KIEV IS PREPARING FOR THE ATTACK AT DONBASS FROM THE SOUTH. Киев готовится к нападению на Донбасс с юга

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The twelve-thousand shock group is ready to storm the Donetsk People’s Republic in the Mariupol direction with the task to go straight to the border with the Russian Federation.

About this on Monday, December 10, said the official representative of the Armed Forces of the DPR, Eduard Basurin, with reference to intelligence data.

“Formed by the enemy strike offensive group, totaling more than 12 thousand people, is concentrated along the contact line in the area of ​​settlements Novotroitsk, Shyrokyne, Rovnopol. More than 50 tanks, 40 multiple rocket launchers, 180 guns and mortars are concentrated here, ”he said.

Basurin said that the offensive will begin on December 14th. Then the advance units of the 128 and 79 brigades should go on assault in the direction of the settlement. Klinkino In this case, they plan to reach the border of the DPR in the area of ​​the settlements of Konkovo ​​and Kholodnoy within 24 hours.

“To develop the success of the offensive and cover up the offensive units of the 79th brigade, it is planned to launch the second echelon – the 56th infantry brigade from the Primorskoye – Shevchenko line in the direction of the Klinkino settlement”, he said, noting that the republic’s defense department does not exclude sabotage by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to disrupt the control of the troops of the republic.

“The terrorist attack committed by the Ukrainian special services in Mariupol will serve as a pretext for armed aggression. A few days before the planned offensive, one of the industrial enterprises will be undermining the storage of chemicals, ”he said, noting that according to the available data, sabotage is planned at the Ilyich Mariupol Metallurgical Combine.

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