? Or maybe just the whole thing is exactly the opposite? The cross is the most famous sign in the history of mankind. 2 000 years according to the official chronology, it is a worldwide symbol of Christianity, but this sign appeared much earlier. Images of crosses were found during excavations of Stone Age sites, and in our case petroglyphs with solar symbols were found on the island of Aruba.

Already in ancient times, the cross became a sacred sign. This information is confirmed by archaeological finds almost all over the planet. The cross, depending on the region and religion, symbolized the sun, life, Gods, sky. And a group of Indian tribes, the creators of one of the highest ancient cultures of America, believed, like Christians today, that the cross expels evil spirits! Well, the very first mention of the cross, according to official science, is attributed to the ancient Egyptians, although in my opinion it appeared much earlier. The cross originates from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph and again we have the concept of a hieroglyph denoting the word «life», which appeared from an ancient sacred symbol with the same meaning.

Solar symbolism is the symbolism of the solar element, the Sun, the solar light gods. The Sun gods in the Slavic Christian creed are Dazhbog, Svarog, Horse. They are one of the light forces, that is, the Gods representing the forces of the Rule. Do not forget that the faces of Slavic Gods were discovered on the coast in the USA on the beach in Brighton Beach. I have already mentioned this in previous materials. That's what the book «The Russian people its customs, rituals, traditions, superstitions and poetry» says about it, written by M. Zabylin, published in 1880, and this is neither more nor less, but the XIX century. In the chapter «Holidays and contact with them rituals. Yuletide» said:

«In Belarus and in Little Russia, Yuletide is called a Christmas carol, a kaleda; the name is similar to the Roman Kalendae from the Greek verb - to call, also from the Sanskrit kala.

The pilot book says that - Yuletide, holidays are accepted from the Hellenes (Greeks); we also see confirmation of the kolyads from the Hellenes in rule 62 of the Stoglav. However, Professor Snegirev testifies that the holy fathers, speaking of the Hellenes, meant indifferently pagan peoples in contrast to the Orthodox Greeks and Jews.

History says that this custom existed in the Roman Empire, in Egypt, among the Greeks and among the Indians. So, for example, the Egyptian priests, celebrating the uprising of Osiris, or the new year, and at the same time, wearing disguises and costumes corresponding to the deities, walked through the streets of the city.

Bas-reliefs and hieroglyphs in Memphis and Kuivakh indicate that such masquerades were performed in the new Year and were considered a sacred rite. Similarly, similar rites were performed among the Persians on the day of the birth of Miora, among the Indians of Peru, Mongols and Ugads. The Romans called these holidays the days of the sun».

It would seem, and what does this have to do with it? If you don't read carefully, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with it, but, oddly enough, the Indians, namely they were the indigenous people of America and the island of Aruba itself, had exactly the same rituals and holidays as the Slavs. And not only them, but also the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and the like. What does this mean? Why, according to the official version of history, do the rituals of different peoples located on different continents coincide to the smallest detail? And there can be only one explanation for this phenomenon: America, Egypt, Rome, and the like were ruled by magi (priests) from the Vedic proto-Slavic civilization. That is, in fact, our ancestors settled all over the planet.

«No, no, it can't be», - as always exclaim representatives of academic science, created by evil forces, in order to conceal true knowledge from modern human civilization, but we, independent researchers and scientists will collect them bit by bit and express our versions, hypotheses, assumptions, collecting them in a coherent and logical theory.

By the way, this version is confirmed by the traveler and writer Georgy Alekseevich Sidorov and the late professor, Doctor of Philosophy Valery Alekseevich Chudinov. The basis, the forefather of all world languages is the Proto-Slavic ancient language. And the Land belonged entirely to the Ancient Aryan and Proto-Slavic civilizations, the children and grandchildren of the White Gods. But what happened next, these bad people from science hide by distorting our history and imposing Abrahamic religions on us not to resist evil, with the word’s slaves of God, but slaves of whose God? This is what the «Prometheus» research group, the ANNO «International Academy of Sciences» and the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for Development, Health and Longevity) are trying to find out in their expeditions, logical inventions, comparative analysis and critical thinking.

Unfortunately, while we are wandering around, we cannot get into the very center of knowledge about the universe. But the essence of the question is absolutely correct, all the artifacts and archaeological finds indicate exactly that the planet belonged to us, but that's how they managed to squeeze our territories from us, the owners of the earth, that's the question of the questions. How did they manage to throw out all references to the Vedic faith from the history of the universe, while distorting it completely? Similar work has been carried out all over the planet for thousands of years. How did they manage to do such a thing, keeping reasonable people under full control, confusing and implementing their plans, and never making a mistake?

