OPEN LETTER To William Ripple, University of Oregon (USA), the Head of international authors' community «Warning to Humanity» signed by 15 thousand scientists from 184 countries

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Dear William Ripple,

Dear colleagues, all who are the authors of the well-known in the Internet appeal of scientists to the humanity titled «World Scientists Warning to Humanity: the second notice».

As it is well-known from the comments, the first «Warning to Humanity» was published in 1992, and it was signed by 15000 scientists.

I consider this action and the Warning as a significant step and historical document of great humanistic importance.

And yet, Dear William Ripple and Dear authors of the «Warning», I found it necessary to respond to you with this Open letter on the following matters.


This manifest by 15 thousand scientists with the «Warning» for the mankind that «it has put its own future at risk », along with the indication of the apparent deterioration parameters of the ecological situation in the world over the past 25 years (since 1992) – reduction of freshwater resources per capita by 26%, decrease in the wild fish catch, increased number of «dead see areas» by 75%, destruction of 1.2 million square kilometers of forestry, significant increase of carbon emissions in the atmosphere and rising average temperature, increase of the world population by 35% while the population of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish decreased by 29 %, etc. - clearly lacks the indication of reasons for the aggravation of the global ecological crisis that, according to my concept, entered the first phase of the Global Environmental Catastrophe at the turn of the 80ties and 90ties . And the processes of this catastrophe continue to accelerate causing the eco-collapse in the 21st century.

It should be noted that the first «warning to humanity, apparently, was expressed 4700 years ago as an inscription on one of the walls of Cheops pyramid belonging to the ancient Egyptian thinker Imhotep who, in my opinion, under the influence of the ecological catastrophe that had created Sahara Desert between 4 and 5 thousand years b.c. wrote the following warning:

«People will die from the inability to use the nature forces and from the ignorance of the true world»

The second warning, in my view, was formulated by the famous French scientist and thinker Jean Baptist Lamarque in 1820, apparently, under the influence of methods used for destruction of animals, Indians and nature that the European Colonists demonstrated in America particularly on the territory of modern United States of America (USA). He wrote:

«As a result of careless attitude towards the future and indifference to people in general, a man contributes to a destruction of self-preservation means and, thereby, to liquidation of his own kind… Perhaps, one can say that the human being’s goal is to liquidate his kind by making the earth unsuitable for living».

The third warning appeared in early 70ties of the 20th century in the science-fiction novel «The hour of the Bull», written by the famous soviet scientist-paleontologist I.A. Efremov, and in the book of famous American ecologist B. Commoner «The circling circle». Efremov warned Earth population in the form of imaginary picture of death of the entire life system on some planets in Space that had supposedly been discovered by the Earth astronauts, where: «There is everything for life: the blue vault of mighty atmosphere, the clear sea and rivers, the warm Sun». And where: «Had thinking life barely touched the power of atom and cosmos when it killed itself and everything alive by a wild mistake».

At the same time, almost simultaneously, B. Commoner de facto accused the institute of private ownership for the means of production:

«Technologies based on the private ownership destroy the main wealth of mankind – the ecosphere».

The forth warning to humanity was made in 1989-1991 by Meadows and Randers in the report of the Roman club «Beyond growth» and in the report to the World bank written by a group of scientists under the leadership of Goodland, Daly and El-Serafi in 1991. In the report to the World Bank the Market was called the reason for environmental problems given that it is an instrument of economic development of the mankind:

«In the conditions of occupied ecological niche, the market based mechanism of economic development has exhausted itself».

