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German police stormed the apartment of a Rostock resident due to a € 600 fine!

22 1536

The victim was our former compatriot, who moved to Germany for permanent residence from Uzbekistan 18 years ago.

According to EADaily, in Germany the police broke down the door to the apartment of our former compatriot, Jewish by nationality, Alina Belavski, and beat her.

In 2019, the German tax office ruled that Belavski, who works in the wedding business, is withholding cash proceeds. As a result, the tax authorities claimed 27 thousand euros in court. The former Soviet compatriot challenged the decision in court, at the same time releasing an exposing video on YouTube against the German tax authorities, for which she paid. The court ordered her “for libel” a fine of 600 euros, and in case of refusal – a prison term of three months. Today’s police raid was linked to non-payment of this fine. As a result, Belavski transferred this money to the guards, who drew up the corresponding act.

“The door was broken open, a policeman named Symkowitz attacked me, took my phone away, almost breaking my arm. I realized that now I’m really the end. If I had not paid the fine, then this pack of fascists would have beaten and maimed me. And she sent Buttsov to prison, from where they are not returning. They deleted the video of the raid, they do not understand Russian well, they did not delete all the frames, ” said Alina Belavski, having posted some of the hacking footage on YouTube.


I, Alina Belyavskaya, created a marriage agency and have been successfully doing business for 20 years.


Me and my mother are 2 Jewish women from modern Nazi Germany. We ask the world to save our lives, our health and our assets from destruction and looting by the National Socialists of the fascist German judiciary, which comes out of the modern German and European judiciary due to state anti-Semitism and the persecution of innocent Jews by bandits and Nazis.






Sent to Email: poststelle@finanzamt-rostock.de

And to duty cell phone of the executive officer of the tax office Rostock Mr. Lahl


Rostock, 20.09.2020

Dear Mr. Lahl, I am Alina Belawski. To your request for payment of 09.09.2020 i.h.v 4682,35 Euro, I inform you that I will not pay this money. Because this request for payment is purely further deprivation of the Jews by German nazi judiciary. Besides, I can't pay that money any case. Because I'm already penniless. Because of Corona and above all because of permanent deprivation of my assets by German tax office and judiciary. Besides, because I'm out of strength to work properly and because of constant cracked stress because of fear of bandits from German judiciary.

That's why I won't open my door voluntarily during your visit on 22.09.2020 All you have to do is break my apartment violently with the police.

Search threatened by you my apartment is a crime after §§ 244; 249 criminal code Germany.

With this window I make you aware that it's about robbing the Jew in this your request for payment of 4682,35 euros. If you don't stop, you are considered an accomplice and therefore a criminal. Please note that my apartment is video-monitored because of threats of further burglaries from my apartment by the police to rob, beat and possibly destroy me again. Please also note that this writing and other mail with detailed facts is in public access on the Internet and that this robbery of Jewish also reports World Media. Please share to your colleague from Rostock tax office that those with this robbery of the Jew must finally stop.

I have traveled 30 countries of the world, if the Germans had not robbed me, I would have traveled 80 countries of the world. 


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