How many Russian people were killed by the Jewish occupiers from 1917 to 2004?

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[Page 1] I am far from thinking that in our time the whole community of an entire nation is blamed for universal evil. I think it's stupid. But let's not forget how much evil the representatives of this nation have brought to our and other peoples of the world. I think this is due to the peculiarity of the Jewish thinking apparatus, which is actively used for their own purposes by the enemies of the human race - the Rothschilds, Baruchs, Rockefellers and others.... And those representatives who do not want to obey them, this group of Satanists ruthlessly destroys, as in Odessa on May 2, 2014, almost a hundred people were brutally murdered and burned alive by Sephardic chemists, most of whom were Jews, the most worthy by any standards of people with a capital letter..

But the past must be remembered and known ....

3 Jan 2008

Ivan Ivanov

About the purposes of this article.

When writing this article, I have no goal to incite hatred or enmity towards any nationality, and there is no goal to humiliate anyone on a national or any other principle.

[Page 2] The purpose of this research work is an attempt, at least approximately, to establish. Russian Russians were killed by the Jewish occupiers..

That is, it is just an attempt to at least approximately calculate how many Russian people were killed by the Jewish occupiers and their accomplices - communists and other traitors of the Russian people.

The Jewish world community counts how many Jews were killed by Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, etc. After such calculations, for 60 years now, Jews around the world have been demanding (and receiving) from all mankind, there are constant compensations and compensations for these killed. And no one accuses international Jewry of inciting hatred or enmity towards other nations.

So we, the Great Russians, need to do the same... with regard to the Jewish world community.

Moreover, we, the Great Russians, and other Russian peoples, have 30-40 times more grounds to demand repentance from world Jewry and compensation for their crimes against our people than Jews have in relation to Germans and other peoples.

What is the Russian people ?

I will use the expression,- the Russian people. But this expression should not be understood as a definition of nationality. Russian Russian people is a designation of people of many nationalities who have long lived on the Russian plain. (i.e., the Great Russian Plain, also known as the East European Plain).

It's generally fair. Since the Jewish occupation of Russia is a common global tragedy and catastrophe for all Russian (Russian) peoples. And the worst thing is that this tragedy continues.

What are the Jewish occupiers.

Under the expression "Jewish occupiers", just as under the expressions "Jewish mafia", "Jewish criminal community", "Jews", "Jewish executioners" and so on, used by me in this article, it is not necessary to understand all people of Jewish or any other nationality. By these expressions it is necessary to understand only that criminal part of the Jewish (Jewish) nation. - which, instead of living in peace and friendship with people of other nationalities, is constantly trying to subjugate, enslave and rob all people of other nations. Similarly, under the expressions "Jewish (Jewish) terrorists", "Jewish (Jewish) executioners", "Jewish (Jewish) occupiers", it is necessary to understand not any nationality, but all people of all nationalities who have committed and are committing crimes in the interests of the Jewish criminal community.

Therefore, such names as - "Jews", "Jews", "Jewish terrorists", "Jewish extremists", "Jewish murderers", "Jewish executioners", "Jewish occupiers" and the like, used by me in the future, I ask you to understand only as a reference to representatives of the Jewish mafia, Jewish gangster, the occupation community, as my mention of criminals against humanity. But, not at all as an attempt to offend or humiliate any nationality in general.

Jewish terror in Russia.

The emergence of prerequisites for Jewish terror against the Russian people.

If we are going to talk about Jewish terror and genocide against the Russian people, it is difficult to do without the background of this phenomenon.

As a mass and at least something affecting the national-ethnic phenomenon, Jews (Jews) appeared in Russia after 1772.. When, as a result of the partition of Poland, Russia regained part of the lands of Kievan Rus previously appropriated by Poland..

Before that, there were practically no Jews in Russia. Since if they appeared, then in small numbers they were quickly expelled from Russia for various criminal activities.

Until 1860, Jews in Russia behaved relatively quietly and calmly. But, in 1861, there was a "perestroika" in the Russian Empire, and what else!.. The so-called "serfdom" was abolished. To be more precise, the tax system of the Russian state was fundamentally changed, and with it the entire economic and, in many respects, the political system of the Russian Empire.

Such "serfdom" was more or less beneficial to Russian peasants, and they, as a rule, not only did not fight against it (as historians of the Jewish occupiers falsely claim), but even defended such feudal socialism from all sorts of fools and adventurers like Emelyan Pugachev and the like.

Therefore, there were no serious anti-state, anti-government forces and sentiments in Russia, and there could not be. And those who wanted to overthrow the Great Russian, noble-royal power (there have always been such) had no one to rely on. So there were no revolutionaries in Russia before 1861. Even the Jewish mafia, realizing that it is useless to act against such a tsarist-socialist government (there will be no mass support) I didn't get involved in any revolutions.

[Page 3] But... because of this tsarist-noble socialism, Russia lagged more and more behind other European countries in industrial development. This was very dangerous, because due to such a lag in industry and technology from other European countries, Russia was threatened with military conquest by England, Germany, France and Austria. That's what the Crimean War that just ended showed then. Which, the Russian Empire lost with a bang and disgrace.

To preserve the state independence of Russia, it was necessary to deploy industrial production, build thousands of new factories and factories, lay hundreds of thousands of kilometers of railways and much, much more.

For this, millions of workers were needed, and not anywhere in the countryside, but in the cities. Not only that! These millions of workers had to be hungry and therefore, they should want to work not on their land, in the fresh air, but in a smoky factory, in stuffy factory workshops, in the mud and cold of construction sites.

So the Russian authorities of that time had to "expel" the peasants from the villages. To do this, it was necessary to forcibly end with the idyll of serf socialism, to take away most of the land from the peasants (to create agricultural and industrial "state farms", under the leadership of landlords), to tax the peasants much more. But, now in favor of the state. And at the same time, it was necessary to take away from hundreds of thousands of noble landowners a stable income in the form of peasant payments.

It was because of such a forced (on pain of the occupation of Russia by neighbors) "perestroika" in 1861 that tens of millions of ruined, embittered peasants appeared in Russia, forced to go to work as labourers in the cities. And this is on the one hand.

And on the other hand, it was even worse. As a result of this "perestroika", hundreds of thousands of ruined, former landowner nobles appeared in Russia, forced to lead a beggarly life of small employees, due to the fact that they and their parents could not adapt to the harsh demands of the new market economy. Who, even more than the peasants, were angry at the Russian state authorities for the catastrophic deterioration of their lives.

Thus, massive anti-government forces appeared in Russia, which could be used to overthrow state power.

This created a great temptation for those who, for a long time, dreamed of taking over the lands of Russia and all the natural resources of Russia, and getting all the indigenous population of Russia as their slaves.

Such, at that time, were firstly the Jewish mafia, which, through its mafia activities, by that time, had already gained enough strength to fight for the seizure of power, and secondly all foreign states.

So in Russia, by the middle of the 19th century, the so-called "revolutionary movement" appeared, under the occupation yoke of which we, the Great Russians and other indigenous peoples of Russia, still are.

The Jewish terror in Russia 1862-1887.

The first terrorist organization of Jews in Russia.

The first organized and mass organization of "revolutionaries" fighting for the overthrow of the national Great Russian power in Russia was the so-called "LAND AND FREEDOM". It was created, mainly by persons of Jewish (Jewish) nationality, in 1862. With the declared goal of giving land to peasant communities and establishing "democracy" in Russia.

Well, about as American President Bush is now establishing "democracy" in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries.

Organizers and leaders of this "Land and Will":

N. A. Serno-Solovyevich - Jew,

A. A. Serno-Solovyevich,-Jew,

A. A. Sleptsov, -nationality not established,

N. N. Obruchev, - Jew,

V. S. Kurochkin, - Jew,

N. I. Utin,- Jew,

N.P. Utin,- Jew,

N.I. Ogarev,- Jew,

N.A. Ishutin,- Jew,

M.A. Natanson,- Jew.

[Page 4] So what? Is there a fool who will believe that this Jewish gang, these sons of Jewish moneylenders and bankers, Jewish mafiosi and swindlers were very worried about the fate of Russian peasants and workers?

Yes, they didn't give a damn from the highest synagogue on these despicable Goyim!

No! They and their Jewish sponsors (Jewish bankers and merchants) needed domination over Russia and enslavement of the Russian people by their Jewish mafia.

For the seizure of all the income from the Russian land, for the enslavement of the Russian people - that's what they fought for, and nothing else.

At first, this Jewish, political mafia, which called itself "Land and Freedom", tried to raise an All-Russian uprising of Great Russian and Little Russian peasants against their own national Russian authorities. For this purpose, Jewish provocateurs in 1862-1866 conducted a long-term ideological campaign called "Going to the People". Jews and Jewesses, as well as young Russian noblemen fooled by them, walked around the villages, under the guise of wanderers and peddlers, and called on the peasants to kill representatives of the Russian authorities to establish socialism under the leadership of Jews.

They were employed as teachers in rural schools and carried out their provocative ideological work under the guise of teaching peasants.

It all ended badly for the Jewish provocateurs. They did not raise any uprisings, and Russian peasants, hearing such calls, and even with the prospect of life under the leadership of Jews, as a rule, these inhumans were mercilessly beaten, tied up and handed over to local authorities. Well, the Russian authorities dealt with such instigators to mass riots, murders and arson as required by law.

(By the way, and according to the current, Russian-Jewish, too.)

In response to the quite legitimate and, as a rule, very soft and humane actions of the Russian authorities to stop the inflammatory, criminal activities of provocateurs from this "Land and Will", this brotherhood unleashed terror against representatives of the legitimate Russian authorities.

On April 4, 1866, in St. Petersburg, the Jew D. V. Karakozov, a member of the "Land and Will", a member of the terrorist "Organization" of the Jew N. A. Ishutin, shot at Emperor Alexander II, but missed.

The key moment in the further history of Jewish terrorism in Russia was the shot of a Jewish woman V. I. Zasulich, who on January 24, 1878 severely wounded the St. Petersburg mayor F. F. Trepov.

In 1878, a number of terrorist acts followed - committed by foreigners from the "Land and Freedom",

- the murder of gendarmerie officer G. E. Geyking,

-the murder of a detective police agent A. G. Nikonov, - an attempt on the Kiev prosecutor M. M. Kotlyarevsky. .

On August 4, 1878, in broad daylight on Mikhailovskaya Square in St. Petersburg, the chief of gendarmes, Adjutant General N. V. Mezentsov, was stabbed by a Jew S. M. Kravchinsky with a dagger.

At the beginning of 1879, the assassination attempts follow one after another.

In February, Governor-General Prince D. N. Kropotkin was killed in Kharkov, and police agent N. V. Reinstein in Moscow.

In March in St. Petersburg, the Jew L. F. Mirsky shot at the chief of gendarmes A. R. Drenteln, but missed.

On April 2, 1879, the terrorist Solovyov, fooled by the Jews, shot at the tsar on Palace Square, but none of his five shots reached the target. The terrorist was captured and soon hanged. After this assassination attempt, Russia, by order of the tsar, was divided into six governorships with the granting of extraordinary rights to the governors-general, up to the approval of death sentences.

This frightened the most cautious part of the Jewish extremists, which led to sharp disagreements within the "Land and Will". This commotion among this non-Russian mafia led in 1879 to the split of the Jewish political gang "Land and Will" into "People's Will" (supporters of terror) and "Black Redistribution" - which included Jews (look, independently, in the relevant sources, their surnames), who believe that it is necessary not to engage in murder, Russian Russians are only engaged in ideological work to fool the Russian peasants and workers, to incite the Russian people against the Russian government, in order to prepare for the seizure of power in Russia by the Jewish mafia. .

Terror of the Jewish extremist organization Narodnaya Volya against the best representatives of the Russian people.

So in 1879, Russia received on its land a new gang of Jewish murderers-terrorists, called "Narodnaya Volya".

[Page 5]  The leadership of this "People's Will" included the following characters:    

A.D. Mikhailov–- a Jew,

N.A. Morozov,- a Jew,

A.I. Morozov, -a Jew,

A.A. Kvyatkovsky, - a Jew,

S.L. Perovskaya,- a Jew,

V.N. Figner,- a Jew,

M.F. Frolenko,- Jew,

M.N. Oshanina,- Jew,

A.V. Yakimova, -Jew,

M.A. Natanson,- Jew,

L.A. Tikhomirov,-Russian.

By the way, according to the documents available to any bona fide historians, the monthly budget of this so-called "People's Will" was 5,000 rubles, that is, 60,000 rubles a year. It was a gigantic sum at that time. Then the horse cost 15 rubles.

That is, in the modern transfer (based on the cost of a normal horse of 2 thousand US dollars), the annual budget of this Jewish terrorist organization was approximately 8 million US dollars.

That's the money this Jewish mafia received for the preparation and organization of terrorist acts from its Jewish mafia, from the Jewish bourgeoisie! That's the money they paid their terrorists!

Thus, the Jewish mafia, using its Jewish murderers, tried to intimidate the national Russian authorities of Russia and force this legitimate Russian government to cede the right to lead Russia to the henchmen of the Jewish kagal. By that time, in much the same way, the Jewish mafia had already seized real power in England and France. They did the same thing through terror and provocations, and in Russia.

On November 19, 1879, an explosion of the tsar's train near Moscow occurred during the emperor's return from the Crimea.

On February 5, 1880, a new, unprecedented attempt on the emperor's life - an explosion in the Winter Palace, carried out by S. N. Khalturin (a Russian fool who served the Jedi mafia). But the tsar was late for dinner that day and therefore remained alive. Nevertheless, 60 Russian people from among several guards and attendants of the palace were killed in the explosion. .The explosion in the Winter Palace scared the authorities.

With these terrorist acts, the Jewish mafia, eager to seize power over Russia, partially achieved its goal.

Instead of taking the necessary measures to expel the entire Jewish mafia from Russia, Emperor Alexander III and his government began to seek reconciliation with the terrorists and their master, the Zionist Kagal.

The Supreme Administrative Commission was formed, headed by M. T. Loris-Melikov, a half-Armenian, half-Jewish general popular among the Jedi and the waiting Russian intelligentsia. During his time as Kharkiv Governor-General, he dispensed with the use of capital punishment. (Well, as for him, the pasty cheburek, it was necessary to execute his own, he probably still helped them.) In fact, he received this Judeo-Armenian, under the pressure of the bandit terror unleashed by Zionism, from the Russian authorities. Naturally, this de facto Jewish henchman began to act in the direction of the gradual transfer of all real power in Russia to the criminal Jewish (Khazar) and Caucasian community.

Under him, in 1880, the Third Branch of His Imperial Majesty's Own Chancellery (the Secret Police) was abolished. (That is, the security service of the Russian state has been weakened, so as not to interfere with Jewish invaders and terrorists.) Police functions were now concentrated in the Police Department, formed as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Yevgeny Abramovich Peretz, the son of a Jewish tax collector, was appointed to the post of state secretary of the Russian Empire. A number of other ministers were appointed - liberals, that is, people from their Jewish and Caucasian communities.

