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       We have no doubt that the island of Aruba is the remains of Atlantis, and this was claimed by German scientists from the SS Ahnenerbe department. Our research group «Prometheus», as well as the ANNO «International Academy of Sciences», «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity), together with our readers and viewers, independent researchers from Russia, the USA and Europe tried to decipher the signs and symbols inflicted by the descendants of the Atlanteans. The underworld of Aruba Island. Modern underworld of Aruba Island. The gold of the island of Aruba or the hidden treasures of the Atlanteans. Conclusions. P. S.

The underworld of Aruba Island.

And now we have finally come to the most final and interesting stage in the decoding of symbols. In Figure 11, we clearly see the entrances and exits to the underground world of the island. There are some «torn» maps of rooms that are not connected to each other in any way. Perhaps this was done by someone purposefully so that independent researchers would not be able to connect the broken knowledge about the underworld and could not see the whole picture. I marked the entrances and exits on some petroglyphs with red lines. There are also associations that these are some kinds of underground labyrinths with traps, since on one of them, in the corridor there is an image of someone or something that cannot be identified. What could it be? A «gift» from the Atlanteans?


Well, for a snack, the most interesting map of the underworld in my opinion and it is impossible to confuse it with anything else. In Figure № 14, there are distinct outlines of passages, passages, dead ends and exits to the outside. This is not to be confused with anything. To confirm this version, I will give examples of similar maps from different eras so that readers and viewers can compare.


Some of the skeptics may object, but here we will apply a comparative analysis to this petroglyph and marvel at the results. To begin with, let's carefully consider the map of the Russian cartographer and historian Semyon Ulianovich Remezov, who was born in the middle of the XVII century. It was he who first made a map of the underground world of Tomsk.


By the way, the dungeons of Tomsk are several times higher than the city itself on the surface, and this already says something. It is possible that by studying the underworld of the island of Aruba, we can come to exactly the same amazing result and it is likely that it is much larger than the island itself and goes far under the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Skeptics may object again and say that they don't see anything similar, but it is for them that I will cut off the map of S. U. Remezov a little and create a kind of collage for comparative analysis, so it will be easier and clearly visible. I hope all doubts will dissipate by themselves.


That again there are no associations in the comparative analysis? Do not forget that the maps of the 17th century dungeons of Tomsk are made on paper, and on the island of Aruba petroglyphs are drawn on stone and in a torn form, which makes it impossible to correctly put the puzzles into a single picture. Let's now look at the map of the underground world of the city of Odessa, so that you can see it more clearly. These are her intricate catacombs.


And now we will again conduct a comparative analysis of the underworld of the island of Aruba with a map of the dungeons of the city of Odessa and make sure that they correspond to each other. I will create a photo collage again, using several petroglyphs for greater clarity, to dispel all doubts.


Petroglyphs were discovered in Pushary in 1921, which indicate the existence of an underground civilization in Peru. It is believed that they are a map leading to the lost city of the Incas, located deep underground. There lives a civilization that is far superior to modern humanity. There is an opinion that primitive keepers of knowledge live in a city consisting of caves, where they guard numerous treasures that the Spaniards could not find. There is no doubt that the petroglyphs in Peru, marking the map to the underworld of the planet, are identical with the petroglyphs found on the island of Aruba. Characteristically, Spanish navigators visited both places, discovering new lands after a monstrous natural disaster. This indirectly confirms the version that the ancient Atlanteans, fleeing from a planetary catastrophe caused by a global war, living at different ends of Atlantis, fled to where they were closer. Someone went to Portugal, having founded their own cities, and someone to the continents of North and South America, and the cities were given strange names, which I have already mentioned in previous materials.


Let's again, for the third time, conduct a comparative analysis of the petroglyphs found on the island of Aruba and in Peru in order to finally make sure of the proposed version and remove all speculation on this topic. Moreover, in Caves, drawings on stones are recognized as a map of the underworld. A kind of labyrinth, with its own passages, dead ends and rooms.