The fifth warning, as it had already been mentioned, was formulated in «World Scientists Warning to Humanity» and in the resolutions of UN conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Thus, the «Warning to Humanity» signed by 15 000 scientists is not the second, but, at least, the tenth such «warning» because it was written, in one form or another, by the following scientists and thinkers:

V. Hösle. In 1993 he warned that humanity «in insane race to the age of the abyss» came very close to the possibility «of collective generic suicide»;

I. Wallerstein, who in 2008 defined «capitalism» as a «disease» that is destroying human society;

A. P. Fedotov. In 2002 he warned that any civilization that develops spontaneously dies at an early stage of its development, and that humanity is on the threshold of double collapse – global ecological (between mankind and the Earth's Biosphere) and global capitalist because of the growing gap between «rich» minority and «poor» majority between 2020-2030 (The book «Globalystics») ;

Y. Gorskiy and V. Lavshuk wrote in 1994 that «civilization, driven by short-term consumer priorities and one that is developing spontaneously… is inevitably moving to the bifurcation zone (2020-2050) followed by either the rapid death or transition to the paradigm of development based on harmonization of its relations with nature.

Such famous political leaders as Fidel Castro, F. Mitterrand, Hugo Chavez, and Sharan Barrow warned that the history of the mankind that was based on the market and capitalism cannot continue its development.

Sharan Barrow, secretary general of the International Confederation of Trade Unions and one of the chairmen of the Davos Forum in January 2018, said that the process of dividing the world could not be stopped while the “laws of market greed” were in place, and that at the same time 85% of the world's population is eager for the changes and therefore, “we need a new vision of the future, a new model of the world”.


And why, why does mankind continue stubbornly falling into «abyss» of eco-collapse despite already existing «warnings to humanity» of the possibility of ecological death due to «inability to use the forces of nature and ignorance of the real world», «technologies based on the private ownership», etc. Neither political elites of countries nor ordinary people on Earth hear these warnings.

The main reason for evolving ecological planet suicide is market-based capitalist economy in the form of financial capitalocracy, and global imperialism and economic colonialism as forms of their existence and reproduction. In 1918, the Russian philosopher Nikolay Berdyaev made suggested that: «The insanity is hidden in vested interests».

The modern world as the world of vested interests, super enrichment, power of capital, and search for profit turned into «ecologically insane world». And the transition of ecological crisis of 20th century to the first phase of the Global Environmental Catastrophe at the end of this century in 80s-90s (in my assessment) is the confirmation of ecological insanity: «The world driven by power of capital, market, wars, and violence».

In my Manifest of Noospheric Socialism written and published in 2011 I called the third section as follows: «Capitalism is the gravedigger of humanity in the 21st century. Fundamental contradictions in the development of mankind in the beginning of the 21st century. The salvation of the humanity is in the destruction of its «gravedigger».


For the last 25 years we hear a lot of voices warning the humanity of ecological danger, the possibility of its death for environmental reasons, but it is unreported that global ecological problems cannot be solved on the Earth in principle unless we establish a social system in the form of Noospheric Ecological Spiritual Socialism.

Noospheric Socialism is a social system that ensures social justice, which eliminates exploitation of a man by a man and exploitation of economic colonies that establishes the dominance of public ownership of the production means. This is the system, where science has the function not only of the productive power (K. Marx pointed it out), but of the management power and the education, becomes «the basis of the basis» for the reproduction of culture, science, education, economy, and society as a whole. The system that ensures the only model of sustainable development – manageable social-natural evolution based on the social intellect, scientific and educational society.

It is necessary to realize that the first phase of the Global Environmental Catastrophe has set the limits on the entire Spontaneous History of the mankind including the entire market-capitalist form of development (that arose 500 years ago) and the entire «Money system» and «Market civilization» as modern capitalism was defined by Jeacques Attali.

The humanity enters The Era of Great Evolutionary Transition.

100 years ago in 1917 in Russia the Great October Socialist Revolution under the leadership of Bolsheviks Communist Party headed by the genius of all mankind V.I.Lenin became an attempt of the first breakthrough of humanity towards Socialism.

This was exactly the moment, when the history was divided into the two streams - the history of Socialism and the History of the Market Capitalism.