However, the further transfer of government posts by Jews and Russian liberals working for the Jewish mafia, which Jewish and Masonic circles insisted on, was suspended. Therefore, the Jewish mafia, dreaming of making, (as they managed in England), the Russian emperor their obedient puppet, continued the tactics of terror intimidation, unwilling to give up until the end of Alexander II.

[Page 6] Therefore, the Jewish terrorists again proclaimed regicide a matter of honor for their party. Having carefully traced the routes of the tsar's departures, the Judeo-narodovoltsy along the possible route of the autocrat, on Malaya Sadovaya Street, rented a shop for selling cheese (the Jewish terrorists A.V. Yakimova-Dikovskaya and Yu. N. Bogdanovich acted as the owners of the Kobozevs). From the premises of the shop, a tunnel was made under the pavement and a mine was laid. The unexpected arrest of one of the leaders of the party, the Jew A. I. Zhelyabov, at the end of February 1881 forced to accelerate the preparation of the assassination attempt, which was led by the Jewess S. L. Perovskaya.

Hand-held explosive shells were urgently manufactured in case Alexander II had followed a different route - the embankment of the Catherine Canal. There would be metal workers with hand bombs waiting for him.

On March 1, 1881, the tsar drove along the embankment. The explosion of the first bomb, thrown by the Jew N. I. Rysakov, damaged the royal carriage, wounded several guards and passers-by, but Alexander II survived. Then another metalworker, the Jew I. I. Grinevitsky, coming close to the tsar, threw a bomb at his feet. From the explosion of which both received fatal injuries. Alexander II died a few hours later.

As a result of Rysakov's betrayal (he wanted to live) and mass police raids, most of the direct participants in the assassination attempt were arrested. At the trial of the "First-March" case, S. L. Perovskaya (the first Jewish woman executed in Russia for a political crime), the Jew A. I. Zhelyabov, the Jew N. I. Kibalchich, who made explosive devices, T. M. Mikhailov (from the duped Russians) and the Jew N. I. Rysakov were sentenced to death. A Jewish woman, G. M. Gelfman, the owner of a safe house, was also sentenced to death.

The regicide led to results directly opposite to those expected by the Jewish terrorists and their masters from the Jewish mafia..

Alexander III, after a short hesitation, refused to sign the draft "Constitution" drawn up by the semi-Jew M. T. Loris-Melikov in favor of the Jewish mafia. Liberal ministers, (planted; by the Jewish mafia of Alexander III, during his turmoil), were expelled by the new emperor Alexander III. from their, fraudulently, occupied ministerial positions.

"Narodnaya Volya" was defeated by 1883.

But the Zion-Jewish community has not stopped its terror against the best people of the Russian people.

In 1886, two young Jews P.Ya. Shvyrev, A.I. Ulyanov (Blank- for mom) decided to organize the murder of the Russian Emperor Alexander III.

Bombs loaded with lead and strychnine-poisoned bullets were made by Jews I. D. Lukashevich and A. I. Ulyanov. Jews S. A. Volokhov, M. N. Kancher and P. S. Gorkun entered the group of signalers that the emperor's carriage was approaching. P. I. Andreyushkin, V. D. Generalov and V. S. Osipanov, Great Russians by nationality, were included in the group of metalworkers who had practically no chance of staying alive during the assassination attempt. As can be seen from this, the young representatives of the "God-chosen" race wanted to live, and the share of dying on the battlefield was nobly given to the Russian young fools fooled by them.

On March 1, 1887, P. I. Andreyushkin, V. D. Generalov and V. S. Osipanov were arrested on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg with bombs in their hands and handed over all the others.

The terrorists Shevyrev, Ulyanov, Andreyushkin, Osipanov and Generalov were sentenced to death (hanged on May 8, 1887 in the Shlisselburg Fortress). The Jews Lukashevich and M. V. Novorussky were sentenced to eternal penal servitude; the Jew M. A.

Ananyina - to 20, the Pole B. I. Pilsudsky (brother of the future head of the Polish state Yu. Pilsudsky) - by 15; Jews Volokhov, Gorkun, Kancher and T. I. Pashkovsky - by 10 years of hard labor each. The Jewess R. A. Shmidova was exiled to Eastern Siberia..

During this period, 70 Russian people were killed by Jewish terrorists.

But, these are only those whose names have been preserved by history.

In fact, if you take all the policemen killed, all the people killed by stray bullets and bomb fragments, - Russian people. Those killed by Jews and their lackeys at that time were at least 10 times more. That is, more than 700 Russian people were victims of Jewish terror.

Jewish terrorism against the Russian people in 1901-1907.

February 27, 1901 - a terrorist, a Jew Karpovich, assassinated the Minister of Public Education, Professor Nikolai Pavlovich Bogolepov. In 1900, at the initiative of the BUND (a Jewish nationalist organization fighting for the seizure of power in Russia), the so-called Party of Socialist Revolutionaries was formed from disparate groups of Jewish terrorists.

By the way, at about this time, practically all revolutionary parties were created by the same BUND, from Cadets and Social Democrats to anarchists.

[Page 7] The following characters joined the Central Committee of this party.

 Gotz M.R. is a Jew, Azef E.F. is a Jew,

Chernov V.M. is a Jew, Rakitnikov N.M. is a Jew,

Breshko-Breshkovskaya- a Jew, Minor O.S.- a Jew,

Rubanovich I.A. - a Jew, Argunov A.A.- a Jew,

Natanson M.A.- a Jew, Fundaminsky I.I.-a Jew,

Kraft P.P. is a Jew, Avksentiev N.D. is a Jew,

Spiridonova M.A. is Jewish, Selyuk M.S. is Jewish,

Savinkov B.V. is Jewish, Zenzinov V.N. is Jewish.

The whole party of Social Revolutionaries was primarily intended and oriented towards the preparation and commission of terrorist acts. Under the Central Committee of the Socialist Revolutionaries, a special terrorist "Combat organization" was also created, which was engaged only in organizing murders. The founder and head of this organization in 1902-03 was a Jew G. A. Gershuni, his replacement as the leaders-organizers were Jews - Evno Azef, Lev Zilzenberg, Boris Savinkov.

Well, since the dancers were appointed and the dances were paid for, the dance of Jewish terrorism began throughout Russia with renewed vigor and energy.

On April 2, 1902, Socialist-revolutionary, Jew S. V. Balmashev shot the Minister of Internal Affairs D. S. Sipyagin.

On May 5, 1902, a member of the BUND, the Jew Lehter G.D., made an attempt on the Vilna (modern Vilnius) governor of Val.

June 26, 1902. attempt on the Kharkov governor I. M. Obolensky. - terrorist Jew F.K. Kachura.

May 6, 1903. murder of Ufa governor N. M. Bogdanovich . and Ufa - N.M.Bogdanovich. The killer is a Jewish terrorist O.E. Dulebov.

On July 3, 1904, the Jewish terrorist E. Shauman killed the Governor-General of the Finnish province N.I. Bobrikov.

On July 15 , 1904 , the Minister of Internal Affairs V. K. Plehve was assassinated by the Jewish Socialist revolutionary E. S. Sozonov .

On February 4, 1905, Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich was killed by a bomb thrown by a Jew I. P. Kalyaev.

On June 28, 1905, the same year, the Moscow mayor P.P. Shuvalov was killed by the Jewish terrorist P.A. Kulikovsky.

In December 1905, Tambov Vice-Governor N.E. Bogdanovich was shot in the chest and died. Murderers, - Jewish terrorists Katin M.L. and Kuznetsov I.S.

" On March 1906, the Minister of Public Education N.P. Bogolepov died of wounds. The murderer is the Jewish terrorist P.V. Karpovich.

Jewish terrorists from the Socialist-Revolutionary party organized the murder of N.P. Bogolepov for trying to increase the number of places for students of Great Russians, and for this purpose restricted the access of Jews to universities.

January 27, 1906: In St. Petersburg, Jewish terrorists blew up the Tver tavern, which belonged to the Union of the Russian People (NRC) and was a gathering place for monarchist workers (2 killed, 11 wounded).

April 20, 1906: in Irkutsk, the initiator of the opening of the department of the Russian Assembly (RS), the teacher of the church teachers' seminary, V. A. Tronin, was killed by Jewish terrorists. April 26, 1906: in St. Petersburg at the Nevsky Shipyard, leaders of the factory department of the Union of the Russian People, masters of the boiler department V. M. Snesarev and Lavrov were killed in a shootout with revolutionaries, later four more patriot workers were killed.

July 27, 1906: in Rostov, Jewish terrorists killed an activist of the Union of the Russian People, a master of railway workshops, I. I. Bashkov.

On June 29, 1906, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Vice Admiral N.E. Chukhnin, died from bullet wounds. The murderer was a Jewish terrorist Izmailovich Ekaterina Adolfovna.

On August 12, 1906, Penza governor S.A. Khvostov was killed by Jewish terrorists. (he died in the explosion of Stolypin's dacha on Aptekarsky Island, a total of 33 people died there),- organizers:

Hersh Tsynin (pseudonym Nestroev Grigory Abramovich)

N.I. Ryvkind is a Jew, M.I. Sokolov is a Jew.

[Page 8] 1906, August - the commander of the Life Guards of the Semenovsky Regiment, Major General Georgy Alexandrovich Min, was killed by a Jewish terrorist Zinaida Konoplyannikova.

On September 21, 1906, Simbirsk Governor-General K.S. Starynkevich was fatally wounded by Jewish terrorists

On December 9, 1906, Count A.P. Ignatiev was killed in Tver by the Jewish terrorist S.N. Ilyinsky

On December 15, 1906, Akmola Governor N.M. Litvin was killed by Jewish terrorists.

On December 21, 1906, the organized murder of St. Petersburg mayor V.F. von der Launitz was committed by Jewish terrorists. The Jew Lev Zenzinberg organized the murder, the Jew terrorist Kudryavtsev was the direct killer.

On December 27, 1906, the chief military prosecutor, General Pavlov, was killed by Jewish terrorists Trauberg and Egorov.

. July 27, 1906: in Rostov, Jewish terrorists killed an activist of the Union of the Russian People, a master of railway workshops, I. I. Bashkov.

On January 25, 1907, Penza Governor S. V. Alexandrovsky was killed by Jewish terrorists.

December 15, 1907, - a member of the flying combat detachment of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, the Jewish Rogoznikova was killed - the head of the Main Directorate of the Gendarmerie A. Maksimovsky.

March 28, 1907: in Klintsy, Jewish terrorists killed a retired sergeant major, comrade of the chairman of the department of the Union of the Russian People, M. M. Ryzhkov, in his own apartment;

April 8, 1907: In Zlatoust, the chairman of the department of the Union of the Russian People, A. E. Anikeev, was killed by the local RSDLP militants.

On May 15, 1907, merchant S. A. Vetkovsky, who replaced him as a comrade chairman of the department of the Union of the Russian People, was killed there..

June 4, 1907: in the town of Vergievo, Nezhinsky district, Chernihiv province, the founder of the local sub-department of the Union of the Russian People, volost foreman P. I. Dudchenko, was killed.

In July 1907: in Moscow, at the Bogorodsko-Glukhovskaya manufactory, sadistic Jewish revolutionaries immured a monarchist worker in a cauldron and boiled him alive.

October 23, 1907: Jewish terrorists killed the chairman of the Upper Belozersky sub-department of the Union of the Russian People, peasant I. A. Shilo.

November 17, 1907: In Odessa, Jewish terrorists killed an activist of the NRC railway worker E. A. Lopatkin.

In the same month, an active monarchist carpenter of railway workshops, D. G. Popov, who had survived three attempts by Jewish militants before, was killed in Ufa.

January 21, 1908: 18-year-old M. Sergeev, a student of the Tiflis Railway School, the organizer of the Youth Circle at the Patriotic Society, was killed by Jewish revolutionaries in Tiflis.

February 15, 1908: in Odessa, Jewish terrorists killed an activist of the Union of the Russian People, worker S. M. Bonchakovsky.

8 Sept. 1909: in Tomsk, Jewish terrorists killed a friend of the chairman of the department of the Union of the Russian People, the head of the Tomsk Church Teachers' Seminary, Hieromonk Ignatius (Dvernitsky).

June 4, 1909: in Krasnoufimsk, Jewish terrorists killed a member of the NRC painter G. D. Danilov.

The so-called "Revolutionary" Jewish bandits killed, first of all, patriots-commoners who prevented them from seducing the common people to the path of anti-state, anti-national struggle.

1909 - the director of the St. Petersburg security department, Colonel S.G. Karpov, was killed by a terrorist Jew, SR. Petrov-Voskresensky.

September 1, 1911, - the murder of Prime Minister P.A. Stolypin by the Jewish terrorist Mordakhey Gershkovich.

The Socialist-Revolutionary terror acquired a special scope during the revolution of 1905-07. In addition to the Combat Organization of the Social Revolutionaries, numerous flying combat detachments of Jewish terrorists operated in Russia at that time, subordinated to regional party committees, as well as local Jewish combat squads.

[Page 9] In just one year (since October 1905) 3,611 government officials have been killed and wounded. By the end of 1907, the number of officials killed and maimed by militants exceeded 4,500 people. To this we need to add 2,180 killed and 2,530 wounded  individuals. From January 1908 to May 1910, 19957 terrorist attacks and expropriations were noted, as a result of which 732 officials and 3051 citizens were killed, and 1022 officials and 2828 individuals were injured.

In total, during 1901-11, about 4.5 thousand civil servants of various levels were killed and wounded by terrorists. Along the way, 2,180 individuals were deprived of their lives and 2,530 injured.

In total, in 1901-11, about 17 thousand people became victims of Jewish terrorist acts.

Naturally, in order to seize power in Russia, the Jewish criminal community acted not only by means of terror. They just had a division of responsibilities. Marxists- Social Democrats, too, are mostly Jews by nationality, (the future Bolshevik Communists) conducted provocative work, inciting to fight against their national power mainly among Russian workers. At the same time, they used any valid, and often just a made-up excuse to provoke the Russian workers against the authorities. Cadet propagandists, mostly from the same Jews, conducted the same corrupting work among the Russian intelligentsia, among the Russian bureaucracy and nobility.

Well, Jewish terrorists, from the Social revolutionaries and anarchists, killed those officials of the Russian state, as well as Russian patriots who tried to actively counteract this subversive activity of the Jewish community.

Naturally, the activities of all these different tentacles of the same Jewish mafia octopus were financed from the same source, Jewish capital. Well, accordingly, this capital was coordinated.

After 1917, terrorism as a means of fighting for power was adopted by the Bolsheviks, whose leadership was also overwhelmingly Jewish.

Jewish terror against the Russian people, during the seizure of power over Russia by Jews in 1917-1922.