For me, there is no doubt that the drawings made on the stones on the island of Aruba reflect the reality of the existence of the underworld. Here even an inexperienced person can easily determine the complete similarity in a comparative analysis. That's just where to find this very entrance to see where the labyrinths lead and what is in the underground corridors? It is necessary to go to the place and consistently study the location of each artifact on the island. Do not forget that some petroglyphs depict something that can be interpreted as a trap left by the Atlanteans for curious descendants, so that «they do not stick their noses where they should not». And since the island of Aruba is supervised by secret occult orders of Masons, Scientologists and Illuminati, and they have already prevented us from conducting underwater archaeology, then we can assume that there is something there that humanity is not supposed to know. Well, to confirm this version in theory, we will proceed to study it in practice and see what is there these days that the parasite system categorically does not allow there.

Modern underworld of Aruba Island.

On the island of Aruba, three main caves are officially designated, to which the admission of the layman is partially allowed:

- Khuliba Cave,

- Fontaine Cave,

- Guadirikiri Cave.

The Khuliba Cave is located in the Arikok National Park. The park itself is famous for a whole underground complex, about which there is no complete information. Kuliba Cave means «Tunnel of love» in translation. The entrance is via a steep and narrow staircase leading inside. It has five entrances. It is dotted with stalagmites and stalactites. And here the local folklore becomes quite interesting. The legend mentions pirates who lived in a cave, who hid their treasures. In previous materials, I have already said that a number of solar signs of petroglyphs tell us about gold. An interesting coincidence.


Fontaine Cave is located in the same national park. The walls of the cave are painted with Indian petroglyphs, pointing us to many passages and rooms leading to unknown places, and our task is to uncover this mystery. You can get into the cave from the «ledge of the coral limestone terrace» and here the most interesting thing begins, only the entrance hall is open to visitors, extending to a depth of 50 meters. Then questions arise:

«And why is only one entrance hall open to the public? To what depth can the rest of the cave lead? How many rooms are there in total? Are the petroglyphs left by the Indians true? Is it possible for independent researchers and scientists to get into all the halls? What have the occult orders of Masons, Scientologists and Illuminati found and are hiding from humanity? Are there remnants of Atlantean technology or skeletons of giants in the dungeons?».

In principle, there are a lot of such questions, and if they are not allowed to study other rooms of the cave, then they have something to hide. The most interesting thing is that the Indians conducted their rituals there, and accordingly there was worship of someone who could be in hidden underground corridors, which is out of the paradigm of official science. It could be the remains of the giants of the island of Aruba. Do not forget that the navigators and discoverers of our era originally called it «The Island of Giants». It is possible that there are still technologies unknown to us that continue their work. It's anyone's guess. Personally, I am inclined to the version of the remnants of giants, the priests of Atlantis and working technologies inside the underworld of the island of Aruba. Some mysteries and riddles, but judging by the deciphering of petroglyphs, our versions are close to the truth, since the resistance of the parasitic system to conceal genuine knowledge is only increasing.


Here it is worth noting and drawing the attention of readers and viewers to the fact that the petroglyphs found in Caves and marked as a map of the underworld in Peru correspond to the drawings of the island of Aruba in the Fontaine Cave. Let me once again create a photo collage so that you can see it, and you can see for yourself by asking yourself the right questions.


Hidden among the sandy beaches of the island of Aruba, lies a whole multi-level system of underground tunnels Guadirikiri. Bats also live there and there are cave paintings of Indians. And again, the strange behavior of the parasitic system begins, only excursions with local guides and employees of the national park are allowed into the cave. Tourists study only what they are shown and where they are led. Just like excursions to Antarctica. Without the representatives of the guides, visiting the cave is impossible. The Guadirikiri Cave is notable for its two large domed chambers, which are illuminated by sunlight through holes in the ceiling. Let us recall the petroglyphs, which were deciphered by us as the «bell» defensive structures. Are these the remnants of what the survivors of the global natural disaster wanted to convey to us when Atlantis was dying? What «gifts» were left for us?

The entrance to the cave is located at the base of the cliff. It is 150 meters long. And now there will be interesting information again. In order to preserve the natural habitat and reproduction of bats, one of the caves was closed to visitors. You understand that if they hide something, they do it, as always, under the plausible pretext of saving someone or something. That is, it turns out that if you follow their logic, none of the tourists can damage the habitat in the other caves, but it is in the closed one that they can? Or they frankly do not care about the habitat in the whole complex, since they are allowed everywhere, or in a closed dungeon, they hide something and study it. When you start to reason, you realize that there is no logic in their actions.