And after 100 years the «Logic» of mankind history movement was invaded with the Nature, the Earth's Biosphere, like super body that has its own homeostatic mechanisms. And it intruded in the form of the environmental ultimatum presented in the form of the global ecological crisis that entered the first phase of the Global Environmental Catastrophy.

And right now the future of humanity is based only on Socialism, but it is the New Quality of Socialism – Noospheric Ecological Spiritual Socialism.


Why did Nature set the limits of the Spontaneous History of Mankind in the end of the 20Th century, but not earlier, for example, in the 19th century?

The answer is linked with Energy revolution that happened as a result of science and technology discoveries that spanned over the whole 20th century and provided quantum leaps in the global energy industry and, therefore, in environmental consumption growth by 10 billion times.

The spontaneous history of the mankind prior to the 20th century was developing under the protection of the «defensive umbrella» of homeostatic laws of the Biosphere, the megasystem which generated much more negentropy then the entropy produced by the human beings through their economic activities. Marx described the results of spontaneous economic management of humans without using these concepts (since in the middle of the 19th century they were unknown): «The culture that produces spontaneously leaves a desert after it». And now this «desert» created by market based capitalism has turned into the First Phase of the Global Environmental Catastrophe.

This fact means that the huge energy intensity of the global consumption of nature and, accordingly, the damage for the live substance of the Biosphere and the market capitalist nature of the world economic management (world capitalism as defined by George Soros) are incompatible.

The law of intellectual informational energy balance that I have discovered is in force. It says:

The bigger the impact that the social system has through its economy on nature, or the Biosphere, the more powerful system of negative ecological consequences prediction should be; and the higher the quality of the social economic development of and evolution should be in place (I. e. management with an increasing lag of preemption).

Only the Socialism that will transform into the Communism in future can meet this law requirements. The social system on the basis of public ownership of production means ensures control of the social-economic development.

According to Marx, communism is a controlled, i.e. «original» history, in which the Man of Labor, the one who creates material and spiritual wealth, becomes the true Subject of the history.


The Era of Great Evolutionary Transition has brought to humanity the imperative of survival as the imperative of transition to the controlled social and nature evolution the realization of which requires a well-planned, controlled noospheric economy.

Although, the term «noosphere» was proposed by the French researcher Leroy with the influence of V.I. Vernadsky's lectures on the problems of the Biosphere and the live substance in Paris in 1924; Pierre Thear de Chardin developed the theological version, but scientific theory of Biosphere transition into the noosphere was developed by V.I. Vernadsky from 1928 to 1945. According to Vernadsky, the noosphere is a new state of the Biosphere where the collective, in planet-wise terms, scientific thought armed with the «energy of culture» becomes a factor comparable to other factors of its global evolution. I have developed and translated V.I. Vernadsky's doctrine into scientific and ideological system that I proposed to name Noospherism in 1997.

The noosphere, from the point of view of those imperatives that the first phase of The Global Ecological Catastrophe represents to mankind, is a new quality of the Biosphere in the structure of which is the collective vision of humanity as the managing mind «embedded» in the homeostatic systems of the Biosphere and the Earth planet. It begins to control Social Biosphere i.e. social-natural Evolution complying with the Laws-Restrictions, reflecting the effect of their homeostatic mechanisms.

In fact, it is about transferring the negative form of the humanity's unity with the Biosphere and the Earth planet that gave birth to humanity and its social history during their evolution into a positive form of this unity where the collective human mind that has recognized the Law of harmony becomes the carrier of this act, becomes the Harmonizer Mind turning this law into the Law of Noosphere Harmony.

K. Marx, and again I want to emphasize his important position, divided the whole social history of the past and of the future into «prehistory» that is Spontaneous History of mankind and into the «true history» which is a controlled history that he identified as Communism - where an individual becomes the true master of his history (his destiny) and that resolves contradictions between a man and the nature on the basis of «abolition of private ownership».