Of course, the money from the world Jedi went to the Russian Jews "revolutionaries" in a continuous stream both before 1905 and after.

On the map was the conquest of the great, vast Russia by the world kagal.

And here is a list of the leaders of the revolutionary parties at the time of the October revolution of 1917.


1. Dimand is a Jew 7. Dan is a Jew

2. N. Gimmer is a Jew 8. Abramovich is a Jew

3. Strauss is a Jew 9. Rappaport is a Jew

4. Ratner is a Jew 10. Tsederbaum (March)- a Jew

5. Liber is a Jew 11. Tsederbaum (Levitsky)- a Jew,

the brother of the previous one.

6. Sonn is a Jew


1.Kerensky (Kirbis) is a Jew 9. Kinshtuk is a Jew

2. Aranovich is a Jew 10. Berlinrut is a Jew

3. Gisler is a Jew 11. Distler is a Jew

4. Lvovich- Davidovich- Jew 12. Chernyavsky- Jew

5. Gurevich is a Jew 13. Tchaikovsky is a Jew

6. Gotz is a Jew 14. Rosenberg is Jewish

7. Goldstein is a Jew 15.Ratner is Jewish.

8. Reckless Jew


1. Steinberg is a Jew 7. Kagan is a Jew

2. Levin is a Jew 8. Katz is a Jew

3. Fishman is a Jew 9. Feiga (Ostrovskaya)- jewish

4. Lenberg is a Jew 10. Nachman is a Jew

5. Stiza is a Jew 11. Karelin is a Great Russian

6. Lander is a Jew 12. Spiridonova is Jewish


1. Krupenin - Russian

2. Yakov Gordin is a Jew

3. Leiba the Black is a Jew

4. Bleichman is a Jew

5. Yampolsky is a Jew

THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC WORKERS' PARTY. (those very future winners of the CPSU (b) - the Bolsheviks)

1. Bronstein (Trotsky)- Jew 2.Radosmylsky (Uritsky)- a Jew

3. Ulyanovsk- Blank (Lenin)- semi-Jewish

4. Kogan (Volodarsky) is a Jew

5. Apfelbaum (Zinoviev) is a Jew

6. Rosenfeld (Kamenev) is a Jew

7. Lurie (Larin) is a Jew

8. Midovich is a Jew

9. Krylenko - velikoross

10. Sverdlov is a Jew

11. Mandelstam (Lunacharsky) is a Jew

12. Nahamkes (Steklov) is a Jew

* (given by "Jews in Russia and in the USSR" A. Wild, 1994.)

After the October seizure of power in Russia by a coalition of Jewish parties, a Jewish, occupation government came to power in Russia, headed by the Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars V.I. Ulyanov -Blank (from Lenin) - a Jew,

The Bolshevik Gestapo -CHEKA was led by the Polish Jew F.E. Dzerzhinsky. Russian Russians, more than 60% of the executioners of the CHEKA organs were persons of Jewish nationality, 30% were foreigners and Caucasians, less than 10% were Russians, to be even more precise, as a rule, baptized Jews with Russian surnames.(The Petrograd Cheka consisted of 6 Jews, 1 Pole, 2 Armenians,”Latvians, 1 German, in the Moscow Cheka 43 Jews, 10 Latvians, 3 Armenians, 2 Poles, 2 Russians were members of the commission, it was about the same everywhere.)

These are the "workers" and "peasants" who organized the overthrow of the power of our Great Russian state of the "Russian Empire" and created their own Jewish, occupation state on its territory, which still exists under various names (RSFSR-USSR- RF "Russia").

The Jewish mafia seized power in Russia not to make some Russian workers and peasants happy, but for the same reason that all conquerors of all times and peoples have always seized foreign countries.

In order to take all the income of this country for themselves, in order to provide their Jews with living space and tens of millions of submissive slaves. These are the slaves of the Jewish invaders, we Great Russians are still.

Well, slaves, in order to use them, must be stupid, cowardly and primitive.

What needs to be done for this? Guess what?!

Right!!! It is necessary to destroy all representatives of the captured-occupied people who are distinguished by intelligence, independence, courage and enterprise.

[Page 11] This cutting out of the best part of the conquered peoples was done by all the conquerors and enslavers who decided to turn the conquered peoples into slaves for a long time.

Therefore, L. Bronstein (Trotsky), the main leader of the Jewish occupiers of that time, defined in 1917 the scope and procedure for the liquidation of the Russian ruling class, employees and the petty bourgeoisie:-

"A. Imperial surname.- B. The armed forces of the State: 1) police, 2) gendarmes, 3) officers.- V. Ruling elite 1) senior officials, 2) higher clergy, 3) titled nobles: "princes and counts", 4) large landowners, 5) rich people in cities, 6) large merchants and industrialists. - G. Cultural class: 1) nobles in general, 2) clergy in general,3) officials in general, 4) landowners in general, 5) intelligentsia in general. - D. Aristocracy of the lower classes: 1) wealthy peasants, 2) skilled workers, 3) Cossacks.- E. Any groups recognized for one reason or another at this time as harmful."

The elimination of all the above layers was carried out punctually. Under this terror and genocide of the Russian people, the Jew V. Lenin brings a "scientific" basis:"The scientific concept of dictatorship means nothing more than an unlimited power, not constrained by any laws, absolutely no rules, directly relying on violence" [.

Another Jewish leader, L. Trotsky, introduces the concept of "red terror": "this is a tool used against a class doomed to destruction that does not want to perish."

In August 1918, a Jewish student Koenigisser shot a security officer, a Jew Uritsky.

Russian Russians (?), and another Jew – Zinoviev (a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) of the Bolshevik Communist Party) - demanded that ten million Russian people be destroyed." (From the book by Douglas Reed "The Dispute about Zion"). After that, the Jew Jacob Peters – chairman of the Petrograd Cheka - ordered to start "mass terror" against the Russians (?), and another Jew - Zinoviev (a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) of the Bolshevik Communist Party) - demanded that ten million Russian people be destroyed."

(From the book by Douglas Reed "The Dispute about Zion" p. 277, ed. "Vityaz", Moscow.)

Guided by such theoretical provisions, the Jewish political police - the Cheka arrested, it also conducted the investigation, it also tried, and it executed. The arbitrariness was absolute - it was important not so much to find the culprits, as to frighten the whole people. In reality, the Red Terror was not class-based, all strata of the population fell under its blows.

"Only in the last week of August 1918." In pursuance of the resolutions of the Central Executive Committee, the SNK, the orders of the Cheka, more than 1300 people were shot in Petrograd alone for the murder of Uritsky and the attempt on Lenin, and more than 400 in Kronstadt and the Peter and Paul Fortress by decision of local authorities. In Moscow alone, according to the Moscow Cheka, more than 300 people were shot. ... The Nizhny Novgorod Cheka shot 41 people and arrested 700 people as hostages. 38 people were shot in the Smolensk region, 31 in Pskov, 50 in Perm, 14 in Vologda, 9 in Bryansk. These data reflect only a tiny fraction of the (Jewish) terror that (in just 6 days of 1918) swept through Russia." (From G. Pugachev's book "Jewish Fascism in Russia" Moscow, ed. "Vityaz", pp. 18-19.)

"Consisting almost entirely of Jews," the Cheka not only shot and drowned in the sea, but also burned its victims in the furnaces of factories and furnaces of ships. Arkhangelsk, Kholmogory, Portaminsky Monastery, Solovetsky Islands were turned into cities of death. Kedrov (a Jew by nationality) raged here as a representative of the Special Department of the Cheka. Together with Kedrov, his wife, Rebekah Maisel, literally committed atrocities. Maisel, a Jewish woman, a former paramedic, personally shot more than 100 people in Tver province, 87 officers, 33 inhabitants in Arkhangelsk, sank a barge into the sea with 500 refugees. The chairman of the Cheka (Jew) E. Bosch was brutal in Penza, but the cheka officer Friedman (Jew) in Yekaterinodar, he first raped women, and then shot them"... and so the Jewish occupiers committed their atrocities all over Russia.(From G. Pugachev's book "Jewish Fascism in Russia", ed. "Vityaz" , p. 22 )

General Denikin's Commission of the Armed Forces of the South of Russia, counting the victims of the "internationalists" mainly in the South alone, counted 1,7 million victims of the Jewish-red terror in 1919.

In 1921-1922, the total figure of the extermination of the peoples of Russia by the Jewish invaders and their mercenaries by the "internationalists" is more than 8,000,000 people.

According to the calculations of historian E. Rulov, the Jews who seized power in Russia shot an average of 5,000 people a day (!) in 1918-1919, i.e. 1.5 million a year.

With the declaration of the "Red Terror" in September 1918 and the granting of the revolutionary tribunals "unlimited right to determine the measure of repression" (in April 1919), the whole of Russia was covered with a continuous network of prisons, dungeons and places of mass executions.

[Page 12] The executions of former tsarist officers, nobles, priests and other "counter-revolutionary elements" in 1918-1919 took place in the Kremlin, in Moscow parks, in almost all city cemeteries, in the basements of prisons, monasteries turned into prisons, in temples. The same thing happened in all other cities of Russia.

In total, about 1 million Cossacks and their family members were killed during the war against the Russian Cossacks of 1918-1920. *(Bernstam M. Sides in the Civil War of 1917-1922, M., 1992. p.64).

Russian Russian patriots who were members of various patriotic organizations and clubs of Russian nationalists were shot by Trotsky at the end of April 1919 in Kiev.*1 Zhevakhov N. D. Decree. op. T.2. P.76.

Odessa security officers, consisting almost entirely of Jews, even in their midst became famous for sophisticated cruelty. For interrogations, tortures and executions, they used two ships - the battleship Sinop and the cruiser Almaz. Particularly brutal methods of reprisals were used by two old Jewish Bolsheviks, Vihman and Deitch. For the torture of persistent Russian people, the executioners adapted ship furnaces. The most recalcitrant were attached with iron chains to thick boards and slowly, gradually moved them alive, feet first, into the ship's furnace.

In June 1921, Tukhachevsky's punitive army, destroying all living things that came in its way, "succeeded", the 2nd rebel army under the leadership of Antonov himself ceased to exist, and a little later the 1st army under the command of Tokmakov was also defeated. During the suppression of this uprising, the punishers killed more than 100 thousand peasants, a significant part of whom were children, women and the elderly, Their property was distributed between local communists and Soviet activists. In 1921, the largest peasant uprising broke out in Siberia. It was headed by the "Siberian Peasant Union". The uprising covered a huge territory, including Ishim, Yalutorovsky, Tobolsk, Berezovsky, Surgut, Tyumen and other counties. The rebellious peasants numbering about 100 thousand people managed to capture a number of large cities in Western Siberia, including Kokchetav, Petropavlovsk, Tobolsk, and also take control of part of the Great Siberian Railway. Using heavy artillery and poisonous gases, the Bolsheviks inflicted a heavy defeat on the rebels. For the final suppression of the uprising, mass executions of the families of the rebels and all those who sympathized with them were used. With the same punitive campaigns, the Red Army troops marched through the Little Russian and Belarusian provinces, where a whole wave of scattered peasant uprisings swept in 1920-1921. A special Revolutionary Military Council was created on the territory of Belarus, endowed with extraordinary rights, which included the commander of the 16th Army, the Jew I. P. Uborevich, the People's Commissar for Military and Internal Affairs, the Jew I. A. Adamovich, the chairman of the Check, the Jew Ya. K. Olsky, Under the leadership of these people, the southern and western provinces of Russia were flooded with peasant blood. According to all calculations, more than 200 thousand peasants were killed in these territories alone in 1921.

In 1918-1922 alone, more than 10 million people (more precisely, 10180000) died from Jewish terror

All these victims of the Jewish occupiers can be called victims of Jewish terror. After all, these people were killed for resisting the invaders, in order to intimidate other Russians and deprive them of the will to resist.

The Jewish genocide against the Russian people in 1919-1922.

May 9, 1918 VTsIK Members of VTsIK Abelman, Veltman (Pavlovich),Akserod, Tsederbaum (Martov), Krasikov (Pavlovich),Lunberg, Tsederbaum (Levitsky),Himmer (Sukhanov), Rivkin, Tseybush, Ratner, Bleichman (Solntsev) Goldengudin, Haskin, Lander, Aranovich, Katz (not related is it the mayor of Moscow?), Fishman, Abramovich, Goldstein, Frih, Likhach, Knitstuk, Berlinraut, Berlinraut, Disner, Smidovich, Sirota, Chernilovsky - all Jews by nationality., signed by the chairman, the Jew Yakov Sverdlov, adopts the following resolution.

"1. Not a single pood of bread should remain in the hands of the peasants and this must be implemented immediately (leaving only for seeding and reduced food). And declare for delivery within a week.

2. To call upon all working and poor peasants for a merciless struggle against the owners of grain.

3. Declare all those who have bread and do not take it to the bulk points as enemies of the people,.."

The purpose of all these measures, to seize food from Russian peasants, was not only to feed the Jewish occupiers and their servants. This could have been done without plundering the peasantry and condemning the peasants to starvation. This was also necessary to incite hostility between the peasants and facilitate the establishment of the Jewish occupation authorities throughout Russia. The Jewish executioner Ya . Sverdlov wrote the following about this;

"Only if we can split the village into two irreconcilable hostile camps, if we can ignite the same civil war there that was going on not so long ago in the cities... only in that case we will be able to say that we will do what we could do for the cities in relation to the village"

The Jewish occupiers needed a civil war in order for the Russians to kill the best people of their nation.

[Page 13] Therefore, the Jewish occupiers took food from the peasants forcibly at a symbolic price. Food detachments were created - hungry workers had to go to war on the village themselves, kindling the fire of class struggle there. The support of the "proletariat" (in reality, the Jewish occupiers) was a "class brother" - a poor man who could not create a strong economy even after receiving land. Subsequently, having united in June 1918 in the kombeds, the poor will become the new exploiters of the village - they will receive half of the bread taken from the peasants.

The Jewish invaders, who called themselves communists to disguise themselves, established in Russia the regime of "war communism" that existed in Russia in 1918-1921.. Thus, they concentrated in the hands of the leadership of the Jewish gang under the name of the RCP(b) the resources of Russia necessary for them to wage a war for the complete seizure of Russia. In January 1919, the Jewish occupiers introduced a colossal food tax - prodrazverstka. With his help, during the first year of the food dictatorship and the beginning of the surplus (until June 1919), 44.6 million peasants were beaten out of the peasants. poods of bread, and for the second year (until June 1920) - 113.9 million poods.

Where did this food go? A significant part of it simply rotted away. The bread that could be saved was primarily sent to the troops formed by the Jewish occupiers to suppress the resistance of the Russian people.

The goal of the Jewish authorities was not just to feed the city, it was necessary to feed it from their own hands.

And feed selectively! Food rations were given only to those who were willing to betray their people and help the Jewish occupiers, the rest were condemned to starvation!