There is also an interesting legend about the Guadirikiri cave. It tells the story of the daughter of an Indian chief who fell in love and was imprisoned in her, because her beloved person was unacceptable to her father. The lover was imprisoned nearby, in the Khuliba cave (Tunnel of Love), but both lovers managed to meet underground. Both died there, but the most interesting thing is that these caves communicated with each other by underground corridors, and accordingly the decoding of the petroglyphs is correct, it remains only to find the entrances and exits to the underworld of the island of Aruba and they are probably still somewhere on the surface, but we will talk about this a little below. The truth is closer than ever before.


While I was exploring the caves of the island of Aruba, I accidentally came across another photo of a kind of «funnel» from the use of some unknown weapons of that time. I have already done a report on this topic and pointed out a similar funnel on the surface of the island, and here is an illustration of another similar configuration found. In order to say something concrete, you need to be present at this place yourself and take measurements with the necessary equipment, including trying to take soil samples of this beach, although, in all likelihood, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean washing the island could calmly wash out the remnants of radioactive Caesium 137 for millennia. This isotope remains only with one the only condition is the use of nuclear weapons or it may be a trace of a fallen meteorite. I don't see any other explanation.


Are there any other arguments in defense of the existence of an underground world on the island of Aruba. Yes, there certainly is. In one of the island's museums, a casual visitor managed to take an interesting photo. Pay attention to the fact that someone suddenly, for no reason, decided to turn the passage into the museum's dungeon. Everything was done clumsily and hastily, as if time was running out and it was urgently necessary to get something or go somewhere. In the background, a metal grating is installed, blocking the passage to underground corridors leading to unknown places. Accordingly, not everyone has a penetration tolerance.


It is not clear where this corridor leads, just as it is not clear to what depth and length the road to the unknown underground world can extend. Now we will see an equally mysterious photo of the basement of the island museum. We can pay close attention to the fact that a certain right-side door was laid, only the characteristic contours of the doorway remained. Both photos were taken relatively recently. Someone is trying to «cover their tracks» and hide the secrets of the dungeons of the island of Aruba from society.


I would like to note one more characteristic feature - these are recently made ceiling vaults made of stone with plastered seams with mortar. Well, the next photo material is generally stunning. It is clearly visible that under the natural layer of earth on the island of Aruba there is a certain excavated object. It is difficult to determine the thickness of the natural layer of the earth, but a doorway leading into the interior of the room and underground corridors of the second tier, going sideways, are visible. I do not know how this photo became publicly available, but I am sure that some researcher or scientist taking part in archaeological excavations managed to capture this sensation. One thing is clear, the petroglyphs of the island of Aruba have been deciphered correctly, or almost correctly. They denote the underground world of the island, its passages, passages, entrances, exits, corridors, various objects and rooms.


There is no doubt that our entire planet is literally pitted with underground passages leading to entire cities in several tiers. The underground city of Derinkuyu was recently discovered in Turkey. A real ancient bomb shelter, which even earthquakes could not destroy. And it also strongly resembles the dungeons and caves of the island of Aruba, as in principle on all continents, which says only one thing, there was only one civilization on our planet and used the same proto-language and technologies. And only one question bothers me. How did the ancient people manage to create this, and even with the help of primitive tools, or did they really possess technologies that far surpassed our modern civilization? Why did they purposefully go so deep underground? What were they afraid of and who were they hiding from?


All these underground cities are like one another. They are made almost the same way and their presence is carefully hidden from us, as if they are afraid that we will be able to run there at the hour «X» and then we will not be able to get out of there. Could this mean that we are all destined for an unenviable fate and death, since we are not informed of the presence of such shelters?

The gold of the island of Aruba or the hidden treasures of the Atlanteans.

According to previous materials, readers and viewers are well aware that our research group «Prometheus», the ANNO «International Academy of Sciences» and «Aruba Wellness Center» closely cooperates with the psychic Leonid Alekseevich Fedorov. He helped us and guided us to explore the underground world of the Didi Tunnel and the underwater world of the island of Aruba. This time he provided some help in exploring the dungeons and gave some information. You can be skeptical about it, or you can take note of what I usually do. Any information is important, it only needs to be checked and compared. Here is the message received from him:

«There is an underground fortress of the previous civilization under the Oiberg Mountain on the island of Aruba».


