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AngloZionists, Russia, Iran. Will Putin sell out Iran? Расстановка сил: сдаст ли Путин Иран?

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источник на Русском Сокол: Действительно ли Путин готов «слить» Иран?

источник "Восток – дело тонкое, или Америка устраивает Ирану подлянку"

Compilation of opinions | Компиляция мнений и перевод

As the arc of global tension continues to grow, the US is not going to retreat from the idea to expand their influence in the Middle East. Iran is clearly set to be the next prey-country for a "color revolution" sponsored by Uncle Sam.

In addition to withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Iran, the US is also imposing sanctions, in two stages. First hit is arranged on August 4th, aimed at Iranian industry and trade, then on November 6th, oil and gas sector and banking transactions will be imposed. The US State Department said their main goal is to nullify the sale of Iranian oil worldwide, yet, emphasizing that they do not want "regime change", but simply wish that Iranian leadership to do what its people want.

As we are fully aware such populism is the US signature mark for achieving "color revolution" missions all over the world. And we will expose the not-so-quantum mechanics behind.

They are collaborating with the Iranian opposition, or more precisely, with the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which appeared on the base of the mujahedeen movement banned by the Iranian majority a while back. Initially the US put NCRI on "black list", but removed it in 2012... which, is also a signature move done numerous times with all the other 'ideological groups', which were later used in geopolitical setups. Of course, these people are openly calling upon overthrowing of existing government in Iran.

Unfortunately, protests in the country did not vanish since the end of last year, and, according to the leader of Iran, this is due to both, discontent of population and the interference of other countries. For example, many were indignant over the threat of US sanctions. Can you spot the obvious connection? The US threatens with sanctions, people protest and express their discontent with the authorities and their handling of the situation! The aim is to destabilize the situation from within. Moreover, Trump came up with a plan to introduce so-called "crippling" sanctions, which would apply to all foreign companies economically involved with Iran.

Washington plans to increase pressure by preventing Iranian oil trade via stock exchanges, reduce its economic activity. And when these goals are achieved, time comes to exacerbate the country and talk about lifting sanctions via IAEA's admission to Iranian facilities, termination of uranium and plutonium enrichment and nuclear missiles development. This is shamelessly uncovered blackmailing!

Of course, US has more dirty tricks in their sleeve. Such as, exposing Iranian diplomat as crazy militant in order to ruin Iranian-European relations, or label elite military units of the country, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - as terrorists.

Open discrediting of Iran, attempts to shake up the situation, blackmailing, forceful manipulation of information, or simply 'fake news' coverage, pressuring external partners -
the US clearly acts according to a manual aimed to create the arc of tension. Yet, one question remains: do they do it under the pressure of the influential AngloZionist lobby in Washington or as a way to prove they can still hold slipping role of the global hegemon? Though, one point does not contradict the other. 

Simple truth is that regardless of loud declarations and threats by the US Dept of State, political and military alliance of China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Syria and Hezbollah cannot show weakness, otherwise, the AngloZionist Empire will take them out, one by one. Even the EU seems to have revealed inner strength to go against Washington on this issue.That does not mean that they all love each other and share same goals. They might even play against each other to some degree, or attempt to get some sweet deal “on the side” with the AngloZionists, but the facts on the ground and the correlation of forces in the Middle-East will limit the scope of such “mini-betrayals”, at least for the foreseeable future.

There is also the Saudi factor to take into account. But the Saudis are already messing with Russian interests not only in Syria, but in Qatar as well, and their signature brand of Wahhabi Islam is truly a deadly threat for Russia. Right now the Atlantic Integrationists and Eurasian Sovereign wing have achieved somewhat of an equilibrium in the Kremlin. And yes, there is still a Zionist lobby in Russia and yes, it does act as the counter force, but it is not strong enough to completely disregard the financial interests of the Russian business elites or, even less so, fundamental Russian national security interests. That is one of the biggest difference between the US and Russia: Russia, while still not fully sovereign, is far from being the Israeli protectorate or extension. And as long as Russia retains its even partial sovereignty it will not “ditch” Iran, regardless of Israeli whining and threats. Even the sight of Bibi Netanyahu in Moscow with the St. George ribbon during the national Victory Day was nauseating, and it absolutely does not indicate that Netanyahu and Putin are working side by side or that Russia is “ditching Iran”. As always, the Israelis feel almighty and brazenly display their arrogance. Let them.

As for the Israelis, they would make Lucifer himself look as a saint and are ideologically incapable of honesty (or even decency). Frankly, Erdogan is not worth trust either and Russians clearly learned their sad lessons by now, but he is predictable. President Assad has been dramatically changed by this ongoing war and showed amazing stamina and courage, even if he was, indeed, a pro-western politician in the past, he will remain a committed ally for Russia in the future. As for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Hassan Nasrallah, both appear as men of prudence who will uphold any alliance they formally enter into (informal understandings and temporary mutual interests are a different deal). Also, as experienced geo-strategists both fully realize that Iran and Hezbollah *need* Russia to survive. 

President Putin is playing a very complex and potentially dangerous game. He is trying to trick not one, but many “devils” at the same time. If the US have been incompetent already since Obama, today Neocon warmongers have made it even worse. So Putin’s strategy, while being quite risky is not doomed to failure at all: he is trying to save Syria from the AngloZionsts while avoiding a regional war that would re-establish existing borders in the Mid-East. Time is on his side as Trump’s erratic (to put it mildly) policies (or, really, lack thereof) and behaviour are inflicting tremendous damage on AngloZionsts Empire on a daily basis. Maybe, in this sense, they are really a team? 

Finally, there is the single most important fact: the AngloZionist and Russian Empires remain at war, and have been so far for at least four years or more. That war is still about 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% kinetic, but it this is a very real war nonetheless, and it is escalating. As long as Russia will retain even partial sovereignty and as long as it will offer an alternative civilizational model to the world, even an imperfect one, it will remain an existential threat to the AngloZionist Empire and the Empire, in its turn, will remain an existential threat for the entire Russian civilizational realm. While hugely important to Israel, the entire Iranian issue is just a sideshow to the transnational leaders who see Russia and China as the main competitors, especially when joined in a symbiotic relationship as they are today. Hence the crises in the Ukraine and on the Korean Peninsula, hence the ongoing warnings of a possible full-scale nuclear war (see Eric Zuesse latest article here or Paul Craig Roberts numerous article on his website; also check out Dan Glazebrook’s excellent analysis of Trump’s attempt to repeat the “Rambouillet ruse” in Korea). 

Even if Putin succeeds in moving the EU closer to Russia and away from the (clearly insane) US, and even if he succeeds in preventing the AngloZionists from directly attacking Iran, this will only further convince them that Putin personally and Russia overall, are the ultimate Evil which must be eliminated. Those who hope for some kind of modus vivendi between AngloZionists and Russia are kidding themselves, because the very nature of the Zion Empire makes this impossible. Besides, current hegemony is collapsing, fast. Its propaganda machine denies and obfuscates this, and those who believe it, are blind – but leaders with a vision all understand this, hence, the escalation is going to continue till it becomes the agony. If the Neocons carry on in the same manner, and there is no any indication whatsoever that they are reconsidering it, then the question is only when/where this will break out into a full-scale hot war again. 

(c) photo rights Associated Press | IRNA


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