Lenin (Blank) and other leaders of the Jewish occupiers are responsible for one of the most terrible crimes in history: the death from starvation of over 8 million Russian peasants in 20 provinces of Russia.

In 1921-1922 (according to the leading researcher of this catastrophe S. Pavlyuchenkov - 7 million). Naturally, this monstrous genocide against the Russian people was organized not only by the leaders of the Jewish invaders, but also by millions of other Jews.

Especially noticeable is the role of Jews in the food organs of the RSFSR, the vital nerve of those years — War Communism. Let's just look at the key posts of how many. - Moses Frumkin in 1918-1922 - a member of the Board of the People's Commissariat of the RSFSR, since 1921, during the famine, - Deputy People's Commissar of Food, he is also the chairman of the Board of Glavprodukt, where he has managers — I.Rafailov. - Yakov Branderburgsky-Goldzinsky (returned from Paris in 1917): immediately - in the Petrograd Food Committee, from 1918 - in the People's Commissariat of Industry; during the Civil War - the extraordinary commissioner of the Central Executive Committee for carrying out prodrazverstki in a number of provinces. - Isaac Zelensky: in 1918 -1920 in the food department of the Moscow City Council, then a member of the Board of the People's Commissariat of the RSFSR. (Later — in the secretariat of the Central Committee and secretary of the Central Committee's Central Bureau.) — Semyon Voskov (in 1917 he came from America, a participant in the October revolution in Petrograd): since 1918 - Commissioner of food of the vast Northern region. - Miron Vladimirov-Sheinfinkel: from October 1917 he headed the Petrograd Food board, then a member of the board of the People's Commissariat of Food of the RSFSR; from 1921 - People's Commissar of Food of Ukraine, then its People's Commissariat. - Grigory Zusmanovich in 1918 - commissar of the food army in Ukraine. - Moisey Kalmanovich - from the end of 1917 Commissar of Food of the Western Front, in 1919-1920 People's Commissar of Food of the BSSR, then - Lithuanian-Byelorussian SSR and chairman of the special food commission of the Western Front.

In addition to these Jewish occupiers, the Jewish invaders ensured the destruction of the Russian peasantry by famine throughout Russia. For example, in the Tyumen province, gubprodkommissar Indenbaum, after the brutal grain procurements of 1920, when the region completed 102% of the planned opening by January 1, 1921, announced an additional week of "the end of the opening" - from January 1 to January 7, that is, just the pre-Christmas week. This Jewish executioner sent the following telegrams to the districts :

"The unfolding must be carried out, regardless of the consequences, up to the confiscation of all the bread in the village, leaving the producers to starve the norm."

Indenbaum's personal telegram demanded "the most merciless reprisals up to the declaration of the entire availability of bread in the village confiscated." During the formation of food detachments, with the knowledge of Indenbaum, former criminals, lumpens, easily going to the beating of peasants, were accepted into food detachments. A member of the gubprodkom, Latvian Matvey Lauris, used his power for personal enrichment and lust; having settled down with a detachment in the village, he demanded 31 women from the population at night — for himself and his squad. Those peasants who did not want to be opened were put in pits, filled with water and frozen.

The Jewish occupiers did not forget only that they had just captured Russia (starving millions of Russian peasants), and about Jews in other countries.

[Page 14] In 1919, at the height of the Civil War, when in many cities of Russia people were dying of hunger right on the streets, Lenin allocated significant sums for the repair of the main Masonic temple of the Order of the "Great East of France" on Cadet Street in Paris. This unofficial act of invitation to cooperation, recorded in the Paris newspapers of that time, was appreciated by European Jews.

When the Communist Jews consolidated their power in Russia, the Jewish industrial and banking capital quickly established business partnerships with the Bolshevik Jews. After all, the main program of world Jewry - the destruction of Russia and the destruction of fundamental Orthodoxy - was carried out by the Communist Jews in the shortest possible time.

Well, the communist, Jewish occupation authorities were ready to share the inexhaustible Russian raw materials on the cheap with the Jewish millionaires of America and Europe.

That's why international Jewry was taking over Russia.

In total, more than 8 million Russian people were killed by deliberate, specially organized famine by the Jewish invaders in 1919-1922.

In total, during the period of the so-called civil war, it is more accurate to call it the Jewish aggressive, Jewish occupiers killed, tortured, starved more than 18 million Russian people.

And after all this , Jews dare to cry about how poor and unhappy they are and how they are constantly innocently offended by other nations…

Let us recall the names of those Jewish occupiers who organized this terrible crime against the Russian people.

The Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party consists of: Ulyanov (Lenin), - half a Jew. Apfelbaum (Zinoviev), Rosenfeld (Kamenev), Bronstein (Trotsky), Brilliant (Sokolnikov), Lurie (Larin), Radosmylsky (Uritsky), Kogan (Volodarsky), Smidovich, Nahamkes (Steklov), Sverdlov, Mandelstam (Lunacharsky)- Jews. Krylenko is Russian.

THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC WORKERS' PARTY. (those very future winners of the CPSU (b)- Bolsheviks)

1Bronstein (Trotsky)- a Jew

2. Radosmylsky (Uritsky)- a Jew

3. Ulyanovsk- Blank (Lenin)- half-Jewish

4. Kogan (Volodarsky) is a Jew

5. Apfelbaum (Zinoviev) is a Jew

6. Rosenfeld (Kamenev) is a Jew

7. Lurie (Larin) is a Jew

8. Midovich is a Jew

9. Krylenko - velikoross

10. Sverdlov is a Jew

11. Mandelstam (Lunacharsky) is a Jew

12. Nahamkes (Steklov) is a Jew

* (given by "Jews in Russia and in the USSR" A. Wild, 1994.)

[Page 15]  And here is the composition of the Soviet (Jewish - occupation) government.

Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars Ulyanov -Blank (Lenin, party nicknames are indicated here and further in parentheses) is a Jew,

The President of the Supreme Economic Council of Lurie (Larin) is a Jew,

Commissioner of Foreign Affairs Chicherin - Russian

Commissioner for Nationalities Dzhugashvili (Stalin) is a semi-Jew,

Commissioner for Reconstruction Schlichter is a Jew,

Commissioner of Agriculture Protian - Armenian

 Commissioner of State Control Lander is Jewish.

Commissar of the Army and Navy Bronstein - Trotsky is a Jew,

Commissioner of State Lands Kaufman is Jewish,

Commissioner of Public Works Schmit is a Jew,

Commissioner of Public Supply Lilina Knigisen (Lilina) is Jewish,

Commissioner of Public Education Mandelstam (Lunacharsky) is a Jew,

Commissioner for Religious Beliefs Spitsberg is a Jew,

Commissioner Of Internal Affairs Apfelbaum (Zinoviev),

Commissioner of Public Hygiene Anvelt is Jewish.

Commissioner of Finance Gukovsky is a Jew,

Commissioner of the Press Holstein (Volodarsky),

Election Commissioner Radomylsky (Uritsky)- a Jew,

Justice Commissioner Steinberg is Jewish,

The Evacuation Commissioner Finigstein is Jewish,

Chairman of the Workers' and Peasants' Central Executive Committee ( then Presidium of the Supreme Soviet) Rosenfeld (Kamenev), a few days later Yankel Sverdlov - both Jews.

Members of the VTsIK Abelman, Veltman (Pavlovich),Akserod, Tsederbaum (Martov), Krasikov (Pavlovich), Lunberg, Tsederbaum (Levitsky),Himmer (Sukhanov), Rivkin, Tseybush, Ratner, Bleichman (Solntsev) Goldengudin, Haskin, Lander, Aranovich, Katz (is he a relative of the mayor of Moscow?), Fishman, Abramovich, Goldstein, Frih, Lihach, Knitstuk, Berlinraut, Berlinraut, Disner, Smidovich, Sirota, Chernilovsky - all Jews by nationality.

The Bolshevik Gestapo -CHEKA was led by the Polish Jew F.E. Dzerzhinsky.

The following Jewish executioners directly organized the military conquest of Russia and the military suppression of the resistance of the Great Russians.

People's Commissar and Chairman of the Heads of the Moscow City Council. Military. Council Trotsky (Bronstein)- a Jew

Assistants- Gishfeld, Sklyansky -Jews

Members of the military.Shodorak Council, Petch -Jews

Before the revshtaba of the Northern Army - Fishman is a Jew

The Chairman of the Council of Armies of the Western Front is a Poseur-Jew

Polit Commissar of the Moscow Military District -Yaroslavsky (Gubelman)-a Jew

Political Commissar of the Vitebsk Military District -Deib -Jew

Polit Commissar of the 12th Army - Meich -Jew

Polit Commissar of the Samara Division - Behman is a Jew

Political Commissar of the 4th Army Headquarters - Levenson is a Jew

Military Judicial Commissar of the 12th Army - Romm- Jew

The military commissar of the Samara Division is Gluzman, a Jew

Commissioner of requisitions of the Mosk detachment. Military. Advice. - Zusmanovich is a Jew

The military commissars of the Moscow province are Shteyngard, a Jew, and Dulis, a Latvian.

• (based on the book by F. Y. Shipunov “The Truth of Great Russia")

But, these Jewish leaders, mostly gave instructions from Moscow - how many and where to kill, torture Russian people. They carried out these instructions of the Jewish leaders, that is, they organized the murder of the best part of our people - others, ... millions of Jewish occupiers who committed their crimes in all corners of Russia. Now their grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue to rule our Russia, in all corners of our vast Homeland.

The Jewish terror against the Russian people in 1923-1935.


[Page16] Russian Russian occupation In 1923-1935, the terrorist activity of the Jewish occupiers against the Russian people was, of course, less intense, since the bulk of the best people of the Russian people were destroyed by Jews during the mass repressions of 1917-1922. But the Jewish occupiers continued terror and repression against the Russians who remained in Russia.

Only according to official Soviet documents, that is, according to the data of the Jewish occupiers themselves, which were obviously several times underestimated, during the Jewish occupation from 1923 to 1935, 52,683 Russian people were shot by the Jewish occupation authorities.(Igor Pykhalov, WHAT IS THE SCALE of the "Stalinist REPRESSIONS"?)

These were mainly Russian workers who protested against poor wages and disgusting working conditions under the rule of the Jewish occupiers.

They were mostly Russian peasants protesting against the looting and bullying of the Jewish occupiers. To a lesser extent, these were Russian intellectuals, nobles, and priests who remained to live under the Jewish occupation authority. But there were few of them, since the bulk of the intellectual elite of the Russian people either died on the battlefields against the Jewish occupiers, or left for other countries, not wanting to be slaves of the Jewish invaders.

Basically, these "officially" executed were still Russian workers and peasants.

That is, even according to official data of the Jewish occupiers, they shot 5,200 Russians a year. For comparison, the Great Russian tsarist government during the very period of rampant Jewish terrorism from 1905 to 1908, about 2,200 people were executed, that is, 550 people a year, that is, almost 10 times less. I emphasize that such a number, under the Great Russian government in Russia, was only in these 4 years. Both before and after these years, there were fewer executed in Great Russian Russia, more than 10 times.

But! This figure, 52,683 executed, takes into account only those who were officially sentenced to death by the sentences of the Jewish courts.

In addition, millions of Russian people died in Jewish concentration camps.

There were, even according to the same official statistics of the Jewish occupiers, more than 1,399,000 people sentenced to death from lack of food and hard labor in a concentration camp for 1923-1935. .(Igor Pykhalov, WHAT IS THE SCALE OF THE "STALINIST REPRESSIONS"?)

The overwhelming majority of them died either in these Jewish, occupation concentration camps or shortly after leaving these camps. Since the Jewish occupiers, if anyone was released to "so-called freedom", it was mainly those whose health was undermined, those who were no longer fit for slave labor for the Jewish conquerors.

But, these figures, which the Jewish executioners of the Russian people deigned to publish, also correspond little to reality.

Since they take into account only those Russian people who were shot by the Jewish occupiers on the verdict of the court and those who were tortured in concentration camps.

These figures do not take into account those Russian people who were killed by Jewish punishers during the suppression of protests and uprisings, do not take into account those who were killed while trying to escape, who were tortured to death by Jewish executioners in pre-trial prisons. They do not take into account those who died in prison wagons on the way to concentration camps and exile .

There were at least one third or even half of them in total. That is, about 700 thousand Russian souls.

They do not take into account those Russian people who died of hunger and cold being thrown into the tundra and taiga. During the administrative (without a court verdict) expulsion to Siberia and the Far North, Russian peasants who did not want to voluntarily go as slave laborers to Jewish collective farms.

And there were at least 3 million 350 thousand Russian people who were "administratively" expelled. At least half of them died out on the way and at the place of expulsion, and this is according to the most conservative estimates.

So, it is necessary to add at least 1675,000 more people to the number of those killed by the Jewish terror of 1923-1933.

[Page 17]  Now we can calculate how many Russian people were killed by the Jewish occupiers in 1933-1935.

52,683 executed by the verdict of the Jewish occupation courts.

700,000 executed before trial, tortured in concentration camps.

1675,000 dispossessed Russian peasants who died of hunger and cold during their deportation to remote areas of Siberia and the far north.

Total: during the period 1923-1935, Jewish occupiers killed (usually by painful death) more than 2 million 427 thousand Russian people.

But, these are only victims of Jewish terror. That is, when they killed specific individuals who disobeyed the Jewish occupation authorities in order to intimidate others.

But, during this period there was not only Jewish terror.

There was also a Jewish Genocide during the same period.

The Jewish Genocide against the Russian people in 1932-1933.

In 1932, the Jewish occupation authorities of Russia organized another stage of Genocide against the Russian peasantry.

Unlike the famine of 1921-1922, the Holodomor of 1932-1933, in addition to similar political reasons (confiscation of grain during dekulakization, unsown fields), also had proven features of a political punitive measure to break peasant resistance to the communist regime. It was the peasants who were everywhere the very "Slavic barbarians" - the bearers of that patriarchal Christian tradition that communism intended to eradicate.

On January 14, 1928, the Politburo sent a circular to the local authorities demanding "the arrest of speculators, kulaks and other market and price policy disruptors."

In the arsenal of means of punishing the recalcitrant peasantry, there was a resolution to hand over their agricultural products at ridiculously low prices - three to four times cheaper than on the market - within the prescribed time limits. Article 107 of the Criminal Code of the USSR provided for imprisonment for three years for any attempt to raise the price, and this was widely used. And finally, taxes for the wealthiest, most hardworking Russian peasants (Kulaks) were increased tenfold in two years. The OGPU also started closing markets as such, and this measure concerned not only the well-to-do peasants, but all Russian peasants.(From.."The report at the international scientific conference "The Jewish-Bolshevik Coup of 1917 as a prerequisite for the Red Terror and Holodomors" (November 25, 2005, Kyiv, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management)

The premeditation of the punitive Holodomor is confirmed by a whole chain of interrelated orders of the authorities on collectivization and then on the suppression of resistance to it:

first of all, it is dekulakization, when whole families were expelled to Siberia.

