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How Causal Revolution is shaking up Science and Technology

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How Causal Revolution is shaking up Science and Technology 

Introduction to the decaying world

The world is flooded in uncertainty, and only very few things are truly predictable.

This is a time of unparalleled disruption and complexity. Risks—such as pandemics, climate change, inequality and geopolitical tensions—transcend borders and sectors. Despite its apparent chaos, the world is deeply ordered by causal principles, rules and laws helping humanity to discover rational ways to survive and thrive.

Today's science and engineering is unable to face reality, with its scale and scope and complexity of global risks.

We need a new scientific and technological revolution to navigate today’s global risks landscape, to navigate economic and societal gaps to restore social cohesion, boost employment and thrive.

While the scientific revolution represented a change in the human understanding of the world, the new revolution today represents a change in how the world works, what causal mechanisms govern all reality, meta-physical, physical, mental, social, informational, digital or virtual.

Classically, nature or physical reality has been considered to be a linear causal system, where the output depends on past and current inputs but not future inputs, like in any black box systems.

In reality, reality is a giant nonlinear causal system, governed by fundamental causal interactions, causal mechanisms, principles, laws and effects.

Again, the world, with all its structures, is a complex multi-level construction with the upward-downward causation between macro-micro levels, interrelated by feedback mechanisms and emergent phenomena.

The essence of New Causal, Scientific and Technological Revolution is a true, comprehensive, coherent and consistent mapping, modeling, simulating or "understanding" of reality and its causality, mentality, humanity and digitality... 


Science and Technology is all about a true, comprehensive, coherent and consistent mapping, modeling, simulating or "understanding" of reality and its causality, causation or cause and effect.


The Causal Revolution as the Summit of Scientific-Technological-Industrial Revolutions


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The Causal Revolution as the Summit of Scientific-Technological-Industrial Revolutions


The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect Hardcover – May 15, 2018

The book has a false assumption, "Correlation is not causation", badly misconceiving the great idea of causality, causation or cause and effect, corrupting many good minds as one could read below.

Editorial Reviews


One of Science Friday's "Best Science Books of 2018"

"Illuminating... The Professor Pearl who emerges from the pages of The Book of Why brims with the joy of discovery and pride in his students and colleagues... [it] not only delivers a valuable lesson on the history of ideas but provides the conceptual tools needed to judge just what big data can and cannot deliver."―New York Times

"Cause and effect is one of the most heavily debated, difficult-to-prove things in science and medicine. This book really gets you thinking about cause and effect as it applies to issues of our time, such as: How come cigarettes were around for years and we never showed they were causing cancer or heart disease? The authors goes through these cases like an interrogation, and it's just extraordinary."―Science Friday

"Seriously, everyone should read The Book of Why."―Jeff Witmer, American Mathematical Monthly

"'Correlation is not causation.' That scientific refrain has had social consequences...Judea Pearl proposes a radical mathematical solution...now bearing fruit in biology, medicine, social science and AI."―Nature

"Lively and accessible...Pearl was one of the visionary leaders of the causal revolution, and The Book of Why is his crowning achievement."―Jewish Journal

"Anyone interested in probing connections between cause and effect, and their relevance for the future of AI, will find this a fascinating and provocative book. Highly recommended."―CHOICE

"Judea Pearl is on a mission to change the way we interpret data. An eminent professor of computer science, Pearl has documented his research and opinions in scholarly books and papers. ... With the release of this historically grounded and thought-provoking book, Pearl leaps from the ivory tower into the real world...Pearl has given us an elegant, powerful, controversial theory of causality."―American Mathematical Society

"Have you ever wondered about the puzzles of correlation and causation? This wonderful book has illuminating answers and it is fun to read."―Daniel Kahneman, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and author of Thinking, Fast and Slow

"Pearl's accomplishments over the last 30 years have provided the theoretical basis for progress in artificial intelligence... and they have redefined the term 'thinking machine.'"―Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google, Inc.

"Judea Pearl has been the heart and soul of a revolution in artificial intelligence and in computer science more broadly."―Eric Horvitz, Technical Fellow and Director, Microsoft Research Labs

"If causation is not correlation, then what is it? Thanks to Judea Pearl's epoch-making research, we now have a precise answer to this question. If you want to understand how the world works, this engrossing and delightful book is the place to start."―Pedro Domingos, professor of computer science, University of Washington, and author of The Master Algorithm

"The Book of Why ... questions and redefines the building blocks of our AI systems"―theverge.com

Only a few have noticed its real value: I hate to tell you this, but science, at least real science, has linked cause and effect.

What the entire farce is doing is called obfuscation. If you are so confused by the math, technical jargon, sciency graphs and tables and data and figures, then you just feel dumb and agree with whatever idiotic conclusion the author invents. Look how cutting taxes and increasing federal spending stimulates the economy with all my sciency charts and formulas! It's an entire scam industry and this author is just like another grifter.

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