Triumph and the bloodshed: the US transfers its embassy to Jerusalem and withdraws from the Deal with Iran. Why?

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On May 14th The American embassy was officially moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which resulted in clashes of Palestinian demonstrators with Israeli military forces in Gaza, where 55 Palestinians were killed, spokesman for the Ministry of Health of Ghaza Ashraf al-Kedra told RIA Novosti. Among them are 7 children and one woman. More than 2,700 people were injured, including 79 women. "In total, 104 people were killed since 30th of March, 2018 and more than 12,000 were injured," Al-Qedra added.

Lets note that Israel was rather surprised by Russia's reserved position on its embassy not willing to relocate to Jerusalem. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Moscow views East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state, and West Jerusalem considers the capital of Israel. The Office stressed that possible transfer of the Russian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would not occur until the final agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis was reached.

Given this, the reason why the US withdraws from all agreements with Iran becomes clear, said Said Gafurov, a columnist of Pravda.

He said that it is not the actual war between the US and Iran or another war in the Middle East. The United States is breaking all connections with Iran and returning sanctions only because $150 billion is at stake. In other words, this is a pure racketeering.

"Nominally sanctions were lifted from Iran gradually since the end of 2015, and now the time has come when Washington must unfreeze Iranian assets including those on US accounts, and the overall amount is impressive - $150 billion."

But the White House was afraid to return this money back to Tehran, since Iran, in this case, could bring down the US debt market and the dollar exchange rate by selling the US debt treasures. The appearance of such huge amount in the financial market inevitably leads to a sharp decline in cost of US treasures. This could be a revengeful move by Iran towards United States for the decades of sanctions and all the damage done since then.

Pure businessman and not so diplomatic or experienced president Trump tried to calculate this option and protect the American economy from collapse, he broke off the nuclear Agreement with Iran, returning all sanctions and leaving frozen Iranian assets on American accounts.

At the time as US and Israel were celebrating relocation of the US embassy to Quds (Jerusalem), Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov and his Iranian colleague Muhammad Javad Zarif mutually stressed the need to maintain a comprehensive Joint Action Plan and search for ways of interaction in the "4+1" format (without the United States).

Sergei Lavrov described the situation that is developing around the Iranian nuclear program as critical.

"We appreciate this opportunity to meet in Moscow and exchange views on issues of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan around which there is, frankly speaking, a crisis situation." Both, the big European Trio, China, Iran, and Russia announced their intention to adhere to the provisions of the Iranian Deal", – Lavrov said. According to him, Washington seeks to revise key international agreements in a one-way fashion, as it does with the Iranian Deal, the problem with Quds(Jerusalem) and a number of other agreements."

"Both the Russian Federation and other participants in this deal, including Europeans, have legitimate interests that are fixed in this Agreement and approved by the UN Security Council, so we need to jointly defend the legitimate interests of each one of us," the Russian minister said.

The Iranian Foreign Minister, for his part, noted that Tehran is encouraged by the official position of Russia. According to MJ Zarif, on the eve he held similar talks with the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and they were "very positive." Further meetings with the European participants of the agreement are forthcoming.

"The ultimate goal of all these talks is to get assurances that the interests of the Iranian people guaranteed by the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan will be protected," Zarif said.

Seems, all the hectic commotion around Iran and all the attempts to deepen contradictions with Israel, as the main and devoted US ally in the Middle East, is connected to one and only problem: money, and the need to return to Iran the $150 billion frozen on the US accounts. Syria, unfortunately, might be the battleground for the aggressive talk via ballistic fire over this issue. 

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