Then followed:

- the law of 7.8.1932 on the prohibition of the collection of spikelets on already harvested fields,

- arranging a grain procurement plan with frequent confiscation of the seed fund,

- resolution of 23.9.1932 that a seed loan for sowing will not be issued even to collective farms and state farms (affected by crop failure), - decree of 3.12.1932 on the prohibition of food trade in those areas that have not fulfilled the grain delivery plan; these areas are surrounded by a checkpoint cordon,

- to stop the flight of hungry peasants to the cities, a passport system is introduced on 27.12.1932 prohibiting passport-free peasants from leaving their place of residence,

- since January 1933, the law on spikelets is applied to the use of forage "not for its intended purpose," that is, 10 years of the camp are given for the use of fodder crops for food.

In 1930-1933, in peasant farms throughout Russia, punitive detachments of OGPU employees, police, rural activists, from among Russian accomplices to Jews (who were given up to a quarter of the food taken away as a reward for betrayal and denunciations), raked out almost all food, including even porridge from pots in kitchens, took all cattle to the slaughterhouse. Russian russians left food only to those peasants who, by their treachery, proved their loyalty to the Jewish occupiers and their willingness to destroy Russian people like them on their orders. The rest of the Russian peasants were doomed to starvation at best, but in most cases to starvation. Russian peasants dying of hunger, fleeing from starvation in the villages, tried to flee to the cities. But, the roads were blocked by punitive detachments of the OGPU, militia and even army units. Who drove the peasants back to the villages to starve to death, and those who resisted were killed. Most of the Russian peasants who managed to get into the cities died of hunger on the streets of cities. Only a small number of peasants managed to get any kind of work, for the most beggarly wages, and thus escape from starvation. During these years, in almost all Russian cities, special "cleaning" teams went through the streets and train stations every morning and collected the dead bodies of peasants swollen from hunger, which were then taken to city landfills and buried.

[Page 18]  In villages dying of hunger, "sanitary" teams went and pulled out of peasant huts and sheds the dead bodies of peasants who died of hunger, and were taken away to bury in pits. Demobilized Red Army soldiers and Jewish chiefs (representatives of the Jewish CPSU (b)) were settled in the deserted peasant houses. Who were sent from the cities to supervise the activities of Jewish serfs, that is, collective farms and state farms. That's why there are so many small leaders with Jewish appearance in modern Russian villages. Russian Russians are descendants of those Jewish colonizers who were settled in Russian villages by the Jewish occupation authorities in the 30s, in exchange for Russian peasants who died out from the famine organized by the Jews in 1932-1933.

This was an act of Jewish genocide, more than 7 million Russian people were killed in three years.

In total, over the 1930-1936 year, the Jewish occupiers terrorized more than 2 million 427 thousand Russian people. More than 7 million Russians have been subjected to an artificial famine, that is, genocide.

In total, in just one five-year period, almost nine and a half million. Here any Hitler and any Half-sweat are resting.

And after all this, the Jews dare to cry about how poor and unhappy they are and how they are constantly being offended by other nations for nothing…

This murder of these 9.5 million Russian people was organized at the very top of the Jewish occupation regime:

Leaders of the Jewish Occupation Party of the RCP (b)

I.V. Stalin (Dzhugashvili)- Georgian Jew.

L. M. Kaganovich - Jew

S.V. Kosior is a Jew

Ya.E Rudzutak is a Jew

A.I. Rykov is a Jew

Through the Jewish occupation Government

Successive Uzbek Jews

Chairmen of the Central Executive Committee of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (heads of the Jewish pseudo-parliament)

Aitakov Nedirbai, then Maksum Nusratulo, then Khodjaev Fayzulla.

Now it seems ridiculous, but in 1930-1939, it was these Uzbek Jews who organized the adoption of all laws by the USSR Armed Forces regulating the extermination of millions of Russian people on the territory of Russia.

Through the government of the USSR , all this terror and genocide was directed:

Rykov A.I. Jew - held the post of Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR from February 2, 1924 to December 19, 1930..

Molotov V.M. - Russian married to a Jewish woman - held the position of Chairman of the SNK of the USSR from December 19, 1924 to May 6, 1941.

Directly the punitive bodies of the Jewish occupiers of the OGPU, then the NKVD, were led by the Jewish occupation state during this period:

From 1926 to 1934 - Menzhinsky V.R. - Jew,

From 1934 to 1936 - G.G. Yagoda - Jew,

All concentration camps (Jewish death camps) of the USSR were led by the head of the GULAG, - Berman Matvey - a Jew,

his deputies Joseph Ostrovsky-a Jew, Firin Samuel Yakovlevich- a Jew, Kogan Samuel Leonidovich -a Jew

Russian Russian occupation was carried out by millions of other Jewish occupiers, Caucasians and Asians, who helped the Jewish enslavers in carrying out terror and genocide against the Russian peoples of Russia.

The terror of the Jewish occupiers against the Russian people in 1936-1940.

[Page 19] Naturally, all these divisions of Jewish terror by years and periods are completely conditional.

The period from 1936 to 1940 was the same as the rest. There were dissatisfied occupied by the domination of the Jewish occupiers in all years, but just for convenience, for the process of destroying dissatisfied Russians, in some years they were arrested, shot, destroyed in concentration camps less, and in some years more. As a rule, this was due to purely prosaic reasons. It's just that in some years prisons and concentration camps were overcrowded with prisoners (there was nowhere to put new ones) and therefore there were fewer arrests and trials "on the outside". The discontented and disobedient were given a "walk" in freedom. Then, prisoners were sent from prisons to concentration camps and firing ranges (like the Butovo firing range near Moscow). In concentration camps, too, some were shot, and some of the prisoners themselves were bent. So places were being freed up for new recalcitrant slaves of the Jewish occupation regime. Then the Jewish terror immediately increased at times. Then again, the punitive system of the Jewish occupiers was overflowing with "Russian human meat" and the repression temporarily subsided.

According to official data of the Jewish occupation regime in 1936-1940, counter–revolutionary elements (that is, people dissatisfied with the Jewish occupation) -687011 people were arrested and shot, 974631 people were sent to concentration camps. Moreover, the bulk of Russian people killed during this period of Jewish terror falls on the year 1937-1938 - 682 thousand shot and 635 thousand sent to concentration camps. (Data on .. Igor Pykhalov WHAT IS THE SCALE OF THE "STALINIST REPRESSIONS"?)

If we take into account that sending to a concentration camp for at least half of the prisoners meant an early death, or in the camp from starvation, from hard labor, from bullying. Or, an early death after leaving the concentration camp, from undermined health. Then we can assume that only according to official data, the Jewish occupiers destroyed, during this period, 1 million 175 thousand people. In fairness, we need to make a significant reservation here.

In 1938-1939, the Jewish occupiers, in order to impose discipline in their ranks, arrested and destroyed 340 thousand communists, that is, their Jews and accomplices of the Jewish invaders from among other nationalities.

Which made the majority of the Russian population of the Soviet Union very happy. According to the memoirs of old people, which I personally heard, the Russian people were very happy to see how Communist Jews arrest and shoot their own Communist Jews and their own lackeys from other nationalities..

So that the number of victims of the terror of the Jewish occupiers, in this case, can quite rightly be reduced by these very 340 thousand. This is the way there, just according to their merits.

And it is quite reasonable to believe that only according to official documents (as such documents are made it is clear), more than 835 thousand Russian people were destroyed by their terror of the Jewish occupiers in 1936-1940.

But these are only the figures that the Jewish executioners of our people themselves wanted to make public. There are other calculations of the number of victims of the terror of the Jewish occupiers during this period.

According to the research data of Russian scientists:

"Only in 1939, 2103 thousand people passed through the GULAG system. 525 thousand of them died." (Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (Starooskolsky branch). Course: History of Russia. Abstract No. 4. TOPIC: Formation of the cult of personality and the regime of personal power of I.V. Stalin. )

If this figure of those who died in Jewish penal camps is calculated for other years of the same period, it turns out that the number of dead (only in concentration camps) of Russian people is approximately 2.5 million.

Why Russians? Yes, because, as can be seen from the fates of such Jewish writers of the GULAG as Solzhenitsyn, Razgon, Ginsburg and so on, Jews imprisoned in concentration camps, as a rule, did not die in them. They, thanks to the help of the Jewish authorities of these concentration camps, were very quickly arranged in these camps by accountants, accountants, doctors (without any special education) and so on. And then they wrote books (making fortunes on their publication) about the horrors of the Gulag, about the death of millions of Russian men and women, which they watched from the windows of warm and hearty camp medical units and offices.

Other Russian historians cite the following figures of their research of documents in the archives of the KGB and other punitive agencies (these are only those documents to which they were allowed).

"Special troika" during the "great terror" (that is, only in 1937-1938) destroyed 1575259 people and about 4 million were sent to camps. Most of the human losses are the result of the "red terror", dispossession, collectivization, repression, political processes of 1937-1939 (only in Moscow in 1937 a thousand people were shot every day!).("October 30 is the Day of Remembrance of the victims of Political terror in Russia." N. Kuznetsov)

[Page 20] The following interesting information can also be attributed to this period. "And here is a striking message that flashed in 1990, from which we learned that the famous slaughterhouses were invented, it turns out, not by Hitler in World War II — but in the Soviet NKVD in 1937. And he invented them (yes, not alone, probably, but he was the organizer of the invention) - Isai Davidovich Berg, head of the AHO (administrative department) of the NKVD of the Moscow region. That's why it can be important to know who held not the top posts at all. And it turned out like this. I.D. Berg was instructed to execute the decisions of the "troika" of the NKVD of the Ministry of Defense - and Berg regularly carried out the assignment: he drove to the executions. But when three "troikas" began to meet simultaneously in the Moscow region— it was already impossible for the shooters to cope. Then you guessed it: the victims were stripped naked, tied up, gagged and thrown into a closed truck disguised as a bread van from the outside. On the stretch, the exhaust gases went inside the truck — and the prisoners were already "ready" to the far ditch. (I must say that Berg himself was soon shot, in 1939 — but not for these atrocities, of course, but on charges of "conspiracy". And in 1956 he was successfully rehabilitated, although even then his investigative file was kept, and it has been preserved until modern times, and read by journalists - the history of this murderous invention!) .(Which Russian will love a Jew, Valery Lebedev, Moscow, 2002)

According to the extremely cautious assessment of the English historian Conquest, 3 million political prisoners died in Soviet prisons and concentration camps in 1937-1938.

According to the calculations of the Armenian historian G.P. Khomziuri, during this period, in the USSR, 4280,000 people were shot and starved in concentration camps by Jewish executioners

So, the number of Russian people killed by the Jewish occupiers has to be calculated only approximately so far. But, according to the most cautious estimates, in 1935-1940 the number of Russian people killed by Jewish occupiers was more than 2.5 million, most researchers agree on this.

Let's stop at this figure - more than 2,500,000 Russian souls killed by Jews, ... and we.

On behalf of the Jewish occupation Party of the CPSU (b) and its Politburo, these murders

of 2.5 million Russian people were led by:

Stalin I.V. - a Georgian Jew, L.M. Kaganovich - a Jew, Kosior V.V.-a Jew, V.V. Kuibyshev-a Jew, Zhdanov A.A.- a Jew, N.S. Khrushchev-a Jew, L.P. Beria is a Jew, G.I. Petrovsky is a Jew, Ya.E. Rudzutak is a Jew, V.Ya. Chubar is a Jew, N.M. Shvernik is a Jew.

The Russians who sold themselves to the Jewish occupiers, Voroshilov K.E., Molotov V.M., are both married to Jewish women, the fathers of their Jewish children.

The legislative framework for this terror was organized by the Chairmen of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR

Rakhimbayev Abdullo is an Uzbek Jew. He was in charge from 1934 to 1937 ..

Kalinin M.N. is a Jew, (married to a Jewish woman Lyurberg E.I.)- led from 1938 to 1946.

The punitive bodies of the Jewish occupiers of that time were led and directly organized the destruction of Russian people:

Yagoda G.G. - a Jew, Yezhov N.I. - a Jew, Beria L.P.-a Jew, Merkulov V.N. - a Jew

Russian Russian occupation was carried out by millions of other Jewish occupiers and their accomplices of other nationalities, who helped the Jewish enslavers in carrying out terror and genocide against the Russian peoples of Russia. But these Jewish occupiers were only at the very top, throughout Russia, the Jewish massacre of the Russian people was carried out by millions of other Jewish occupiers, and their accomplices of other nationalities, who helped the Jewish enslavers in carrying out terror and genocide against the Russian peoples of Russia.

Jewish terror against the Russian people in 1941-1953.

According to UNESCO (this is such an organization at the UN), "The repressions that continued during the war and the post-war period, in 1941-1953, claimed 9 million people." (Report to the UNESCO commission for a diploma and a UNESCO grand medal for contribution to world musical culture //Russian music newspaper.-1992 .-No.2.-S.1,. 4.;№ 3.- P.2-)

This is not the death toll in the Great Patriotic War.

This, according to experts of international organizations, is the number of Russian people who were shot by the Jewish occupation authorities of Russia in the rear and at the front, tortured in concentration camps, starved and cold during deliveries to concentration camps in 1941-1953.

These 9 million people are the number of opponents of the Jewish occupation authorities, killed by this Jewish government for resistance and disobedience.

[Page 21] In this small brochure, it is not possible to cite all the figures and facts of the atrocities and crimes of the Jewish occupiers against our, Great Russian and other indigenous Russian peoples (i.e. Russians), from which this number is made up. But, detailed justification, statements about such a number of victims of Jewish terror can be found in many books and articles by historians. Do not be lazy, read the details and you will perceive many things differently.

But we will still provide some data for a better understanding. Only about official (i.e. false and tenfold underestimated) data during this period, according to the sentences of civil courts, -50053 people were shot.

1,058,000 people were sent to concentration camps.

Moreover, the Jewish occupiers themselves admit that in the period from 1941 to 1953, 1,026,555 Russian people imprisoned there died in their concentration camps and prisons.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that these figures do not apply to all those shot and imprisoned (there were more than 10 million prisoners in concentration camps in 1953), but only to political prisoners, that is, those convicted of resisting the Jewish occupation regime.

But, this is only terror against civilians committed by the Jewish occupiers in the rear.

According to the same official data of the Jewish occupiers.

Military tribunals handed down more than 284 thousand death sentences from 1941 to 1945, and in general, military tribunals convicted 2,530,663 people.

Of these, 1.5 million were sent to penal companies and battalions, whose soldiers were thrown into battle where almost everyone died. ( That is, at least 1.200 .000 more sentenced to death.( Vyshnevolotsk Centralized Library System. Compiled by: Koneva O.S., Chief Librarian of the Vyshnevolok Central Bank)

These, mostly Russian people, were to blame for the fact that they did not want to fight and die for the power of the Jewish occupiers. That is, that they provided passive resistance to the Jewish occupation regime.