Its designations indicate the object as a storeroom of Atlantean treasures, which is especially intriguing. In the next photo, he gave the direction of an underground tunnel going to the shore.


Next, it gives out the exact coordinates of the entrance to the underground tunnel, which it remains only to determine on the ground and carefully review everything. Pits, bulges of the earth's soil, basements of structures, if any. Maybe independent researchers and scientists from the USA or the island of Aruba will want to use them and double-check the information. I would be only glad if they shared their knowledge, managed to find something at these coordinates or give a negative answer.


Then new data from two underground cities on the coast of the island of Aruba and tunnels 3 meters wide, going straight into the ocean. It remains only to go to these coordinates and check. I hope that people seeking the truth from among the local population of the island will want to see this for themselves and inform us about their results. We will be only too happy.


The following information received from him tells us about the existence of an underground city of the Aryans, located under the Oiberg Mountain and an airport tunnel connected with the city of the Proto-Slavic civilization. It is possible that it arose after the death of Atlantis.


But here he was no longer able to give clear coordinates. I do not know the reason for this. At the same time, he indicated the section of the underground passage, and with gold-bearing rock. To what extent this is true, I do not know. It is necessary to check the information on the spot.


Well, now attention, for all gold lovers and gold fever sufferers. Unexpectedly, we received information from a psychic from the Urals, Leonid Alekseevich Fedorov, about finding a cave temple or a gold vault in the underground city of the Aryans and Atlanteans. Is that why Masons, Scientologists and Illuminati are so careful of their secrets, putting various obstacles in our way when conducting underwater archaeology? Do they not allow independent researchers and scientists to find the treasures and technologies of Atlantis, leaving them only for a select elite ruling our planet?


Well, then he only confirms the version that the Proto-Slavic civilization once inhabited North America and gives information about the existence of cave cities of Rus in Arizona in the Grand Canyon. And op-pa, we find out again that it turns out there are forbidden caves for visiting not only ordinary people, but also researchers.


It turns out that the Grand Canyon, due to its size and depth, is practically unexplored. What are they hiding from us? Why is its surface literally pitted and no one is allowed in there? For more than a hundred years, geologists have been trying to understand how such a place as the Grand Canyon could have arisen at all. According to hydrogeologists, as a result of the erosion caused by the flow of the Colorado River, the occurrence of such a place is impossible. One gets the feeling that someone purposefully dug up the Grand Canyon, and this someone originally conceived it in this form. As researcher Rau Spammer said:

«The greatest mystery of the Grand Canyon is how it was formed and how deeply it hides the secrets of its origin and age. It is these secrets that continue to arouse the interest of researchers».

One of the areas of this place is closed to tourists. However, in 2017, a group of researchers formed within the walls of the University of Arizona, with great difficulty, but still managed to get permission to explore this mysterious territory. Scientists have heard a lot about a researcher named King, who managed to find traces of an ancient Aryan civilization in one of the caves, once inhabiting North America. As scientists later reported, it was incredibly difficult to move through the formed passages of this mysterious valley, and in some places, there were extremely narrow sections that had to be crossed by crawling. Everything changed when they reached one of the caves. It is in it that no human foot has ever set foot. What was the surprise of scientists when whole colonies of strange organisms flickering with unearthly light were found there. As stated by Bradley Lusk, a biotechnologist from the University of Arizona:

«The very fact that these organisms were able to form in a completely barren landscape without water and light is amazing».

Then mysterious and mystical manifestations began. When the researchers gathered to study in detail each colony of strange creatures, it turned out that they themselves became experimental subjects in some experiment. According to Bradley Lusk:

«After the discovery of strange creatures, inexplicable things began to happen to the whole group. First of all, our physical condition changed, as if there were no such exhausting transitions through the stone labyrinth. Each of the researchers began to feel only better».

At first, they did not attach much importance to this, writing off everything as euphoria from the perfect discovery, but then the whole group began to dream the same dream of extremely strange content. In it, the discovered creatures tried to say something to scientists and called somewhere. The dream was extremely confusing, it was not possible to analyze it and come to any concrete conclusions. However, Bradley was sure that the creatures they found required additional study. What was actually discovered by scientists in the gloomy caves of the Grand Canyon? It's impossible to say for sure. No conclusions or studies on this topic have appeared, which raises suspicions. What happened to this group of scientists in the future is unknown. Are they still alive, or have they already been eliminated? Or maybe they were intimidated and they were silenced forever? I want to believe that over time, humanity will still unravel all the secrets of this majestic place.



