Effect of Pandemic on F1

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First, since the rogue accelerated its spread around the world in March, 22 races have been canceled or (hopefully, some think) postponed in about half of this season's schedule. Second, the mandatory annual team shutdown - usually a three-week break in the summer - is now three times longer.

Although speculative calendars are circulating fast, they will not be counted until the authorities ban people around the world. What is the calendar use that has race schedules in countries that refuse to admit foreigners or give incentives for sports activities?

While most staffing numbers are dwindling, some are expected to be "errand," "de hire," or similar, while several independent teams Have achieved self-improvement in terms of income. The board is spending heavily and cutting costs whether all the teams make during the season.

It looks like the 60% majority needed to reduce the annual budget cap to a million (with discounts) in 2021 (and less than subsequent seasons) will be provided by a team vote next week. It is necessary: ​​Due to the effects of Code 19, the FIA ​​amended the International Sporting Code to eliminate the need for consensus on essential rule changes on short notice.

Meanwhile, basic of the latest F1 News (het laatste F1 nieuws) "new era" regulations have been postponed from 2021 to 2022 as a cost-saving measure. It complicates driver and sponsor agreements: Under the forthcoming rules, some such contracts were drawn up to coincide with the current era's actual end (2020). As such, it will be interesting to see if a one-year extension is enrolled.

Given that most contracts last for a maximum of three years, and the return package is usually linked to the length of service, recent recruitments take Renault to leave after the current formula, with a minimum separation by the end of 2021. Will be entitled to packages. Carlos Ghosh, the company's replacement, is slipping under the CEO's desk in July, so let's see where the wind blows again.

During the last F1 crisis, globally strained in 2008/9, numerous brands - including motor manufacturers - used the crisis as an excuse to exit the F1 when Sport for any reason. Failed to achieve its goals, although it is usually self-inflicted. Only executives who wish for the death of their careers publicly admit the mistakes of the decisions that blew up millions of people and thus their revenge.

Following the evacuation of several motor brands, I had lunch with a former (former) executive of one of the victims, who privately admitted that his team was responsible for poor results and governance concerns. It was gone, yet publicly the company blamed the economy.

These are not only teams that have been and will continue to be affected by epidemics, as virtually all walks of life have been affected, including F1. No game element has been left untouched, and this situation will continue for many years to come. Some changes may be irreversible due to circumstances, while others will be adopted voluntarily.

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