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Digitization and automation in all industries have improved efficiency and effectiveness in systems and processes, and the higher education sector is no exception. 

Online learning, e-learning, electronic learning tools, and online assessment are not innovations. However, many countries have limited implementation of online engagement exams. This dissertation provides a brief background on online exams, and this will be followed by a systematic review of the topic to explore the challenges and opportunities.

We follow the six articles with descriptions of the results, exploring nine key topics: student feedback, student performance, anxiety, cheating, staff feedback, validation and safety, interface design, and technology issues. Although the literature on online exams is on the rise, there is still a lack of debate at the teacher and governance levels.

1. Introduction

Learning and Teaching are designed to move 100 to 10,000 inactive students from a traditional lecture theater to a more active learning environment. In our current climate, this is augmented by COVID-19 Answers (Crawford et al., 2020), where thousands of students are involved in the online adaptation of face-to-face exams (such as online zoom rooms with microphones). And videos are closed)).

This evolution has gone beyond the need to acknowledge that students now rarely study exclusively and have promises that come from their university life (such as work, family, social responsibilities). Are conflicting. Students have a more diverse digital ability (Margaryan et al., 2011) and more age and gender diversity (Egley & Schsny, 2009. Such Schwab & Sedelsick, 1990).

Constant changes in student demographics and profiles pose a challenge for scholars who strive to improve the student experience by demonstrating quality and maintaining financial and academic competence (Grass et al., 2013).

2. Material and Methods:

The search strategy is the article to address the purpose, and a systematic literature review was conducted following PRISMA's approach to article selection (Moher et al., 2009). 

The keyword string was developed using the terms of the US National Library of Medicine (2019) Mesh (Medical Subject Headings): [("online" or "electronic" or "digital") and ("exam" * "Or" test " ) and ("university" or "educator *" or "teaching" or "school" or "college")]. The following databases were discovered: A + Education (Informant), ERIC (EBSCO), Education Database (Procast), Education Research Complete (EBSCO), Educational Research Abstracts on Line (Taylor & Francis), Informat and Scoops.

These search terms will enable a wider collection of literature on online exams, as well as synonymous terms, such as e-exam / exam and BYOD (bring your tool). 

Eligibility criteria included articles in a revised journal or a full conference paper on online examinations in the university department, available in English. Because other sources (such as assert dissertations) are not reviewed on a peer-to-peer basis, our goal is to identify best practices in practice, and we excluded them.

We then did a general search in Google Scholar and found no additional results. All records returned from a search by the first author. Extracted and imported into online software.

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