And now let's return again to the study of the underworld of the island of Aruba. For many readers and viewers, information on deciphering petroglyphs and solar symbols indicating the presence of gold in this place, as well as information from the psychic Leonid Fedorov, who talks about the treasures of the Atlanteans, may cause distrust. In principle, we can agree with such conclusions of skeptics. ESP is not an exact science and the percentage of positive results, as well as the probability itself is not so great. But there is an «extreme trump card» up my sleeve. And it is already difficult to object to it. When you have read the text in full, and not fragmentary, you were able to find out that several sources, I emphasize several different sources, indicate this result:

- decryption of petroglyphs (can I trust the correctness of my decryption in an intuitive way using comparative analysis, then let everyone decide for themselves, but this decryption is no worse or better than the decryption of representatives of official science, which has no criteria for knowing the truth and they use exactly the same methods as intuition and information obtained from different sources),

- legends of Indians conducting their rituals and rites of worship to someone in the caves of the island of Aruba,

- legends about countless treasures buried by pirates who lived there for a while,

- information from a psychic from the Urals Leonid Alekseevich Fedorov, indicating the treasures of the Atlanteans,

- concealment of any information by the parasitic system about the underworld of the island of Aruba,

- the tacit prohibition of research by independent scientists and the inability to conduct any expeditions, as something similar happened to our representatives at underwater archaeology, when we were not allowed to fully explore the underwater world of the island of Aruba,

- permanent presence of representatives of occult Masonic orders and Scientology ship there.

You cannot trust all this, do not trust indirect and even direct facts, but what I was able to discover quite by accident on the Internet adds special weight to all the previous information about the treasures of the underworld of the island of Aruba. This is a large old map of the island with its gold mines, published in 1885. The underworld of the island of Aruba exists and is tied to the official map made at the end of the XIX century and it becomes impossible to move against it. Let's take a look at it.

MAP OF 1885.


Undoubtedly, the subtle world exists, as well as much of what we do not know. Of course, there are protected places on Earth whose secrets are guarded by occult secret orders, hiding from humanity the true history and knowledge of the technologies of previous lost civilizations that have gone off the path of spiritual development and are mired in gross materialism. It was they who chose to serve the darkness, moving away from the Light. The island of Aruba holds many secrets. When deciphering the petroglyphs, I saw the language of the Vedic Proto-Slavic civilization. I even managed to decipher them a little and it turned out that this place is a place of Light and Power. Moreover, measuring the energy of the island with the help of a «Bovimeter» we got an unexpected result. It turned out that the energy of the island of Aruba exceeds the energy level of Tibetan Temples and sacred places by several times. I am sure that the antediluvian Atlantean civilization was there in the form of giant giants, and then their descendants, who survived the disaster, reached a height of about 2.5 meters, which confirms the original name of the island of Aruba as «The Island of Giants». I came to the version that there was also an underground civilization, which is represented in the form of stunted species of another form of life. Naturally, all these are not mythical creatures and most likely they are present in real time, but our range of perception of the world does not allow us to see them.

Our ancestors were not fools, since they passed such information from mouth to mouth. Legends are not born from scratch. Think about it and ponder for yourself, why is there still no one, I emphasize, no new invented character in films, in fairy tales, anywhere else in our modern world? Are only "fabulous" heroes from the past being exaggerated and there is none from our time? Well, for example, some kind of machine gun (I invented it), but only characters from epics, legends, legends, legends and myths are used. The answer is simple, in the past people met with them en masse, sometimes fought, died and killed. And now these meetings are almost reduced to zero, since those historical characters left our world and created their own, but sometimes there are eyewitnesses of such meetings, although they are few, very few. I think that someone once closed these portals, and accordingly our ancestors did it and blocked their access to our world.

With the help of occult practices and a collider, Satanists want to reopen these entrances. Maybe they have other ways, I don't have complete information here. In general, these are very real events that are coming to us in the future. How far have Satanists gone in the field of knowledge? Don't know.