There were also those Russian people who perceived the Great Patriotic War as an opportunity to overthrow the power of the Jewish occupiers in Russia and therefore fought together with the German army, against the Jewish occupiers with weapons in their hands. There were more than 1,500,000 (one and a half million) . So that the war of 1941-1945 (as the Jewish newspapers write, - WWII) can quite rightly be called the Second Civil –Anti-Jewish (CAA). The first anti-Jewish in Russia was in 1917-1922.

After the defeat of Germany in the war against the forces of world Jewry (which included the troops of the USSR), more than 500 thousand Russian people who fought in the German army (including Vlasov) were executed. Most of them were killed at the front, since the Jewish Soviet Army had an order not to take the "Vlasov" prisoners, the rest were court-martialed and in concentration camps.

Someone will say that they say they are traitors, so it serves them right. Only here's the question. Who have they betrayed? Homeland? The Russian people?

Well no…The homeland, that is, the ancestral-the national land of the Great Russians and Little Russians -Russia was betrayed (handed over to the power of the Jewish occupiers), just those who fought in the Soviet Army, and other armed forces of the Jewish occupiers.

They didn't betray their people either. Those who fought with weapons in their hands against the Jewish (Soviet-communist) authorities of Russia were just fighting for the liberation of the Russian people from Jewish enslavement (in which we are now).

These more than 500,000 Russian people were killed by Jews, for actively fighting with weapons in their hands against the Jewish occupiers, our Homeland. These are the heroes of our Russian people. Eternal memory to them.

At the same time, the Jewish occupiers dealt not only with the Russians (that is, with the Great Russians, Little Russians, Russes (zap. ukr.), Belarusians), but also with other Russian peoples. Whose representatives resisted the Jewish occupiers on a massive scale. They were exiled to Siberia, Central Asia and Kazakhstan. : - Koreans - 172,000, Germans - 905,000, Finns, Romanians, Moldovans, Estonians, Poles, Latvians, Lithuanians, Jews, Chinese - 1400,000, Kalmyks - 101,000, Karachais - 70,000, Chechens and Ingush - 485,000, Balkars - 37,000, Crimean Tatars - 191,000, Meskhetian Turks and other peoples of Transcaucasia - 100,000. In addition, at least 450,000 people were expelled from the "regime areas" (Black Sea Greeks, Macedonians, Slovaks, Armenians - "Dashnaks", Iranians, "Ouonians" - Benderites and Melnikovites, "forest brothers", etc.).

As you can see, there were 4,881,000 people expelled.

But! On January 1, 1953, there were 3,753,356 people living in special settlements for these deportees. Where did the others go???

[Page 22] This means that (taking into account those born in exile), during this punitive expulsion from hunger and cold, from hard labor, from the executions of the Jewish NKVD escorts, these "expelled" enemies of the Jewish occupiers, more than 1,100,000 people died.

What? Didn't I count enough? Only, a little more than 4 million. No,... not a little.

There were also those Russian people who were shot without any sentences and courts - simply by the decision of the Jewish commanders of the detachments and other Jewish punitive formations. There were those Russian people who were killed by Jewish sabotage, partisan detachments, and punitive detachments from the NKVD. There were also those who were not brought to the places of trial and investigation, who died during such deliveries by the millions from hunger and cold.

There were also those who simply did not enter the statistics and reports of the Jewish occupiers, since the figures turned out to be too accusatory, and Jewish occupiers (still called the Soviet Government for some reason?). There are millions of such Russian people, too, and the Jewish occupiers simply did not include them in their official reports.

But, traces of the massacre of these people, evidence of their murder by Jewish executioners, have been found by many researchers of the crimes of the Jewish occupiers in Russia. Therefore, it is generally recognized by the world community that the punitive organs of the Jewish occupation regime (for some reason it is called communist?) in 1941-1953, more than 9 million Russian (Russian) people were killed.

These are only the victims of Jewish terror over the years. But! There are also victims of the Jewish genocide, Russian people, also killed by the occupying Jews, at the same time.

The Jewish genocide against the Russian people in 1941-1953.

To be understood correctly, just in case, I explain my (not only mine, of course) understanding of the Genocide.

Genocide is an activity aimed at creating conditions for the mass destruction of any people, nation, social group. That is, genocide is destruction (murder) not for any specific sins, but for the fact that people by the will of God belong to some nation or to some group of the population. As a rule, Genocide includes mass killings.

For example, I consider the actions of the Jewish occupiers in Russia against the indigenous peoples of Russia, that is, the Russian people, to be genocide.

So I consider 131 thousand Russian soldiers who died in the Soviet-Finnish War, which the Jewish (communist - it's the same thing) unleashed in 1939 against Finland, trying to seize its territory, to be victims of the Jewish Genocide.

By executions and concentration camps, Russian soldiers forcibly conscripted into the Jewish occupation Soviet Army were driven to seize a foreign country.

They died there, and this is of course Genocide. Since the Jewish occupiers would have destroyed their Jewish soldiers in a completely unnecessary war, they certainly would not have. But they do not feel sorry for the soldiers from among the enslaved indigenous population of Russia… Let them go to die because of the Jewish adventures, to capture other countries and peoples.

The same victims of the Jewish Genocide can be considered all 32 million Russian people who died during the so-called "Great Patriotic War" of 1941-1945.

Here, critical readers will definitely say that I am a complete fool and ignoramus. Since I do not know that the Germans, led by Hitler, attacked Russia in this war, and accordingly they are to blame for everything.

So I can only answer that it is still unknown which of us is a fool and who is not.

To figure out which one of us is a fool, let's look at the following numbers. On June 22, 1941, the Jewish-Soviet Army concentrated more than 8 million forcibly mobilized Russian soldiers on the then Soviet-German border.

In the same place, a few kilometers from the then territory of Germany, 22 thousand Soviet tanks (22 thousand) and 12 thousand armored vehicles were concentrated.

On the same border, a few dozen kilometers, or even a kilometer from German territory, the Jewish authorities concentrated 32 thousand Soviet military aircraft.

And all this was brought, by the Jewish occupation authorities, from all over Russia - to the border with Germany, under the cities of Vilnius, Brest, Lviv and Chisinau, and so on. Moreover, the arrival of new and new Jewish-Soviet troops and equipment on the German border continued at a rapid pace.

Such gigantic masses of troops and military equipment are not collected just like that at the border. This is done only to start a war. The Germans understood this perfectly well.

[Page 23] At the same time, Hitler's Germany had. The next armed forces.

3.6 million troops, 10 thousand tanks, 14-15 thousand aircraft.

The Germans understood perfectly well that even if this Jewish-Soviet military armada, already assembled for the attack, would strike Germany first, then in 2-3 months from Germany, the Jewish authorities of Russia would be occupied, and the same thing would be done to the German people, the Jewish occupiers, as with the Russian.

So is it any wonder that the German leadership decided to strike the USSR first? Is it any wonder that they decided to start the war first, and by hitting the Jewish-Soviet troops, which were not yet fully deployed and therefore not fully combat-ready, to defeat them and thereby save Germany from imminent death and Jewish enslavement. Would you have acted differently in the place of Hitler and his generals? Would you doom your people, your country to death, just so that you wouldn't be called aggressors later?

So who is to blame for the deaths of 32 million Russian people during this war? The Germans, who were forced to defend themselves, and struck first, since they simply had no other chance to win? Or the Jewish occupation authorities of Russia, led by the Georgian Jew Stalin, who did everything to attack Germany and enslave its people?

Well, let's say that after all, the Germans, led by Hitler, are to blame. Which, after all, attacked first. Whoever attacked first is to blame.

Then how can we explain that Germany and the USSR, which are practically equal in military potential, suffered such different losses in this war.

The Jewish occupation state of the USSR lost more than 20 million servicemen on the fronts of the "Great Patriotic War".

The Jewish lie that the USSR lost only 11 million soldiers and officers during this war is refuted at least by the fact that only in the electronic database of dead and missing servicemen during the Great Patriotic War at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow. Personal data has already been collected for 17 million people who died in the Great Patriotic War..

But the organizers of the bank themselves assume that they covered only about 90 percent of irretrievable losses, i.e. the real death toll is about 20 million soldiers. (Based on the materials of the book by B.V. Sokolov. The Truth about the Great Patriotic War (collection of articles) Popular science publication, ALETEYA Publishing House, St. Petersburg, 1998)

The number of civilian casualties of the USSR: from hunger, from bombing, from diseases, from punitive actions of the Nazis, is more than 12 million, mostly Russian people.

Why mostly Russians? Yes, because the Jewish population was evacuated first throughout this war, because students were granted exemption from conscription, and up to 80% of students were Jews in the USSR (and now the same). Because the majority of Jews in the USSR were senior workers and as a rule remained in charge of the rear front. So to speak, they forged victory in the distant rear.

Well, what kind of military losses did Germany have in this war?

Just don't faint! (This is for not for the faint of heart!)

In total, about 3,950,000 Wehrmacht servicemen died in this war, including Austrians, Czechs, Poles, Balts and other citizens of the USSR and other countries who served in the German armed forces.

That is, 5-6 times less than the Soviet-Jewish servicemen died on the same fronts.

The irretrievable losses of the German civilian population during the war are estimated at about 2 million people.

This includes those who died as a result of ground combat operations in the last period of the war, as well as about 500 thousand victims of strategic bombing by Allied aircraft and 300 thousand German citizens (anti-fascists, Jews and Gypsies) who died in concentration camps or executed

by the Nazis.

The total irretrievable losses of Germany - 5.95 million people turned out to be more than 5 times less than the Soviet irretrievable losses .

Why such a difference? She, dear reader, is from the Jewish Genocide against the Russian people!

This difference is 26 million from the fact that almost 4 million Russian soldiers died during the first strike of the Hitlerite army, as they were crowded on a few kilometer strip along the Soviet-German border. The perfect target for shooting! This is what the Germans were counting on, hoping for their victory.

[Page 24] The Jewish occupation rulers wanted to conquer Europe in 1941, so they drove more than 8 million Russian peasants to the border in close proximity to the German army. Under the direct blow of the German artillery, tanks and aircraft. Well, what was there to be careful with the enslaved natives, they are not their own, not Jews. After all, they are Goyim (not Jews)- that is, those who are worse than dogs. So the Jewish rulers destroyed almost 4 million Russians in one or two months.

This difference is from the fact that the German command took care of its soldiers, since they were part of the German people, the most expensive for the German nationalist state.

And, the Jewish occupation authorities saw in the Russian soldiers of their Soviet Army - only disenfranchised, enslaved cattle and above millions of their lives put their Jewish plans, orders and reports to higher Jewish superiors. Therefore, the lives of Russian soldiers were treated like manure lying on the road. I threw it out and it's not a pity.

The Jewish-Soviet command killed almost 1 million Russian soldiers during the senseless defense of Kiev. Almost 1 million Russian soldiers of General Vlasov's 2nd shock Army died in the swamps of the Volkhov forests from hunger and lack of ammunition when the Jewish Stalinist leadership left them without help and forbade them to retreat.

Russian Russian soldiers killed more than 300,000 during the senseless operation of the Jewish command near Kharkov, 126 thousand in Kerch - a total of almost 6.5 million dead Russian soldiers.

These are only the most famous cases of senseless waste, by the Jewish command of the Soviet Army, of millions of lives of Russian soldiers. In reality, the senseless, unjustified sending of Soviet Army soldiers to death took place from the beginning to the very end of this war. One can only give an example of the last days of the war, when in order to take Berlin by May 1, (Jewish,- International Workers' Day), more than 500 thousand Russian soldiers were killed in a senseless frontal assault operation on Berlin. Although it was clear to everyone at that time that Berlin, being surrounded, would fall itself after 2-3 weeks of encirclement and shelling, without any assault. The ease with which the Jewish-Soviet command sacrifices Russian soldiers to the whole world (giving interviews to newspapers and radio) was even surprised, the same Jewish command of the US troops. They could not even dare to commit such a genocide against the American people subordinate to them.

It was the same with regard to the civilian population of the USSR. They were also easily sacrificed everywhere. In the besieged Leningrad alone, more than 1 million people, mostly Russians, died of starvation. Mostly women, old people and children. They were simply not allowed to leave the city, while forgetting to provide food. Evacuation was strictly by passes, and they were given (as well as transport for evacuation) primarily to the Jewish population. There was famine not only in besieged Leningrad, but the famine of the Russian people was all over the USSR. From meager food rations, and even at the same time, working for 16 hours a day, Russian people died out by the millions.

The German population of Germany, throughout the war, did not starve. Since the German authorities did not stop civilian production (as it was in the USSR) and provided their population with sufficient food almost until the last days of the war. Since the government was German in Germany and felt sorry for its people.

So it turned out that during this war 2 million civilian Germans died, and 12 million civilian Russians (Russians)..

This difference in losses in the Great Patriotic War," almost 26 million Russian people, is the number of people killed by the Jewish genocide in 1941-1945.

Let someone say that the Jewish occupiers are not the murderers of these 26 million Russian people.

In total, more than 35 million Russians were killed by Jewish terror and Jewish genocide in 1941-1953.The prefix "more" to the figure of those killed by Jewish terror and genocide means that in my opinion, a lot of Russian people killed by Jewish occupiers were not included in this figure. Because of the fact that the Jewish occupiers are still hiding the traces of their crimes, because of the brevity and superficial nature of my research. I pray their unforgiven souls to forgive me and I really hope that the next generations of Great Russian historians will count and remember everyone. And all Jewish (Jewish) executioners will receive a decent punishment for their global crimes against the Russian and other peoples. Well, I'll mention them for now.

The following criminals led the Jewish terror and genocide in 1941-1953.

[Page 25]  All actions, all departments in Russia enslaved by the Jewish occupiers at that time were led by a Jewish group called the All-Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks). This criminal party of occupiers was led by the Politburo, in which all decisions were made by the following leaders of the Jewish occupiers:

I. V. Stalin is a Georgian Jew

L.M. Kaganovich-the Jew

A.A. Zhdanov-the Jew

 A.I. Mikoyan - Armenian Jew

N.S. Khrushchev-the Jew

O. V. Kuusinen, - the Jew

G. M. Malenkov, -the Jew

L.P. Beria - Jew

N. A. Bulganin- Jew

N.M. Shvernik-Jew

P. K. Ponomarenko - Jew

M. 3. Saburov, -Jew

M. A. Suslov, -Jew

D. I. Chesnokov, -Jew

M. F. Shkiryatov-Jew

K.E. Voroshilov, V.M. Molotov -Russians married to Jewish women and fathers of their Jewish children.

A formal legislative basis was put under the decisions of these Jewish leaders

Chairmen of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR

Kalinin M.I.- a Jew,.

