Конфликт Армении и Азербайджана

Help for soldier NATO, otherwise the Germans will kill NATO officer.

22 1922

Defend the honor of your honest soldier.

An Open Letter of Appeal to the NATO officers,

An Open Letter of Appeal to the World Community,

Dear President of the United States of America Mr. Donald Trump,

Dear Congressmen of the U.S. Congress,

Dear Deputies of the Democratic and Republican Parties of the USA,

Dear Senators of the U.S. Senate.

A cry for help for soldier NATO Special Operations Forces – SHAPE – from Germany!

A noble officer – a NATO Special Operations Forces – SHAPE – soldier Сlaus Plantiko, lieutenant colonel of the General Staff of Germany, a former military attaché of Germany abroad, is fighting a mortal battle with criminals in court, the prosecutor’s office and the authorities of Germany!

Last year we sent together material about beatings, robberies of a Jew in Germany, about beating up children in German schools, about corruption and crimes in German courts, the German police, the German prosecutor’s office, and the German leadership.

The Germans have now dealt a serious blow to us.

Agains me a decision was made in absentia about 3 months in prison, for the fact that I, because of many years of beating children in schools without punishing the perpetrators, called the German courts criminal courts.

Against this three-month prison sentence in absentia, my lawyer – a noble officer – a NATO soldier Сlaus Plantiko, Lieutenant Colonel of the General Staff of Germany, a former German military attaché abroad, filed a complaint demanding an open trial with the trial. Claus Plantiko submitted an official power of attorney from me to the court on September 04, 2020 on Friday.

As soon as the German judge received the documents that my lawyer would be a Noble officer – NATO soldier Сlaus Plantiko, Lieutenant Colonel of the General Staff of Germany, former German military attaché abroad, as soon as the court received Сlaus Plantiko’s demand to cancel the sentence in absentia and schedule an open trial, the court immediately went to Monday 07 September 2020 appointed me a psychiatric examination with the justification that I am dangerous to my children.

That is, when the verdict was passed without me about three months in prison, the court had no doubt that I was healthy.

And on September 04, 2020, on Friday, the court was sure that I was healthy.

Сlaus Plantiko entered the battle with the criminal court, criminal prosecutor’s office and criminal authorities on September 04, 2020 Friday.

And on Monday, September 7, 2020, the court decided that I was mentally ill.

The judge is afraid of an open trial.

Since then the crimes of the German authorities against US citizens, against German citizens, against Jews, against children will become publicly known from the materials of an open trial.

The statement of the court and psychiatrists that I am mentally ill allows the process to be closed without the press and listeners from the people.

Now if my wife with my children Maxim and Sofia go to any country in the world, the USA, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus on vacation, then the children will be taken away by the local police and transferred to Germany, taken away from me, since in the opinion of the court and psychiatrists I am dangerous for children, and were taken away from my wife, since she did not prevent this danger from me.

I think the Germans will kill me in the end, I have revealed a lot of judicial corruption and abuse of children and said this openly on the Internet, and it is forbidden to speak even on the Internet in Germany.

I cannot leave Germany.

And official lawyers in Germany are linked by status by the boundaries of what is permitted by the court, lawyers in Germany are part of the court, when trying to go beyond what is permitted by the court, a lawyer loses his admission to the right to work as a lawyer and goes to street revenge.

Can you help us against the corrupted German authorities, corrupted German court, corrupted German judges, corrupted German prosecutor?

Can you openly say that human rights violations in Germany are even worse than in North Korea, Iran, China, India, Africa, Russia?

When the court passed a verdict in absentia for 3 months in prison, the court had no doubts that I was healthy and could and must bear responsibility for my words, publications, speeches and documents.

When I said that I was ready in prison both 3 and 10 years, but I was demanding a open trial, and not a decision in absentia, the court immediately ruled that I was mentally ill in the past, and therefore there would be no open trial.

How can a fascist judge judge me?

The criminal judge in my case 10 years ago sold gramophone records with fascist symbols himself, I found documents from another court.

In general, we look forward to hearing from you.

I am simply afraid that the Germans will kill me und the officer Claus Plantiko, after all the documents and court decisions made public with evidence of corruption in the courts, officials and the prosecutor’s office.

Both of us, me Nikolaus Erney and officer Claus Plantiko, were sentenced to death in Germany.

Germans will kill both officer Claus Plantiko, my lawyer, and me, Nikolaus Erney, his client.

With great respect and honor,

Claus Plantiko – noble officer – a NATO Special Operations Forces – SHAPE , lieutenant colonel of the General Staff of Germany, a former military attache of Germany abroad,


Nikolaus Erney

Голос Мордора: А где же 80% белорусов, проголосовавших за Тихановскую?
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Меня мучает один простой вопрос. Вот Светлана Тихановская заявила, что во время президентских выборов за неё проголосовало 80 процентов белорусов. Ну, то есть практически вся страна, кроме 20 проценто...

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  • Афтор хочет, чтобы его на английском нахуй послали? Ок! Go fuck!
  • Опять говномова на КОНТе! Есть два "языка", которые у нормального культурного человека вызывают рвоту - это украинский и английский. И с какого хрена мы на русском сайте должны наблюдать высеры на одном из них?
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  • Putin, help us!