In the context of Marx' position, the mind of a person who was in the «captivity» of this «prehistory» can be called «prehistoric mind». «Prehistoric mind» is a «mind» that was in captivity of spontaneous history; whose logic development in human's perception was reflected in the proverb: «The road to hell is paved with good intentions».

At the beginning of the 21th century this prehistoric mind «captured» with the values of market-capitalist system – the private ownership, market, consumerism, hedonism, profit, the cult of money and capital – has suffered eco-collapse.

The current survival imperative is the imperative of the transition of humanity to the «true history» (according to K. Marx) i.e. to the controlled history, but in a new, noospheric quality – controlled social-natural evolution.

Therefore, the Era of Great Evolutionary Transition is, at the same time, the Era of Birth of the True Noospheric Mind that have the meaning of the shift from the quality of «Prehistoric Mind», a «Mind-for-itself», to the quality of «True Historic Mind, «Mind for Biosphere, Earth, Cosmos», i.e. to the quality of Noosphere Mind.

And this suggests a paradigm-noospheric (it can be called in honour of V.I. Vernadsky «vernadskian») revolution in science, in educational system. N.N. Moiseev, a famous Soviet and Russian scientist, the follower of Vernadsky's theory of the noosphere, who managed the research on nuclear winter, resulted from the exchange of nuclear bombings by the UAS and the USSR, proposed the idea of the «System Teacher» as the main mechanism for the transition of humanity to the «Noosphere Era». In Russia, on the basis of Noospheric Public Academy of Sciences, of Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts, of the Russian Space Society, we are developing this idea; we are developing the concept of noospheric education and noospheric synthesis of all sciences; and the concept of noospheric paradigm of sustainable human development.


Not long ago, in the beginning of, 2018, 4 authors (Khalid al Roushd, John Perkins, Susan Lindauer and Valentin Katasonov) published a book with the symbolic title «World Capitalism. Exposure. They had the courage to tell the truth». I found out about this book from the article written by one of authors (V.Y. Katasonov), published in «Sovetskaya Rossiya» newspaper on 4th August, 2018, called «The Economy of Death». In fact, both this article and this book can be called a «Warning to Humanity». It shows that capitalism creates the «economy of death» where the «victims… of unlimited hunger for profit are 99 % of the population». «They are deprived of life - sometimes it is an obvious, instant murder, but more often this murder is slow and veiled. The killing is done by many ways: initiating big and small wars, imposing genetically modified products, increasing the unemployment rate and depriving them of resources for living, legalizing cultural «drug» use, organizing terrorist attacks (Susan Lindauer described in detail the organization of terrorist attacks using the example of September 11, 2001), etc».

One should also keep in mind the senseless nuclear bombing of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August, 1945, conducted by the US Army. It killed more than 300 thousand people and left the range of genetic consequences among the population exposed to radioactive contamination that were inherited by several generations. Also we should remember about the chemical war against nature and people of Vietnam in 1968-1970 (based on dioxin) that was apt to create the mutagenesis flow in the genome of Vietnamese people and left regional and national ecological catastrophe.

Capitalism, in the form of the global imperialist system of the world financial capitalocracy that created the «the world of wars and violence», intentional destruction of «extra» people and nations), - is the form of ecological suicide of humanity, and only if we get rid of the system that de facto has become «the ecological corpse» and «ecological gravedigger», it is possible to raise the question of solving the global environmental problems.

The essence of the Big Ecological-Anthropic Completion in the theoretical system of Noosphere is as follows:

Without solving the problem of humanity transition to the society of social justice, free of exploitation of a man by a man and economic colonialism (according to David Korten – «corporate colonialism»), we cannot solve the problems of survival and move from the Ecological deadlock of the history, i. e. the First Phase of the Global Environmental Catastrophe.


