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29 апреля 05:05

EZDex launches carnival, sprinkling millions of airdrops

Dear users:The decentralized exchange EZDex has been launched on April 19, 2021! From now on, EZDex decentralized exchange "new registered and certified users and users who participate in the invitation and certification activities" will be rewarded with EZX candy airdrops.EZX airdrop rules are as follows:Activity 1: After registering and completing email verification...
28 апреля 12:40

Japan's SoftBank Group joins HVC and will start trading soon

According to Singapore media news media, in the past month, global blockchain enthusiasts' subscription to HVC has received attention and support from many aspects. The HVC Foundation announced for the first time: Japan's SoftBank Group has officially reached a strategic investment cooperation plan with HVC. SoftBank Group's support is mainly for the development of HV...
19 апреля 04:37

Solution to the Wrong Token about synthetic asset

Synthetic Asset is a very important track in DeFi, and Synthetix based on Ethernet Square is a representative project of the track. However, not many can introduce U.S. stocks into DeFi among many synthetic asset projects. For example, Mirror Protocol, which was launched in December last year, and Tesla’s stock tokens, which were opened in Binance this year, also have...
15 апреля 10:52

Leading the new era of marketing concept,SAE creates sports brand sales myth

SAE, the marketing platform that detonated global sports brands.The APP that awakened potential customers in the world, SAE opened a new era of marketing The birth of the predecessor of the Internet, Appa.com, in 1969 marked a revolution in human communication technology. After 50 years, the mobile Internet era has risen, and the combination of both mobi...
7 апреля 07:38

Sorceress Protocol, a Polka Eco-Project, Creates the Strongest Cross-Chain Protocol

Due to the macroeconomic situation and the influx of traditional institutions, the fundamentals of Bitcoin are solidly improving. the DeFi segment has also been growing rapidly in the past year through continuous innovation and de-bubble, driving the new husband chain, expansion and interoperability solutions, on-chain infrastructure components and other fields to cli...
6 апреля 11:01

MultiVAC released roadmap for 2021 to launch mainnet and build Defi ecosystem

As memtioned in roadmap, high-performance blockchain MultiVAC will officially release the main network and heavily put in ecological construction. MultiVAC proposed an all-dimensional sharding solution to increase the TPS of blockchain, with its flexible computing framework, developers can trade-off freely about the blockchain trilemma.As an innovator in the field of ...
2 апреля 06:18

MOCHA aggregate ecological chain may become the leader of industrial blockchain applications

Blockchain technology is the cornerstone of the Internet of Value, which is changing social production relations, promoting global industrial reforms, and reshaping the world economic structure. 1. Project introductionThe core team of MOCHA is composed of a number of top technical geeks in the United States. In 2012, the core team members entered the fie...
1 апреля 05:36

EZDex is coming strongly and is bound to become the driving force of new finance

In this DeFi wave, there are various signs that the centralized exchange is obviously panicked in this DeFi shock. Although these head centralized exchanges have their own rules, the centralized governance method will inevitably have some phenomena that are not conducive to the development of the industry. Therefore, many blockchain technology geeks have invested in t...
25 марта 11:09

IA(Integrity Allicance)A New Generation Of Aggregate Revenue Platform

The Integrity Alliance (hereinafter referred to as IA) is an enterprise based on blockchain and DeFi applications. Develop its own business network to create an enterprise-level lightweight, open, and self-owned aggregate revenue platform. IA siphons the value of various DeFi products, aiming to provide maximum risk-free returns for assets, and Improve t...
24 марта 13:05

FLL Holdings reached strategic cooperation with LQD gateway and Filecoin miners

Filecoin has become the hottest digital currency in the currency circle, and it is also the largest dividend period for participating in investment returns. Currently Filecoin miners are facing high gas fees and pledge currency issues, which affect the normal mining of miners! Led by FLL Holdings Co., Ltd., together with Liquid Gates Gateway and Filecoin...
19 марта 12:50

FLL HOLDINGS LIMITED lays out the block chain field B&D Group strongly supports

FLL Holdings Limited (registration number 10270715) was established by B&d Group Investment Limited in 2016, registered in England and Wales, and issued by the Cardiff Administration for Industry and Commerce. Its business includes blockchain basic technology research and development, token economic model design, blockchain application technology de...
19 марта 04:01

In Qingdao - Watch China’s Top Sporting Event

2021 CBA All Star Weekend will be held in Qingdao Guoxin Stadium from March 20 to 21. In Qingdao, enjoy China’s high-profile sports event: CBA.It is reported that Qingdao “Diamond” Stadium, which will host this All Star Weekend, has a seating capacity of about 12,500 and about 6000 spectators will be admitted at that time, enabling the game to allow the largest number...
16 марта 12:15

Conventional finance has been hit hard, YeFi has brought unlimited imagination to the lending market

DeFi originated in 2018, after entering 2020, the DeFi market has reached a new high, DeFi ecological map continues to expand, there are lending platforms, DEX、 stable coins, derivatives, forecasting markets, insurance and other multi-domain practice cases, ecological prosperity to the extreme. As of now, the total lockout of the DeFi agreement has exceeded $65 billio...
12 марта 05:47

