Победители конкурса National Geographic этого года.

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 2023 Competition Results and Gallery

 Below are the results of Year 3 of the Natural Landscape Photography Awards!

 This gallery showcases the photographs chosen by our judging panel. Each image’s RAW file has been vigorously checked to ensure it meets our unique rules. Pre-order the Year 3 book today!

 You can browse through each of the awarded images on this page, or click on the links below to jump to that section.

- Photographer of the Year
- Photograph of the Year
- Grand Scenic
- Intimate Landscapes
- Abstracts and Details
- Projects
- Special Awards
- Common Places-
- Mountains
- Water Worlds
- Black and White
- Nightscape
- Environmental
- Aerial

Gallery - (https://naturallandscapeawards...)

Они ТАМ есть: «Солнышко моё…»

Ни Марина, ни муж ее Виталий не поддерживали майдан. Это было бы смешно, живя в русском городе, имея нормальное образование, верить в секту, носящую кругами гробы на майдане. Они, как и...

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    Добавлю своих. Наши горы, наша природа!