Shvernik N.M. is a Jew.

On behalf of the Jewish occupation Government

The terror and Genocide of the Russian people was organized

by I.V. Stalin, a Georgian Jew

On behalf of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Jewish occupation state of the USSR and the entire genocide, terror on all fronts of the war of 1941-1945. led

I.V. Stalin-Georgian Jew

Deputy Commander- in-Chief

G.K. Zhukov is a Jew

The punitive bodies of the Jewish occupiers in 1941-1953 led and directly organized Terror and Genocide against the Russian people

People's Commissar of the NKVD, - L.P. Beria - Jew -1938-1953.

People's Commissar of the NKGB,- V.N. Mekulov,- Jew - 1941-1946.

Minister of the MGB - V.S. Abakumov,- Jew - 1946-1951.

But these Jewish occupiers were only at the very top. Russian Russian Jewish massacre was organized and carried out by millions of other Jewish occupiers and Jewish executioners who helped these Jewish leaders in carrying out terror and genocide against the Russian peoples of Russia.

Terror of the Jewish (Communist) occupiers against the Russian people from 1953 to 1990.

The terror of the Jewish occupiers against the Russian people in 1953-2004, compared with previous periods, is quite insignificant. Probably because almost everyone who made up the real one was destroyed by the Jewish occupiers in the previous years 1917-1953.

Although, of course, how can you evaluate the ruined lives of Russian people? Is it a lesser crime to kill one person than to kill millions?

[Page 26]  Only according to very fragmentary, well-known data, in the period from 1954 to 1990, the Jewish occupiers killed Russian people in the following cases. Or, as they say in criminal cases, episodes of their criminal activity.

 - May 1953 - a major uprising of prisoners in Norilsk. This uprising was brutally suppressed. More than 150 people were killed

- June 1953, 41 soldiers of the Soviet Army were shot for refusing to shoot at rebellious German workers in Berlin and Magdeburg. - June 1953 - a large uprising of prisoners in Vorkuta, uprisings in the camps near Karaganda, an uprising of prisoners in the camps on Kolyma; During the suppression, more than 2 thousand prisoners were shot.

- April 1954 - the uprising of 13 thousand prisoners in the camps near Kengir, - suppressed by 13 thousand soldiers and tanks; During the suppression, more than 500 rebels were shot and crushed by tanks.

- 1954 unrest of prisoners in the camps of Revda (Sverdlo-VSK), Karabash, Taishet, Reshort, Dzheskangan, Balkhash (on Sakhalin)- more than 1 thousand prisoners were shot

- 1955 - uprising on the cruiser "Dmitry Donskoy" in Vladivostok; - more than 50 people were shot.

- June 1957 in Podolsk, 7 thousand people were recorded speaking out against the police. 9 instigators were convicted. During the suppression of the uprising, 15 people were killed.

.-September 1959 - unrest of Komsomol workers at the "All-Union Communist Construction Site" in Temirtau.- more than 38 people were shot.

- January 1961, clashes with the police took place in Krasnodar, then in Biysk, Altai Territory, more than 100 people were killed during the suppression of the uprising.

- June 1961 - in Murom, during the suppression of the uprising, more than 300 people were killed.

- July 1961 - in Alexandrovsk (Vladimir region). During the suppression of the uprising, more than 200 people were killed.

-June 1962 shooting of a demonstration of workers in Novocherkassk . During the suppression of the uprising, more than 1,500 people were shot.

- June-August 1963, unrest, strikes, street demonstrations in Krivoy Rog, Grozny, Krasnodar, Donetsk, Murom, Yaroslavl, in Moscow, at the Likhachev plant, more than 250 people were killed during the suppression.

- 1967. the trial of the participants of the "All-Russian Social Christian Union for the Liberation of the People" - 21 people were convicted, most of them died in concentration camps or shortly after their release from prison.

- 1969. workers' unrest in Kiev, Sverdlovsk, Vladimir region, more than 30 people were killed during the suppression.

-1972 workers' unrest in Dnepropetrovsk, Dneprodzerzhinsk, more than 40 people were killed during suppression.

- 1973 workers' unrest in Vitebsk, (the number of victims is unknown)

- autumn 1975 - uprising on the destroyer "Storozhevoy" - 1 person was shot (captain of the III rank V.M.Sablin).

-1981 workers' unrest in Kiev, Tolyatti, Ordzhonikidze (the number of victims is unknown)

In the book of N. Zenkovich, it is reported that at the beginning of 1988, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, a Jew, M.S. Gorbachev ordered that a certificate be prepared for him about the mass riots that took place in the country after 1957. Such a certificate was prepared by the chairman of the KGB of the USSR V. Chebrikov. "It is called: "Information about the mass riots that have taken place in the country since 1957."(This certificate has not been made public. We have to use the revelations of the Jewish, occupation official Zenkovich.)

According to this certificate, during this entire period in the USSR, mass demonstrations and confrontation with the Jewish authorities on the part of Russians and other peoples of the USSR did not stop. Many performances, however, were qualified as hooligan actions. But the essence of this did not change.

According to our calculations, during this period, Jewish occupiers killed and shot more than 7 thousand Russian people during the suppression of uprisings.

For anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda and other ideological statements of the other Jewish-communist authorities, in the period from 1954-1991, the courts of the Jewish occupation regime sentenced more than 8.5 thousand convicts to concentration camps.

Almost half of them were Jews, dissatisfied with the orders that their own Jewish authorities had established.

So, the number of Russian people affected by this judicial terror of the Jewish occupiers is about 4 thousand people. More than half of them died in concentration camps and punitive psychiatric institutions of the Jewish occupation regime.

[Page 27] In fact, there were dozens of times more uprisings of the Russian peoples against the Jewish (communist) occupation. Just like the smallest, there were ten times more victims of Jewish terror - killed by Jewish occupiers during the suppression of these large and small uprisings "on the outside" and in concentration camps.

Therefore, for the period from 1954 to 1990, the total number of victims of Jewish terror killed (not counting those imprisoned in concentration camps) is more than 100 thousand of the best Russian people.

The genocide of the Jewish (Communist) occupiers against the Russian people in 1954-1990.

The main means of extermination of the Russian people by the Jewish occupiers has always been, of course, genocide, Terror, that is, murders, shootings, and so on were used by the Jewish occupiers only against those who resisted the Jewish Genocide.

It is understandable that terror is troublesome. When you kill, there is always a possibility that someone will try to kill you, too. Ah, this means that there will definitely be murdered executioners. And they were, by the way. Here in the previous chapters I wrote about the Jewish terror from 1917 to 1985.. Naturally, when describing this terror of the Jewish invaders of our Homeland, I counted the number of victims from our Great Russian and other Russian peoples.

But, this does not mean that our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers were such unrequited ladybirds who were killed, and they only substituted the backs of their heads. Of course, the struggle was mutual and millions of Jewish occupiers and especially their Communist accomplices, our ancestors (who became victims of terror) were also killed, hanged, burned, drowned and sent to the next world in other ways.

And this, since they defended their homeland and their Nation from invaders, is extremely fair and lawful on their part. It's a pity that it's not enough, it would have to be 1000 times more.

Therefore, in order to purify Russia from the Russian peoples. In order to free the territory of Russia for the settlement of the descendants of the Jewish occupiers, the Jewish invaders have always been more willing to use a safer method of destruction, that is, Genocide. Until 1941, this was done mainly by organizing artificial famines, from 1941 to 1945 by senselessly sending tens of millions of Russian soldiers to a guaranteed and completely unnecessary death.

But after 1955, the Jewish occupiers began to use such a terrible instrument of Genocide in Russia - as ABORTIONS.

The genocide of the Russian people by abortions.

In October 1955, the Jewish occupation authorities of the USSR issued a decree allowing women to have abortions, that is, to kill their unborn children, but already living in their bellies.

Until that time, Jewish agitators had been "exposing" Hitler and Goebbels, claiming that Hitler and his henchmen allegedly wanted to ensure the destruction of the Soviet people by allowing abortions. Then they stopped shouting about this planned atrocity and themselves introduced permission to perform abortions in the USSR. Yes, not only that, in 1955-1956, the Jewish authorities organized, in all hospitals of the USSR, special departments where special doctors performed tens of thousands of abortions daily. Tens of billions from the state budget have not been spared for this matter. Wow, they tore me away from myself! It means that the Jewish occupiers considered this case very necessary!

All these years, from 1955 to 1990, an average of 1,500,000 abortions per year were performed in the USSR. Moreover, abortions were performed practically in relation to some Russian peoples.

In Central Asia and the Caucasus, abortions were practically not performed by local residents. There, Asian, Caucasian men spat on all the "Decrees" and for such a thing they immediately cut (with daggers and knives) both infanticide mothers and abortion doctors.

In order to calculate more or less accurately how many Russian children were destroyed by the Jewish occupiers, it is necessary to take into account the fact that, according to statistics, before abortion was allowed in 1955. Even despite the prison sentence that threatened them for this, child–murdering moms performed about 500,000 clandestine, illegal abortions every year.

They were jailed for it, but they did it anyway.

Russian Russians are not responsible for all the Russian children killed by abortions (there are 68 million of them), but only for more than 45 million Russian children killed by abortions in 1955-1990.

Alcoholic Genocide.- In addition to the destruction of the Russian people through abortion genocide, the Jewish occupiers also used alcoholic genocide.

In 1925, as soon as the Jewish occupiers consolidated their power over Russia, they abolished"Prohibition, introduced in 1914, was still the Great Russian national (tsarist) government. That is, a ban on the production and trade of alcoholic beverages.

[Page 28] No, of course, during the years of the "prohibition" alcohol was produced. But, only in an illegal way, in sheds, and barns, quietly, they drove "moonshine" all over the country.

But, distilleries and wineries were closed, their work was prohibited. As is the open trade in alcoholic beverages.

Therefore, from 1914 to 1925, alcohol consumption was no more than 1 liter per inhabitant of Russia, (in 1914, before the introduction of the "dry" law, consumption was 2.8 liters per inhabitant). Accordingly, the death rate from alcohol was not significant, (about 50 thousand alcoholics a year., but you can't blame anyone here, they poisoned themselves, and died themselves.). The teetotal traditions laid down during the years of the "dry" law among the Russian people were preserved until the end of the 50s. In 1941, alcohol consumption was 1.5 liters per capita. In 1953. alcohol consumption was no more than 2 liters per inhabitant of the USSR.

The introduction of alcoholic soldering of the Russian people began with the coming to power of the Jewish leader N.S. Khrushchev. The production of wine and vodka was sharply increased. The Jewish occupiers began the mass introduction of drunkenness in the USSR. (Mostly among Russians, since the Islamic Caucasus and Asia remained teetotal)

The Russian people enslaved by the Jewish invaders began the same destruction by alcohol as, at one time, was done against the Indians in the United States. Where Indian tribes were mostly destroyed by soldering.

Thanks to the efforts of the Jewish occupiers, alcohol consumption and, consequently, the death rate from alcoholism among the Russian population has skyrocketed since 1960.

From 2 liters per capita in 1950 to 6 liters per capita in 1960.

The death rate from alcohol in the 60s was at first more than 200 thousand people per year, with an average consumption of 6 liters per capita.

Then in the 70s, 12 liters per capita were consumed, and the death rate from alcohol averaged 400 thousand people annually.

In the 80s (until 1985) alcohol consumption increased to 14 liters per capita, respectively, the annual death rate from alcoholism to 500 thousand people

In 1985, obviously having his own plans, the next leader of the Jewish occupiers, Mikhail Gorbachev, imposed large restrictions on the production and sale of alcohol.

And immediately, in 1986-1990, alcohol consumption by the Russian population of the USSR decreased by 50%, the death rate from alcohol fell to 200 thousand.

Based on these figures, it is possible to calculate. How many Russian people were destroyed by the policy of alcoholic genocide in 1954-1990 ?

In total, more than 10,500.000 Russian people died from alcohol intoxication during these years. (the numbers are of course very rounded). From them it is necessary to deduct 50 thousand a year, this is the drunkard who will die from alcohol with any ban on alcohol - the pig will always find dirt. That is, 2,25,000 drunks.

We get 8 million 250 thousand Russian people killed by the alcoholic genocide of the Jewish occupiers in 1954-1990.

To these millions, we need to add 15 thousand, mostly Russian, soldiers killed by the Jewish occupation authorities during the senseless war in Afghanistan.

Russian Russian Genocide victims in 1954-1990 are thus very incomplete, not taking into account many other methods of the Jewish genocide, and accordingly many other victims of the purposeful, gradual extermination of the Russian people captured by Jewish enslavers, we get the figure of the victims of the Jewish Genocide of the Russian people in 1954-1990.

Terror and genocide in 1954-1990, the Jewish occupation authorities of Russia destroyed more than

53 million 365,000 Russian people.

Who organized terror and genocide against the Russian people in the period from 1954 to 1990?

[Page 29]  All actions, all departments in Russia enslaved by Jewish occupiers at that time were led by a Jewish group called the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (former CPSU (b)) This criminal party of occupiers was led by the Politburo, in which the following leaders made all decisions Jewish occupiers:

N.S. Khrushchev - Jew,

L.I. Brezhnev- Jew,

[Page 29] Yu.V. Andropov is a Jew,

Mikhail Gorbachev is a Jew,

A formal legislative basis was put under the decisions of these Jewish leaders

Chairmen of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR

Brezhnev L.I.-a Jew,

Mikoyan A.I.- -Armenian Jew,

N.I. Podgorny is a Jew,

Andropov Yu.V.-a Jew,

Chernenko V.V. - a Jew,

Gromyko V.V.-a Jew,

Gorbachev M.S. is a Jew,

On behalf of the Jewish occupation Government

Terror and Genocide of the Russian people were organized

from 1955 to 1958 - Bulganin N.A. - a Jew

from 1958 to 1964 - Khrushchev N.S. -a Jew

from 1964 to 1980 - Kosygin A.N. - a Jew

from 1980 to 1985 - Tikhonov N.A. - a Jew

from 1985 to 1991 - Ryzhkov N..A.- A Jew

The punitive body of the Jewish occupiers, the State Security Committee (KGB), in 1954-1990, directed and directly organized Terror and Genocide against the Russian people

From 1954 to 1958, the leadership of the KGB was carried out by I.A.Serov, a Jew,

from 1958 to 1961 - A.N.Shelepin - a Jew,

from 1961 to 1967 - V.E.Semichastny - a Jew,

from 1967 to 1982 - Y.V.Andropov - Jew,

from May to December 1982 - V.V.Fedorchuk -Jew,

from 1982 to 1988 - V.M.Chebrikov - Jew,

from 1988 to August 1991 - V.A.Kryuchkov - Jew,

But these Jewish occupiers were only at the very top. Russian Russian Jewish massacre was organized and carried out by millions of other Jewish occupiers and Jewish executioners who helped these Jewish leaders in carrying out terror and genocide against the Russian peoples of Russia.