According to the laws of probability, they were obliged to make mistakes for such a gigantic historical period, but there are none. It is possible that the forces of evil have a strategic advantage over us, expressed in life expectancy, and here we are faced with the hypothesis of the existence of the first decree of Peter I, on the extermination of 300-year-old elders in Russia. After all, then people lived much more than they do now and they could not distort knowledge, because next to the younger generation there were those who knew and remembered history perfectly. It was the elders who interfered with them and decided to get rid of them. Then they banned making bread from amaranth, thereby shortening our lives. They substituted food, forcing us to sow and eat potatoes, depriving us of the ability to think. They replaced faith with religion, thereby turning us into slaves of their God, forcing us not to resist evil and violence, and so on and so forth. It can be listed for a long time. All these actions began to deprive us of sanity and critical thinking.

Although there is nothing particularly surprising. Judging by the way the world madness is being implemented, and even by our own hands, you begin to understand how many traitors and traitors to the Motherland they managed to find among us. This is an incredible amount. How many percent of the outcasts have gone over to their side? Well, at least 60 percent. These are all those who work and serve this parasitic system of usury. All collaborators belong to the Ancient Aryan and Proto-Slavic civilizations. It's interesting to know if there's nothing oohing in their chest? They have neither soul nor conscience, but they know what they are doing, they know and understand perfectly well, distorting history, persecuting people engaged in research activities, exposing obstruction instead of scientific discussion. After all, the enemy of the human Race has managed to find a weak link in us and uses it against ourselves, and he does not dirty his «hands in blood», relatively does not violate the Laws of the universe, but stands aside and watches how we destroy ourselves, while smiling with his mouth wide open and conducting his ritual dances, by publishing them anywhere. We have a lot to learn from the «men in black», although it is more accurate to say from the «inhumans in black». It was in our environment that they found this weak link.

I understand that throughout the entire length of humanity, various wars were purposefully imposed on us, pitting against each other and penetrating into the highest governing bodies, bribing the top, using hypocrisy and sycophancy, and destroying the most honest and incorruptible. As a rule, the best sons of the Fatherland, the best of the best, the brave of the brave, the honest of the honest, went to defend the Fatherland and their homeland, and as a rule they were always young and young, not having time to give offspring, dying on the first lines in battles and wars. But all the opportunists settled in the rear, but here, by no means, I do not consider negatively those people who, without sparing their strength, performed a labor feat in the name of victory, and a few others who adapted and stuck to the system. And it turns out that the best of the best died in man-made wars unleashed by the parasite system, without having time to give offspring, and the worst, adaptants, survived and successfully multiplied, and this negative selection lasted for thousands of years. And this is how the evil system managed to enslave the descendants of the proto-Slavic civilization, using the main principle:

«Kill the best of the Goyim».

Rule is the upper, heavenly world in Slavic mythology. The Slavs imagined Rule as an ideal world, where the Ends of the universe of justice and honor prevail. Solar symbolism is one of the brightest in the Slavic tradition. The cross is also a swastika symbol, only without the rays going off to the side. The Spanish conquistadors, who, by the way, also discovered the island of Aruba for the first time for the civilization of that time, witnessed the veneration of the cross by North American Indians as a fusion of Heavenly fire and Earthly fire. One of the main cults of antiquity is undoubtedly the cult of the Sun, because its regular appearance and disappearance brought successively light and darkness. The sun was elevated to the rank of a deity, and almost all ancient peoples worshipped him.

The cross is a symbol of the Sun. But as we can see, all sides of it are the same, because the sun is round! In turn, Fire, like the Sun, also carried light and heat with it. The need to constantly maintain the fire led to his veneration. The cross is a stolen symbol from the Proto-Slavic civilization, like the swastika and is essentially a swastika symbol. The cross is a symbol of life and protection. There is an ancient interpretation of the cross - it is a symbol of human contact with the world, with some Divine and Higher Light forces. The cross acts as a model of a man or an anthropomorphic deity and at the same time it models the spiritual aspect: the ascent of the spirit, the aspiration to God and to eternity.

The cross originated from a solar sign symbolizing the movement of the Sun across the celestial sphere. Also, the cross symbolizes the light coming from the sun, which, as is known, dispels darkness. Hence the protective significance of the cross as a defender from the dark forces. Is this the reason why the indigenous people of the island of Aruba used it at the time of the tragic disaster? The cross also symbolizes the ancient ideas of man about the surrounding space, the world where the countdown goes from the person, outwards, to all four sides of the surrounding space. A lot of beliefs are connected with the crossroads of paths. The cross is a symbol of choosing a path and a road, a symbol of the intersection of two antagonistic opposites, their merging at the intersection. Often the cross means the division of the world into four elements: water, fire, air and earth, or as a division into the divine (vertical line) and the earthly (horizontal line). There are different versions of the cross:

- celtic,

- greek,

- scandinavian,

- Coptic,

- the cross of St. Peter (inverted, and I do not exclude that it is a symbol of the forces of darkness, since the devil turns everything upside down in reproach to God) and so on and so forth.

