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German Catholic Caritas. German help to poor hungry Jewish old men.

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German Caritas, the expectation.

German Caritas, the reality.

Anti-Semitism strides across Germany. In some cities, the stars of David and the inscription “Cemetery” are painted on Jewish shops in other cities, while Jews are directly killed in other cities.

But it is not the isolated cases of anti-Semitism that are interesting, but the massive, systemic ones throughout Germany.

Here is such a wonderful organization Caritas in Germany.

She collects donations to help the elderly, lonely, hungry, homeless.

For example, Caritas - Altenhilfe Dortmund GmbH, Dortmund annual fees for 2017 amounted to more than 50 million euros.

In one of these Caritas, an organization once came an elderly Jewess to pay 1 euro and get groceries from groceries.

There was a skirmish in the queue, a Jewess did not let a woman who climbed out of turn, and she hit the Jewess on the arm, from which the Jewess cracked a bone and her arm was swollen.

As the injured Jewess sets out the events.

Police in the German city of Bingen am Rhein are investigating an anti-Semitic trick, a victim of which was a native of Ukraine. This was announced by the President of the European Information Center for Human Rights Harry Moray from Austria.

74-year-old woman Bella Mitrofanova received a hand injury while standing in line. She says:

“We have a Tafel store for the poor and homeless. We pay one euro and take products there. There are always lines. When I was already approaching the door, at this time a tall young woman ran up and began to climb out of turn. Everyone was silent, but I, a fighter for justice, decided to contact this impudent person. I put my hand on the door jamb and told her: "You were not standing here."

And then this is what happens. She strikes my arm with all her strength and says so quietly: "Jude, geh weg!" That is, "Jewess, go out!". I tried to grab her jacket to pull her off, but she flew into the store. And a few minutes later the store chef came up and, not knowing who was right, who was to blame, drove me to the end of the line. While I again stood the line, my hand all turned red and hurt. "

An x-ray was taken at the hospital where the woman turned, which showed that there was a crack on the bone.

“I am deeply outraged by the incident in Bingen am Rhein,” said Harry Murey, president of the European Human Rights Information Center. - It turns out that Hitler continues to live in the hearts of some representatives of the German people. It is deeply symbolic that the flagrant anti-Semitic trick occurred the day after the celebration of German Unity Day. ”

According to Murey, the fact that Jews in Germany cannot feel normal has been discussed for more than a year.

“Not so long ago in Germany, an artist was beaten on the street with the words:“ Jew, give the money back. ” In my opinion, the German authorities cannot and do not want to fight anti-Semitism. As you know, the Mein Kampf book was published on the initiative of the Bavarian government, ”said the head of the European Human Rights Information Center.

“I am convinced that the city authorities and the police will try to hush up the situation with all their might. The fact that the German media - neither right-wing nor left-wing - wrote about this story, in my opinion, confirms my predictions. We urge the international community to pay attention to this story, ”concluded Murey.

After an investigation by the police, the culprit did not suffer any punishment.

Moreover, it even turned out that the culprit was mentally ill and related to the Caritas of his city.

The question arises, how does a mentally ill person have access to products distributed to other people? And if she poisons them? Or really, I'm sorry for the detail, shit in the soup for the Jews so that there is soup with meatballs? How can this be allowed?

Therefore, one should pay attention to such tricks in a timely manner to prevent the mass poisoning of Jews and other visitors to Caritas, in the end, if a person is mentally ill and wants to help Caritas, he can be occupied with other work, rather than distributing food and without access to food.

As for the fight against fascism, Nazism, hatred, discrimination, anti-Semitism, this struggle should be waged not only at the grassroots level, but also at the level of the German State Duma and the German Government.

German Jews even have their own deputy in the European Parliament, a very interesting tip Sergey Lagodinsky.



As he perfectly told in one of the interviews, that his family fled to Astrakhan from Hitler and Stalin repressions. And in Astrakhan, engineering and medical institutes flourished thanks to Jews fleeing either from Hitler or from Stalin.

He's an idiot? Is everything normal with logic? Or the filthy Pizdun? Or just suffers from amnesia? Or does he know neither history, nor the past, nor facts?

What could be the repression of Stalin against the Jews if the Jews occupied the command and leadership posts of the Soviet Republic before Stalin, during Stalin and after Stalin?

How can you escape from the repression of Stalin in large cities? Especially in institutions? To quickly recount, rewrite and shoot chtoli? How could “engineering and medical institutes flourish thanks to Jews fleeing Stalin”? I understand that the Jewish logging and Jewish camps of the NKVD would flourish if there were repressions of Stalin against the Jews, but if "engineering and medical institutes thanks to the Jews who had fled from Stalin" blossomed, then I understand that there were no and there could not be any repressions against Jews. Otherwise, nothing would have blossomed and overgrown with moss ... On the gravestones of Russian people who were shot during the Stalinist repressions.

And the passage that they fled to Hitler to Astrakhan, is that how? Astrakhan was on the front line, if there Jews escaped from Hitler to organize a live chtoli? How could they hide there from Hitler if Hitler destroyed them, and not only them, but also Slavs, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, in all settlements? I understand that if Jews fled FOR Astrakhan to Siberia, but according to wartime laws, their escape would have ended in a hole in the center of Astrakhan. Because everyone fought against the Nazis, so in the center of Astrakhan, of course, Jews could be gathered for anti-aircraft guns to knock down fascist planes. During the battle, of course, both the engineering and medical institutes flourish, there is no doubt, everything is true.

Therefore, when we take a closer look at this tip Sergey Lagodinsky and we will analyze his most interesting statements in the next series in our analytical club.


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