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RSI as Trans-AI or Meta-AI: Real Superintelligence is around the corner

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Tesla AI is an AGI

Musk took to Twitter this morning to announce that Tesla might go a step further and get involved in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI):

“Tesla AI might play a role in AGI, given that it trains against the outside world, especially with the advent of Optimus.”

Optimus, or Optimus Subprime, is the codename that Musk gave to the Tesla Bot project.

Real Superintelligence as Trans-AI or Meta-AI

We are at the edge of colossal changes. This is a critical moment of historical choice and opportunity.

It could be the best 5 years ahead of us that we have ever had in human history or one of the worst, because we have all the power, technology and knowledge to create the most fundamental general-purpose technology (GPT), which could completely upend the whole human history.

The most important GPTs were fire, the wheel, language, writing, the printing press, the steam engine, electric power, information and telecommunications technology, all to be topped by real artificial intelligence technology.

Our study refers to Why and How the Real Machine Intelligence or True AI or Real Superintelligence (RSI) could be designed and developed, deployed and distributed in the next 5 years.

The whole idea of RSI took about three decades in three phases. The first conceptual model of TransAI was published in 1989. It covered all possible physical phenomena, effects and processes. The more extended model of Real AI was developed in 1999. A complete theory of superintelligence, with its reality model, global knowledge base, NL programing language, and master algorithm, was presented in 2008. The RSI project has been finally completed in 2020, with some key findings and discoveries being published on the EU AI Alliance/Futurium site in 20+ articles.

The RSI features a unifying World Metamodel (Global Ontology), with a General Intelligence Framework (Master Algorithm), Standard Data Type Hierarchy, NL Programming Language, to effectively interact with the world by intelligent processing of its data, from the web data to the real-world data.

The basic results with technical specifications, classifications, formulas, algorithms, designs and patterns, were kept as a trade secret and documented as the Corporate Confidential Report: How to Engineer Man-Machine Superintelligence 2025. As a member of EU AI Alliance, the author has proposed the Man-Machine RSI Platform as a key part of Transnational EU-Russia Project. To shape a smart and sustainable future, the world should invest into the RSI Science and Technology, for the Trans-AI paradigm is the way to an inclusive, instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world.

Azamat Abdoullaev. Trans-AI: How to Build True AI or Real Machine Intelligence and Learning. Ontology of Designing. 2021; 11(4): 402-421. DOI: 10.18287/2223-9537-2021-11-4-402- 421.

RSI & Trans-AI vs. AGI & ASI

Human-level AI or General AI or Artificial General Intelligence and Artificial Superintelligence is not around the corner or hundreds years away.

It is just NEVER reachable as the madly, deeply false idea ever to mimic or replicate or simulate or fake the human intelligence/brains/mind/behavior, which are unknown unknowns for humanity.



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