P. S.

Many writers and poets have hints about such historical events, about how the great Vedic civilization was destroyed. Consider the work of A. S. Pushkin in the tale of the «Golden Cockerel». There, according to my understanding, we are talking about the destruction of the Slavic state. When they could not destroy the Vedic civilization with the help of wars, the enemy showed cunning and sent his combat magician (a beautiful woman) on a mission. The Shamakhan queen. The word Shamakhanskaya consists of two words, this is what A. S. Pushkin points out. Shaman is a magician; khan is a warrior. And together Shamakhanskaya. So, she had to change the outcome of the battle. A certain elder-Skopets (magus) was assigned to the tsar, who was obliged to destroy the combat magician and save the Slavs. As we remember from A. S. Pushkin's fairy tale, the Shamakhan tsarina was able to destroy two armies and kill the direct heirs of the tsar, pitting them into battle with each other, just like the events taking place now. That's how it turned out. The tsar himself went with the third army of veterans to fight. There he met a combat magician. Upon the arrival of the king home, the elder magus demanded that he fulfill his promise and give him the Shamakhan queen (combat magician) of the enemy.

Naturally, it was pointless for the magus to tell the king anything and reveal the whole truth, since the king was blinded by the beauty of the Shamakhan queen and would not have heard anyone. The Scopian elder began to insist on giving him what he had promised, but the king, in a fit of anger, kills the magus, and the golden cockerel kills the king. The Shamakhan queen, she is also a combat magician, evaporates into the air, having completed her combat task. The entire royal family of the Slavs was destroyed at the root, by the hands of the Slavs themselves. We do not know from A. S. Pushkin's fairy tale whether the tsar had grandchildren. The author gives us hope that, after all, the real royal family of the Slavs is alive and well, waiting in the wings. Thus, according to many prophecies, it is said about the coming of a true Orthodox Ruler to Russia, who will destroy the third yoke and give pure and undistorted knowledge to the descendants of the proto-Slavic civilization, as well as return to the Slavs a real new-old faith. Most likely Vedic. In general, briefly so. The question remains, how could A. S. Pushkin know about this legend? From Arina Rodionovna?

The whole planet once belonged to the descendants of the White Gods, but in the course of history we were technically exterminated, they are now exterminating us with our own hands and will stop exterminating with the arrival of the White King, who will lead the peoples out of the mess and unite them in the fight against the forces of evil. The prophecy of St. Seraphim of Sarov gives us hope from the deliverance of the power of Satanists. I will quote it in an abbreviated form so that it is clear to everyone, including those who stand on the side of darkness and he would not have any hope and illusion about his salvation and prosperity in the future, in the hope that they will be able to once again switch to the side of the strong in time, having committed another betrayal. and treason. It won't work. Karma and retribution for the crime will undoubtedly happen:

«When the Russian Land is divided, and one side will clearly remain with the rebels, the other will clearly stand up for the Sovereign and the integrity of Russia. But not so much blood will be shed here, as when the right side of the Sovereign who has become a victory, and all the traitors will be caught, and will deliver them into the hands of justice. Then no one will be sent to Siberia, but everyone will be executed, and here even more of the former blood will be shed, but this blood will be the last, cleansing blood».

The prophecy of the Venerable Elder Seraphim of Sarov echoes the prophecies of Monk Abel, which once again confirms to us the revival of the old-new Orthodox faith and the destruction of the third yoke of «people in black». This gives a spark of hope that everything that happens to us is God's providence and a plan from Above to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is how the prophecy of the monk Abel says in an abbreviated version:

«When a terrible death threatens everyone, he will come, the Impetuous Sovereign, the Great Horseman, the short-reigning Great Potter. He will be pure in soul and thoughts and will bring down his sword on robbers and thieves. No one will escape reprisal or disgrace. Five boyars close to the tsar will be put on trial. The first boyar judge. The second boyar is fleeing abroad and will be caught there. The third will be the governor. The fourth will be red. The fifth boyar will be found dead in his bed. The Great Renewal will begin. In Russia, there will be great joy in the return of the crown and the acceptance of the whole big tree under the crown. The three branches of the tree will merge together after the flight of the devil and there will be a single tree. Russia will be great later, having thrown off the godless yoke».

Personal evaluative and subjective opinion of the head of the «Prometheus» research group, a full member of the ANNO of the «International Academy of Sciences», a representative of the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity) Valery Sivokon.

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