The answer to this question is not particularly necessary to look for: the cross is the oldest solar symbol, the symbol of the Sun. In the minds of millions of people who once inhabited the earth, it was a symbol of life, well-being, joy. But in the future, the infernal forces distorted everything, and he began to bear sadness and a sign of sorrow. The symbol of life has become widely used as a symbol of death. The cross became such after the church imposed a figure of a murdered (crucified) man on the symbol of the Sun and Light. Similarly, the Nazis, as you know, «killed» another Old Russian symbol - kolovrat (the sign of the rotation of the Sun). During the Second World War, under the sign of this ancient Russian protective amulet, the fascists destroyed about 50 million people. And now the vast majority of people living on the planet, of course, do not have any positive emotions and thoughts about this sign, and moreover, all those who are trying to return to their historical roots using the signs and symbols of the ancestors of the Vedic civilization are persecuted for using the Old Slavic protective amulet with the help of the apparatus of violence.


In the following figure № 13, we again see the petroglyphs of the island of Aruba, made in the form of a solar sign of the cross. True, its ends are rounded and on one element we clearly observe the execution of a closed circle with a dot in the middle.


The swastika symbol again. By itself, the point in the circle is found on almost all known ancient ruins. Its appearance and symbolism come from the Stone Age. The point can be found on prehistoric rock paintings and petroglyphs made on stones:

- India,

- Polynesia,

- Scotland,

- Europe,

- Asia,

- Africa,

- North and South America,

- Australia,

- Oceania,

- throughout Russia.

The circle is a symbol of eternity, the dot is a symbol of the concentration of time. Together, these symbols mean the union of the microcosm and the macrocosm. The dot in the circle is a traditional primitive symbol of the occult Masonic order. Oddly enough, Masons again. But then their satanic organization was not close when Atlantis existed. They didn't even smell. Then there remains only one version, the version that the priests of Atlantis, who are perfectly familiar with occult practices, sacred signs and symbols, successfully applying them in practice, somehow managed to transfer their knowledge. Or the Masons managed to find hidden knowledge from the priests of Atlantis, who turned their way of development to the service of darkness, and then successfully decipher ancient manuscripts. I don't see any other hypothesis.

Perhaps they are relatively immortal, figuratively speaking, and can reincarnate on earth without losing their ancestral memory, having created powerful and influential organizations with colossal capabilities of the material and infernal order. By the way, Masonic symbols, including belonging to the reptilian theme, abound on banknotes and coins of the island of Aruba, which is simply stuffed with their signs and symbols, but I will return to this in another monograph. There is always a huge Scientology ship there and what they are doing on the island is still unknown, although we have some guesses. Their goals and objectives are to study in detail the underwater and underground world of the island of Aruba, to find hidden knowledge and technology, to possess the treasures of the lost Atlantean civilization. As you know, Scientologists are controlled by Masons and Illuminati, being completely dependent on the forces of darkness.


The symbol of the «point in the circle» in the writings of the Masons received various interpretations. The word dot is translated into Latin as «punctum», which is where the name «circumpoint» came from. A dot means a prick, a poke with a pointed instrument. Solar signs denote the Sun, the bright world, the solar element. In Slavic history, the solar sign is the most common type of symbol and amulet. The sun-Yarilo is one of the main Gods of the Proto-Slavic Vedic civilization, therefore the sign denoting it is the strongest and most powerful. It was with his help that our ancestors defeated the darkness. Solar signs can be:

- composite,

- complicated,

- primitive.

At school, in geometry lessons, everyone was told that a point is a geometric element that does not have a length, width or height, but which indicates the location of the center. This is a geometric indicator that exists outside of dimensions, it is nothing. And, nevertheless, all geometry is based on a point, all geometric processes are repelled from it and based on it. A point is the smallest geometric figure, which is the basis of all other constructions in any image or drawing. Where there is no point, neither a line, nor a plane, nor a body can arise. The point is the base on which the three physical dimensions rest. Hence the reason why the Masons from time immemorial recognized the dot as a symbol of God - the Great Architect of the Universe. For centuries, it has been used to designate everything and everything. The God Ra, gold in alchemy, which we will return to a little later, the All-seeing Eye, the point of singularity before the Big Bang. Albert McKay, author of Masonic landmarkers, gives the following options:

- the dot is the designation of an individual brother; the circle is his duties in relation to man and God;

- the dot and the circle are symbols of the masculine and feminine principles, the active and passive principle, which together form the universe, as well as the perfect divine man, the same forces exist in God himself, who created man in his image in male and female hypostasis;

- point and circle - the sun and nature on the scale of the Universe, the Master and the Lodge on the scale of the Order.