The Jewish (democratic) genocide of the Great Russian people in 1991-2004.

In this chapter I consider the Jewish Genocide against our Great Russian people. Since the rest of the fraternal peoples (who make up the Great Russians besides us), the Russian people, by the will of the Jewish occupation rulers of Russia, ended up in other states. In Belarus - Belarusians , in Ukraine - Little Russians and Russ .

In Russia, of those who are usually referred to as the Russian people, mostly we, the Great Russians, remained.

According to all known statistics (it was repeated thousands of times in all media), the decline of the Russian population amounted to more than 22 million people from 1990 to 2004.

It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the number of Great Russians in Russia, and they make up 80% of the population, has decreased by more than 20 million people.

These more than 20 million Great Russians are the victims of the Jewish genocide of 1991-2004.

[Page 30] Their premature death, in fact a disguised murder, occurred because the Jewish occupiers, having changed the signs and names from communist to democratic in 1991, lowered the level 3-6 times (and until 1991.,- beggarly) incomes of the vast majority of Great Russians.

Now, 80% of the Russian population lives below the poverty line, and 80% of Great Russians (Russians) live in Russia, too.

The soldering of our people has been tripled, up to 18 liters per capita annually. Now, in Russia, more than 800 thousand (mostly Great Russians) die out annually from alcohol.

The genocide continues - by provoking our women by the Jewish occupiers (through the media, through the courts, through Mizdrav institutions, etc.) to divorce and abortion. Therefore, the number of divorces among the Great Russians in our time is almost 90% of the marriages concluded. Therefore, the children of the Great Russians are born 5 times less than even 20 years ago. A, the number of abortions performed by Great Russian women, in 1091-2004. it has increased almost 2 times and amounts to almost 3 million abortions (murders of our children) annually.

Does that give you any ideas?

This is how Indians live in the USA, from whom European and Jewish conquerors took away their native land. Only Indians in the USA are already 3% (extinction continues), and the Great Russians are still 80%. It should be borne in mind that in 1991 there were 85% of the total population of Russia - extinction is going on at a rapid pace, 1.5 million per year.

The rest of the situation of Indians in the USA and Great Russians in Russia is almost the same.

Only the Indians in the USA have already been driven into reservations, and there are no Great Russians in Russia yet.

Great Russians (Russians) in Russia are still the majority of the population.

But if this situation continues, in 30-40 years, our children and grandchildren will definitely be driven to reservations in the polar regions of Siberia.

The Jewish Genocide against the Great Russian people in 1991-2004. the following leaders of the Jewish occupiers were in charge.

The Jewish occupation authorities were led by "presidents":

Boris Yeltsin - a Jew,

Vladimir Putin is a Jew.

The Jewish occupation government was led by:

Gaidar E.T. - a Jew,

Chernomyrdin V.S.-a Jew,

Kiriyenko S.V. - a Jew,

Primakov E.M. - a Jew,

Stepashin S.V. - a Jew,

Putin V.V. is a Jew,

Kasyanov M.M. is a Jew,

Khristenko V.B. - a Jew,

Fratkov M.E. is a Jew.

The Jewish Occupation State Duma, during this period of genocide against the Great Russian people, was led by:

Seleznev G.N.- a Jew

Gryzlov B. is a Jew

Light of the Federation of the Russian Federation:

E. Storev is a Jew

S.M. Mironov is a Jew

[Page 31]  The punitive departments of the Jewish occupation regime during this period were led by:

 FSB of the Russian Federation : Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation:

Badgers M .- the Jew Kulikov A. - the Jew

Kovalev N. - Jew Gryzlov B. -Jew

Putin V.. - the Jew Nurgaliev R.-Tatar Jew

Patrushev N. is a Jew

But these Jewish occupiers were only at the very top. Throughout Russia, the Jewish massacre of the Russian people was organized and committed by millions of other Jewish occupiers and their accomplices of all nationalities.

Jewish terror and Genocide against the Russian people in 1917 - 2004.(how many Russian people were killed by Jewish invaders during this period?)

1861-1887.During this period, Jewish terrorists killed more than 700 of the best people of the Russian nation.

1901-1907 - In total, in

1901-11, more than 17 thousand Russian people became victims of Jewish terrorist acts

- In 1917-1922 - from Jewish terror, - executions, drownings in barges, burying alive in the ground, tortured in prisons and concentration camps, etc. died

-- more than 10 million 180 thousand Russian people

- In 1919-1922.- by deliberate, specially organized famine, Jewish invaders killed,--- more than 8 million Russian people.

- In 1923-1935. during the period 1923-1935, Jewish occupiers killed (usually by painful death) - more than 2 million 427 thousand Russian people.

- In 1932-1933. Deliberately organized famine, killed,-more than 7 million Russian people.

- In 1936-1940. terror, executions, torture, starvation in concentration camps destroyed- more than 2.5 million Russian people.

- In 1941-1953, - more than 9 million Russian (Russian) people were killed by the punitive organs of the Jewish occupation regime in 1941-1953.

- In 1941-1953. Russian Russians deliberately killed more than 26 million Russian people by sending Russian soldiers to guaranteed death in frontal attacks by the Jewish command of the Red Army, and by starvation throughout Russia.

- In 1953 to 1990 - killed for resisting the Jewish authorities (not counting those imprisoned in concentration camps), --- more than 100 thousand of the best Russian people.

- In 1954-1990. - Genocide by the introduction of legal abortions.Russian Russian children killed by abortions, more than 45 million Russian children.

In 1954-1990. Alcoholic Genocide.- Deliberate soldering destroyed -more--- 8 million 250 thousand Russian people

In 1980 - 1988. The senseless war in Afghanistan by the Jewish occupation authorities of Russia killed more than 15 thousand, mostly Russian, soldiers.

In 1991-2004 - By all means of Genocide, that is, by a multiple decrease in income, a multiple increase in abortions, a threefold increase in alcohol sales, a tenfold increase in drug trafficking, a senseless war in the Caucasus, etc. - more than 20 million Great Russians (Russians) were destroyed by the Jewish occupation authorities of Russia repainted in democratic colors.

In total, during the period of Jewish occupation from 1917 to 2004, more than 146 million Russian people were killed by Jewish occupiers.

In fact, there are much more Russians (Great Russians, Little Russians, Belarusians) destroyed by the Jewish occupiers. Russian Russians, according to all demographic calculations, while maintaining the growth rates of the Russian population as they were in 1913, that is, if there had been no Jewish occupation, there would have been about 500 million Russians in Russia in 2005. Now Russians, taking into account the population of Ukraine and Belarus, are about 180 million. That is, more than 300 million Russian people lost the opportunity to live because of the Jewish occupiers. Us, the Great Russians for 2005. there should have been more than 250 million, and now there are about 100 million Great Russians in Russia. That is, more than 150 million Great Russians were deprived of their lives by the Jewish occupiers alone. More than every second Great Russian was destroyed by the Jewish occupiers over the past 87 years. Their Jewish occupation of Russia.

[Page 32] And when they ask me why I feel so bad about the Jewish authorities of Russia and those Jews and other Asians who support this government? I answer. And how would you feel about those who have already killed more than 150 million of your fellow tribesmen, in fact your relatives, and continue to kill your relatives by 1.5 million annually?

(All Great Russians have, though distant, but still, a real blood relationship and are relatives to one degree or another.)

Moreover, the murder of our people by the Jewish occupiers continues. It continues for quite natural reasons. The Jewish occupiers are not interested in the development, in the enrichment of Russia, it is for them a foreign country conquered by them (the host country).

They, like all conquerors and colonialists, are interested in enriching only themselves. They are only interested in robbing Russia, in exploiting Russia's natural resources and population as much as possible.

The Jewish occupiers are not interested in improving the life of the Great Russian people, are not interested in increasing the number of Great Russians. Why do they care about such a redneck enslaved by them as the Great Russians? They are interested in taking as much as possible from the Great Russians for their enrichment and leaving as little as possible to the Great Russians. The Jewish occupiers are interested in the extinction of the Great Russians. Since if there are many Great Russians, they will eventually end the power of the Jewish conquerors and restore their power. The Jewish occupiers, in order to maintain their dominance over Russia, in order to preserve their income from the exploitation of wealth, it is necessary that there are few Great Russians, and there are many Jewish occupiers and their Asian migrant allies. Here they are, in order to ensure their interests, in order to survive in Russia and are forced to destroy us Great Russians - by all means and ways.

The destruction of our Great Russian nation can be stopped only in one way. Only by ending the power of the Jewish occupiers over Russia.

Only by restoring the national Great Russian power in Russia.

To do this, it is necessary that all Great Russians living in Russia understand that they are being robbed and destroyed by Jewish occupiers. That with the end of the Jewish occupation power over Russia, all Great Russians will be able to live ten or more times richer. They will be able to raise ten times more children in their families.

It is necessary that all Great Russians know this, not only among the civilian population, but also those Great Russians who now serve in the Jewish occupation army, in the Jewish militia and other parts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, all Great Russians who now work in the security structures of the FSB. If it is done. And this is the gigantic propaganda and educational work that the Great Russian nationalists need to do (that is, the Great Russians who have preserved both their mind and conscience).

Then, with the support of the Great Russians serving in the Jewish occupation- Russian armed forces, our Great Russian people will be able to very easily and almost bloodlessly terminate the power of the Jewish occupiers in Russia. Having restored their national power, our Great Russian people will be able to return to the Great Russian people all the property and all the wealth in Russia. Having restored their national power, our Great Russian people will be able to ensure that all the profits received from the labor of the Great Russians, from the natural resources of Russia, were not received by the Jewish, Caucasian and other mafias, but by our Great Russian people and other indigenous peoples of Russia.

By restoring our national power, our Great Russian people will be able to ensure the development of Russia and the transformation of our country into the most powerful power in the world.

Only by restoring our national power will we be able to save our Great Russian nation from extinction under the yoke of the Jewish occupiers.

Only by restoring our national power will we be able to ensure a happy and rich life for our Great Russian and other indigenous peoples of Russia.

But! It is useless to wait for this.

The very termination of the power of the Jewish occupiers will not happen.

Only the complete destruction of our Great Russian nation by the Jewish occupiers will happen by itself.

In order to stop the Jewish occupation, in order to restore the national Great Russian authorities in Russia, it is necessary to act without self-pity.

To do this, you need to constantly read nationalist literature without feeling sorry for yourself and as much as possible - and all that you can get. Like everywhere else, there are a lot of nonsense and erroneous points of view, but with sufficient knowledge in this matter, you will learn to distinguish between useful and stupid and empty there.

[Page 33] To do this, it is necessary, without sparing yourself, constantly using any suitable situations to start conversations with other Great Russians about the situation of our nation and ways to save it. And those who are mature and generally capable of fighting for the happiness of their nation, if possible, gradually involve them in carrying out ideological work among the Great Russians.

To do this, it is necessary, without sparing oneself, to carry out mass education of the Great Russians by posting leaflets explaining everything in all cities and villages of Russia.

Since by oral conversations alone, and even by distributing (selling, distributing) nationalist literature, it is possible to reach only a very small number of Great Russians. And, the leaflets pasted everywhere will be able to read tens of millions of Great Russians.

Only when we bring to all the Great Russians in Russia the whole truth about the destruction of our nation by the Jewish occupiers and the conviction that we can live ten times richer under our national power.

Only then will we be able to stop the criminal power of the Jewish occupiers over their Nation and their homeland.

We need to do this as soon as possible, before our people die out and while there is someone to save.

Therefore, do not wait for the Great Russians, act, work, fight for the salvation of your nation, for the salvation of the future of your children and grandchildren.

Moscow, January 2006 ..


Ivan Ivanov


Being grateful to our colleagues for the greetings sent to us for the New Year 2008, we, alas, cannot respond in kind. .

In all the years of democratic debauchery, we refuse to rejoice in our good old celebrations and congratulate them.

With what to congratulate, relatives? Happy New Year, in which our Family will be reduced by another million souls? With the coming twelve months, in which the gypsy scum will die with a narcotic potion tens of thousands more of our tribesmen? With a new humiliating ordeal, when a wild Caucasian-Asian beast will slaughter hundreds of our young people and dishonor thousands and thousands of our sisters? With a year in which, like all the previous ones, we will not be able to take revenge?

Congratulate you on the next milestone of our growing humiliation, degeneration and extinction? With the year in which a Jewish president ascends to the throne?

... In the shopping malls now - pandemonium. Hops are bought almost in barrels, and food - certainly in boxes. Firecrackers are in great demand... The people are recklessly having fun in their crowded country. Come on, are they really people?

In fact, it is not for us to rejoice. Rejoices - genuinely and rightfully - that abomination that invaded our country, and those rootless bloodsuckers with whom we have been "together for two hundred years". They know their job, they will probably win. The dregs of our people can also have fun: they chose to serve the enemy, their life was "a success".

It is appropriate for Russian people with a drop of dignity to spend this New Year's Eve in bitter thoughts. To spend it mentally together with our martyrs - the young man Alexander Koptsev, the Cossack Pyotr Molodilov, soldiers from the detachments of Sergei Arakcheev and Eduard Ulman, Colonel Yuri Budanov, sold by their "commander-in-chief", with the mothers of those killed in Kondopoga, Stavropol and almost in every city of the country.

Do you think they're celebrating now? So we shouldn't either...

We truly tell you: Russians are destined to be a people as long as they know how to fiercely respond to evil, are able to hate and take revenge, as long as they are ready to cut the throats of evil spirits that have encroached on their existence.

The whole truth today is that it's time to take law and order into your own hands. And if the way to that lies through street justice, then so be it.

When we win, then we'll celebrate.

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* Stepan Osadchy • January 30, 15:46

During the "purges" of 37/38, 340 thousand other Jews were destroyed by Jews. are they included in the lists of the Yad Vashem museum for children? Are the members of the Zig-zag gang there too?

January 27 is the day of lifting the blockade from Leningrad. but this year in many schools it was not about this, but about the holocaust. is this really true?

o Vadim Vitikhov → Stepan Osadchy  o January 30, 15:57

And what did you want in the state occupied by Kagal??

Пара слов о забытом Сатановском

Вспомнил вдруг о Евгении Сатановском (к слову пришлось в разговоре), полистал его некогда бойкий телеграм-канал Армагеддоныч. И не то что удивился, а отметил про себя: сдулся лидер общественного м...

О пользе философских пароходов

Я уже когда-то рассказывал эту историю, но иногда полезно и напомнить. Где-то в седом 2009 году в одной из арабских стран (я уже не помню, какой) приняли решение не признавать украинские дипломы ме...

Капитуляция Украины в мечтах и в реальности

Бывший аналитик ЦРУ Ларри Джонсон сообщил очевидную вещь – переговоры Киева с Россией возможны только о капитуляции Украины.В принципе это было понятно где-то года с 2004, с того момент...