Откровения сдавшегося в плен «Волыны» и угрозы России от G7

G-MAFIA (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Amazon) and BAT-Triada (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent)

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Big Tech Crackdown 4 Massive Multi-Trillion AI Fraud: Tech Giants Fake AI users vs. G-MAFIA and BAT-triada  

The major technology companies, dubbed as G-MAFIA (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Amazon) and BAT-Triada (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent), which have inordinate oligopolic power, must be massively actioned for the massive fake AI fraud.

Below the B-T crackdown class/mass action lawsuits ground to be brought by an innumerable number of the big-tech users who suffered similar fraud, harm or losses as "mass tort litigations" or "multi-district litigations" for bold socially responsible international agencies and/or law firms.

It could be a bilateral class action, where both the plaintiffs and the defendants have been organized into court-approved classes, as the Big-Tech Fake AI users vs. G-MAFIA and BAT-triada.

China is cracking down on its techno-titans. It is in the process of implementing new regulations in three key areas: to restrain monopolies, govern fintech firms (acting like unregulated banks) and protect data privacy. The Cybersecurity Law; the Data Security Law, and the Personal Information Protection Law are the result of this effort.

The legal mass action is more legal than the Oxfam's suggestion that "one-off 99 percent tax on the ten richest men’s pandemic windfalls, for example, could pay:

to make enough vaccines for the world;

to provide universal healthcare and social protection, fund climate adaptation and reduce gender-based violence in over 80 countries;

All this, while still leaving these men $8 billion better off than they were before the pandemic".

What's wrong with the big tech AI?

Analysts recommend these 10 best AI stocks to buy, Nvidia, Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Meta, etc.

It is a good time to tell the general public the truth about AI and, especially, the big tech's AI, to know how they multiply their fortunes in pandemic while incomes of 99 percent of humanity fall.

As to OXFAM, "the world’s ten richest men more than doubled their fortunes from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion —at a rate of $15,000 per second or $1.3 billion a day— during the first two years of a pandemic that has seen the incomes of 99 percent of humanity fall and over 160 million more people forced into poverty".

The message is not about the Big-Teck formal crackdown, making their oligopolic power only stronger, US Senate committee advances bill to tame Big Tech’s power

It is not about the gloomy prospect of large-scale unemployment due to automation, with attendant political and social dislocation, as well as the use of personal data for purposes of commercial and political manipulation. The incorporation of ethnic and gender bias in datasets used by AI programs that determine job candidate selection, creditworthiness, and other important decisions is a well-known problem.

It is not about the role that AI data analysis and generation plays in spreading disinformation and extremism on social media. This technology powers bots and amplification algorithms. These have played a direct role in fomenting conflict in many countries. They are helping to intensify racism, conspiracy theories, political extremism and a plethora of violent, irrationalist movements.

It is about the ground truth fact that the mainstream human-like AI as narrow ML/DL, general AI (AGI) or superhuman AI (ASI) is a fiction, myth, faire-tale, a Hollywood-like sci-fi, or massive multi-trillion fraud implicating the largest techno-giants together with AI/ML/DL startups, and educational institutions, with their researchers, engineers and developers.

Mostly, due to the false branding as AI companies, the largest tech companies by market cap are the big-tech giants.


$2.720 T


$2.305 T

Alphabet (Google)/GOOG

$1.804 T


$1.578 T


$1.027 T

Meta (Facebook)/FB

$896.49 B


$678.69 B


$625.31 B


$599.67 B


$432.77 B

And the whole situation with such a human-like, fake AI is now very complicated, considering how research output has remained strong, showing an exponential growth for the last decade.

In fact, there is a single AI, which is real and true AI. Its a reality/causality-based machine intelligence, which is synergetic to human intelligence.

The real AI is about reality and causality, with its mentality encoded in digital reality.

So, there must be Causal AI, ML, DL, ANNs and what else, instead of Symbolic or Statistic AI, ML, DL or what else, which is emerging as Trans-AI or Meta-AI. 


Real Superintelligence is around the corner: RSI as Trans-AI or Meta-AI 

AI's Alpha and Omega: Reality, Causality and Mentality: Meta-AI vs. Human AI

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Откровения сдавшегося в плен «Волыны» и угрозы России от G7
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