In ancient Egypt, the dot symbolized the god Ra, in Eastern philosophy - the spiritual illumination of the «third eye», the divine rose, enlightenment. The ancient mystics called this symbol the eye of God. It is from this symbol that the famous Masonic All-Seeing Eye originates. For the Pythagoreans, the dot is a symbol of divine truth, the wisdom of the ancients, the unity of soul and body.


That is, the dot in the circle means the symbol of the priesthood of Atlantis. The presence on the island of Aruba of Masonic and other secret, occult and esoteric organizations serving the darkness only confirms the meaning of deciphering petroglyphs. Consider the following figure № 12, published in the book, and we will see new images of a complex cross and three circles connected one after another by a straight line, in some of which there is a point in the middle.


One of the most common symbols of civilization is the so-called sign of the trinity. Three circles with dots following each other can mean to us a message from a lost civilization that everything goes in order and sequentially after each other: the past, present and future, united by the ring of eternity. The circle is an ancient mystical symbol, denoting heaven, eternity, and the universe. A dot is placed inside the circles, possibly denoting in the circles of time and eternity a person or a priest of Atlantis, and in the modern interpretation, the Grand Master of Freemasonry. In this case, the inscribed symbol tells its meaning, while the circle denotes eternity. In one of the circles of eternity, the point is missing. What could it be? Probably, the existence of being without the presence of a person. this is one of the versions.

Another hypothesis may tell us that somewhere underground, there are three rooms connected by a road. Perhaps some form of «altar», in which the occult practices of the Atlanteans were carried out. In all rounded rooms there are certain objects, but in one of them they are absent. Here, who likes which version. In order for the version to turn into a theory, it is necessary to carry out research activities on the island of Aruba itself, but, unfortunately, we are not allowed to do this. In the same drawing there are crosses made with a monogram. Petroglyph number 19 has a certain similarity with the shape of the island of Aruba itself and the indicated underground passages and corridors, with the designation of several rooms in the center of the island.

Now let's look closely at Figure № 16. The petroglyph number 121 resembles some representative of an animal or insect species, but the presence of two legs may tell us that this image symbolizes a chimera, and taking into account something similar in the form of antennas on the head, it may indicate a representative of another life form. Also, in the drawing there are images of certain rooms with entrances and roads. Among other things, we clearly see the petroglyph under the number 122, the symbol of a trident with a certain knob at the central end. The symbol of the trident probably means the symbol of the Trojan, as a sign of the highest spiritual priestly power of Atlantis, whose knowledge was successfully intercepted by the dark orders of Masons, at the same moment the trident belongs to the God Neptune or Poseidon, whom the Atlanteans worshipped. The petroglyph number 125 resembles the shape of the Slavic rune Treba, which stands for warrior, war, sacrifice and fortitude. These symbols fit perfectly into the hypothesis that the Atlanteans were one of the branches of the Proto-Slavic civilization, whose symbols and signs Vedic Rus began to own. These reports make it clear to us that in the underworld of the island of Aruba, there are buildings in which certain artifacts of the Atlantean civilization are stored, including knowledge and technology that served as the death of Atlantis during the great war that caused natural disasters.


If you look closely at the following figure № 17, we will see that there are an incredible number of solar signs and crosses of various shapes and triune circles with dots in the middle. I will not repeat myself; it is said above about their meanings. Most likely, this book was published by Masonic circles in order to display all the priestly symbols of the Atlanteans on one page. In addition, there are also designations of the contours of the island itself, where the premises located underground are indicated. Why do I focus on the underworld of Aruba Island? Yes, the fact is that there is nothing like this on the surface that would remind of these configurations, but in future publications I will strengthen my version with new petroglyphs of the island of Aruba in a comparative analysis.


The petroglyphs of the island of Aruba just painfully resemble solar signs and symbols of Vedic Russia, which indicates a direct connection with the Atlantean civilization. In the future, the Masonic orders, and by them, I mean all the secret and secret organizations governing our planet, managed to subdue all knowledge and conceal it from society. It is this fact that allows them to rule and rule over the peoples of our planet, because the lack of knowledge on mass management does not allow the main part of humanity to «wake up».

to be continued…

Personal evaluative and subjective opinion of the head of the «Prometheus» research group, full member of the ANNO of the «International Academy of Sciences», representative of the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity) Valery Sivokon.

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