The «Warning to Humanity» signed by 15 thousand scientists, confirms in fact the neo-Malthusian strategy of on purpose fertility decrease that can be interpreted as a hidden form of strategy for reducing the population of the planet (to the «golden billion»), according to the model «20%:80%» model that was made public in Fairmont hotel in San Francisco, California, in September 1995. According to this model, 80% of the population, from the standpoint of the world capital reproduction, are excessive and, in one way or another must be removed from the planet before the end of the 21st century. This concept was uncovered by the book of German writers H-P. Martin and H. Schumann «The Global Trap» (2001). They quoted a cynical thought of Scott McNealy that was mentioned at the meeting of billionaires, representatives of the global financial capitalocracy in the Fairmont Hotel, a: «Either you eat for lunch or you got to be eaten for lunch». McNealy's position, in fact, replicates Hobbes' slogan of capitalism: «dog-eat-dog» or «war of all against all».

And the fact that ecologists raise the problem of overpopulation of the Earth in their «Warning» is a serious methodological mistake. They ignore the fact that the First Phase of the Global Environmental Catastrophe is caused by increased energy consumption in such countries of global imperialism «metropoles» as: the USA, Great Britain, Western Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan; but not by overpopulation of the planet. These countries (in terms of energy consumption per capita) consume ten times more than the rest of the world where demographic explosion is underway.

It should be added, that in the «Warning to Humanity» a narrow view of the ecological crisis problems dominate. The main problem of climatic catastrophe is attributed to CO2 circulation disturbance in the atmosphere and in the Biosphere. But a problem of oxygen ecology is not at all accounted for. According to the mechanism of oxygen reproduction in the Earth's atmosphere, the leading providers of Biosphere sustainability are the boreal forests in Russia, Canada and Australia and the plankton in the shelf areas of the world ocean. Other countries, including the USA and the countries of Western Europe, are environmental debtors (it is described in the paper «Globalystics» by A.P. Fefotov, published in Russia, 2002).

The version of the possible «immune response» of the Biosphere as the super body to the economic impact of the mankind that approaches the limits of the homeostatic mechanisms ,i.e. to the limit of the compensatory capacity of the Biosphere (in accordance with the quantitative-compensatory function of the Biosphere, discovered by A.L. Chizhevsky) is underestimated.

And such response can be given in the form of creation of the virus-exterminator through the controlled mutagenesis in the systemic hierarchy of the organizations of the biosphere live substance (the viral-microbial component is a feedback in the biotic regulation system within the Biosphere structure). This virus will be specially designed to destroy humanity as biological specie that has behaved like a «cancer» on the «body» of the Biosphere, i.e. to exert anthropogenic pressure beyond the permissible limit of the ecological niche occupied by the mankind. I used this version as a basis of my book «Confession of the Last Man» published in 2011. In that book I tried to show the questions that arose in the head of the «last man» who was the last on the Earth (others had died of a terrible unknown virus pandemics) related to the main question, «Why did the mankind die? », «Why did neither mind, nor science, nor culture, nor religion, nor politics, etc., etc., etc. rescue it? ».


Dear William Ripple and Your co-authors of the second «Warning to Humanity»! You write that: «it is time to reconsider and change our own behavior. Including limiting our own reproduction… and to drastically reduce fossil fuels, meat and other products consumption per capita». But almost ¾ of humanity is starving; more than a billion and a half of the population is deficient in drinking water. And do not such calls sound blasphemously without solving the problems of global justice, without implementation of the ban on luxury goods, on overconsumption, on the excessive concentration of world capital, when a small group of capital owners, worth trillions, consumes as much as 40 poorest countries of the world?

The imperative survival for of the mankind is the imperative of the noospheric socialist revolution that, in my estimation, will take place during the entire 21st century! This is the imperative of liquidating the world capitalist system and the world of wars and violence with it! This is the imperative of transition from spontaneous history based on the dominance of the competition law and private ownership institute, on capitalocracy system to the controlled, noospheric history in the form of controlled social and nature evolution based on the dominance of the law of cooperation and public ownership of production means based on controlled noospheric economy.

