How to Press Release Distribution in Southeast Asia

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Hong Kong, Nov 25, 2019 - (Asia Presswire) - How to distribute a Press Release in Southeast Asia, including: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia & Thailand? And sometimes companies want to distribute an even larger range of regions, such as: Australia, India, and New Zealand & Hong Kong.

SEA, Southeast Asia Press Release distribution is not easy because there are not so many news outlets in these regions, especially the top media sites. But with AsiaPresswire's help, companies or organizations could do the Southeast Asia Distribution with a reasonable price & a good promotion effect.

Features of AsiaPresswire Southeast Asia package:

Submit the press release to 80+ Southeast Asia news outlets guaranteed inclusion

Including big famous sites:

· Yahoo Finance Singapore

· Yahoo News Singapore

· Yahoo Finance Australia

· Yahoo News Australia


· Singapore Investor

· Singapore Invest

· Singapore NewsBlog

· Singapore Biz

· Singapore Techinfo

· Australia

And other Southeast news outlets as following (Anchor text supported)

· Indonesia: Indo Inquirer

· Malaysia: Malaysia Corner

· Malaysia: Malaysian Talks

· Malaysia: Heartof Malaysia

· Malaysia: Topspot Malaysia

· Thailand: Thailand Tribunal

· India: Puri Mail

· India: Mumbai Daily

· India: Pune Maga

· SE Asia: Asia Logue

· SE Asia: Asia Shift

· SE Asia: Buzzing Asia

Regions include: Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Thailand and New Zealand. 3 pictures could be in the press release and the word limit is up to 1000 words. The language for the PR should be in English. And AsiaPresswire will give clients a report in excel with all URLs for the media outlets when the distribution is completed.

Some advice for the PR writing:

1. Have a clear idea of what the Press Release is about.

2. Make the Press Release an event, not just a company introduction.

3. Get to know what the Southeast Asia readers like and prepare the proper content for them.

4. Make the story interesting.

That's all about some tips for distribution in Southeast Asia. Any questions please go to or email to

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Address: 12-2, Greenland Court, 88 Ma Tau Wai Road, Kowloon, Hongkong

Contact: Raymond

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