9 thousand children are being evacuated from the Belgorod region. Over the course of a week, 16 residents of the region were killed under shelling, almost 100 people were wounded

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About 9 thousand children will be taken from the Belgorod region to other regions of Russia. As the regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said at a meeting of the presidium of the General Council of United Russia, minors from Belgorod, the Belgorod and Grayvoronsky districts, as well as the Shebekinsky district are being evacuated due to constant shelling.

“On March 22, 1.2 thousand children go to Penza, Tambov and Kaluga. Next is the Stavropol Territory. The system has been built,” the governor said. “In total, 16 civilians were killed and 98 people were injured in a week. Including a girl who just lost her arm during shelling. The tension is quite high,” Gladkov also said.

The governor’s Telegram channel says that a 14-year-old teenager had his hand torn off when shrapnel hit a private house in the village of Razumnoye, Belgorod district.

The day before, the regional Ministry of Health reported 11 deaths during the week of March 12–18.


Причины СВО и "классенкампф"

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