In 2011, I finished my «Manifest of the Noospheric Socialism» with the following words:

«The humanity activated the environmental alarm! We have less and less time to realize the situation in which the humanity has found itself».

And again, the Sun of socialism rises above the mankind future aimed at solving the problems arisen in the 21st century.

Having a free will, an individual can rescue himself by showing the will to reunite with the integrity of the Cosmos!

It means the humanity has no future outside of the Noospheric Ecological Spiritual Socialism!

The time for «expropriation of expropriators» has come. The expropriation of capitalocracy done by the Man of Labour in alliance with Her Majesty Nature!

The ghost is wandering on the Earth– the ghost of Noospheric Ecological Spiritual Socialism!

And this is the Truth from Russia, that is addressed to every sensible person on the Earth!


Dear William Ripple!

Dear colleagues! Everyone who wrote the famous «Warning to Humanity» on behalf of 15 thousand scientists of the world!

I absolutely support the motivation and partially support the argumentation that is given in your «Warning».

And I wrote this response to the «Warning» just because I believe that such a «Warning» alone is not enough!

We need a powerful, I call it Noospheric, revolution in mind, in the basis of the development of science, education, culture, economy and society! We need noospheric socialist revolution that would affect all countries in the world! This revolution, in my estimation, will cover the whole 21st century.

A fundamental break-up of the spiritual, moral and value foundations of the humanity existence on the planet is necessary.

The main category should not be Freedom, but Responsibility for the future of the entire Life Megasystem of the Earth.

The current survival imperative is the imperative of transition to the controlled social and nature evolution based on public intelligence scientific and educational society and the upcoming noospheric synthesis of science and power!

Noospherism is not only a new scientific and ideological system, but it is also a new way of human development!

The world needs Noospheric Socialist Breakthrough and not in the distant future but right now, in the first half of the 21st century!

It is time to realize that any progressive evolution is subject to the metalaw of the transition from the dominance of the Competition law and selection mechanism to the dominance of the Cooperation law and intelligence mechanism as the mechanism of managing the future. The Era of Great Evolutionary Transition is the time for changing the history from dominance of the competition to the dominance of the cooperation. Competition separates people whereas cooperation unites them. One should remember the testament of the famous English historian, Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1889-1975): «… the West is capable of galvanizing and separating but it is not able to stabilize and unite… At the same time, the need of consolidation is obvious, because, nowadays, the only alternative to the peace is self-destruction».

Future Noospheric History is the history based on cooperation law, on the basis of the planetary cooperation of ethnic peoples generating the collective mind of mankind; the mind that will take responsibility for the future development of the whole megasystem of Life on the Earth – the Biosphere and, accordingly, the humanity in general. But to make it true, we need to end with capitalism on the Earth as an anti-ecological and anti-noosphere system leading humanity to environmental self-destruction.

The science must free itself from serving capital and profit that turns it into to the component of Global Capital Megamachine and, along with it, to the mechanism of ecological self-destruction of the humanity.

It also concerns ecology as a science. It is time to understand that ecology as a science representing interests of capitalism and global financial capitalocracy does not accomplish its main mission – saving humanity from the eco-collapse in the 21st century.

The ecological movement will become a real tool for solving the environmental problems as soon as it has a Noospheric Socialist foundation!

Sincerely yours,

Alexander Ivanovich Subetto, President of the Noosphere Public Academy of Sciences; Vice-President of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts; Chairman of the St. Petersburg Philosophical Council of the Russian Space Society; Vice-President of the International Academy for the Harmonious Human Development (UNESCO); Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences , International Academy of Science on Ecological Safety, International Academy of Psychological Sciences; member of the International Higher Scientific Council; doctor of philosophical sciences; doctor of economic sciences; Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Grand PhD, Full processor (Oxford), Professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, Laureate of the RF State Prize.


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