[EQUATION Of Equation] Global Sailing DeFi+DAPP+DAO Field “Unicorn” Equation Welcomes The Official Launch Of The World

Global Equation fans, how are you? I am very happy to tell you that the number of visitors, new addresses and participants in the global public beta for 15 days is steadily increasing every day, which is the result of our joint efforts. Next, Equality will be open to global nodes, allowing people from all over the world to participate in Equality. At the same time, al...
10 марта 04:37

Healthy China Cili Era Guizhou Cili World Sharing

Cili is a plant species indigenous to Guizhou of China. Especially, it is also referred as ‘King of Vitamin C’ of the fruits in the world. In addition to a variety of medicinal effects、eco-environment friendly and considerable economical value, Cili related industries is being implemented in Guizhou with the multi-goals of combating poverty、rural revitalization and i...
8 марта 07:35

Прекрасная кошачья жизнь — китайская кошка Шамбалы

В родине панд — провинции Сычуань на юго-западе Китая находится село Чаченг городского округа Шамбала, которое называется «Тибетский рай» и «Красотой района Канба». Это село за свои величественные природные ландшафты, тихую и чистую сельскую жизнь в нем предполагается местонахождением таинственной страны Шамбала, упомянутой английским писателем Джеймс Хилтон в книге «...
6 марта 06:32

Cloud Chian - Blockchain Finance Innovation

With the vigorous development of information technology, human civilization has entered a new height. However, as a consensus of value, digital currency is currently limited to a very small group of geeks. Because it has no intrinsic value, it is extremely unstable and easily manipulated, and there is no mature application scenes. Technically, a series of problems nee...
3 марта 11:45

Decentralized exchange challenger-EZDex debuts

The financial market is constantly changing. With the continuous development of the information and financial industry, EZDex decentralized exchange will be launched on April 19, 2021, redefining its transactions and redistributing wealth.The blockchain industry has been constantly progressing and developing. Under this premise, there are many risks in centralized tra...
28 февраля 16:59

SoftBank (UK) Completed the First Blockchain Investment Project,ZT Attracted the Investment of Millions of Dollars

SoftBank (UK) made an investment of millions of dollars in ZT recently. It was also the first investment project of SoftBank (UK) in the layout of the blockchain industry. SoftBank founded by Masayoshi Son in 1981 and listed in Japan in 1994 is a global comprehensive venture capital company that operates investments in traditional finance, technological ...
23 февраля 05:03

Judecoin -- the holy grail of blockchain privacy and encryption

What is the Jude? The full name of Judecoin is Judecoin, which is translated into Chinese as Judah coin. Judecoin was proposed by the Judecoin technical community in August 2020. Technical idea: to solve the underlying technical barriers of the Internet of Things blockchain, and realize the centralization of online, online and offline, and the trustless atomic swap tr...
1 февраля 09:33


According to Twitter, on December 17, 2020, Singapore time, BitWell, an international crypto derivatives service platform, announced that Tracy, an early member of Binance, has joined to assist the platform in brand building. BitWell CEO Jeff said, ‘Tracy was responsible for the growth and maintenance of Binance’s global community and has extensive exper...
27 января 04:23

Interview With Tim Draper; Blockchain Needs To Accelerate Development, And Future Digital Assets Also Need To Have More Value Recognition Capabilities. CCF Showed Me The Opportunity

Reporter: Hello, Mr. Tim Draper. It is a pleasure to communicate with you here. As an investor in Hotmail, Baidu, Tesla and the world's top Bitcoin companies, I hope you can participate in the recent OROC project on the CCF platform, and your communication is simple. First, let me ask a question that everyone is most concerned about. Recently, CCF has a project called...
21 января 07:45

Grayscale increased holdings of digital currency, global regulation is stricter is beneficial to BTC?

Grayscale's total assets under management rose to $28.1 billion as of Jan. 19, according to the official Twitter feed. Michael Sonnenshein, CEO of Grayscale, believes that most institutional investors who invest in digital currencies for the first time will choose BTC, but we can see that more and more institutional investors have diversified options. Public data show...
20 января 10:14

2021 Design Intelligence Award Launches and Opens for Entries

On January 20, 2021, the 6th Design Intelligence Award (hereinafter referred to as "DIA") is officially launched, calling for outstanding design works from global enterprises and young talent designers. The entry submission portal will close on June 25, 2021(24:00, UTC+8). For more information, please visit DIA official website (www.di-award.org).Sponsor...
20 января 06:05

Загадочная древняя цивилизация Шу - прогулка к участкам Саньсиндуй и Цзиньша в Сычуани, Китай

Провинцию Сычуань называют благословенным краем, ведь это один из древнейших и богатейших регионов Китая. 25 тыс. лет назад здесь появились первые следы человеческой цивилизации, а во время позднего неолита тут зародилась культура Шу. В XX веке важные археологические открытия руин Саньсиньдуй и Цзиньша убедительно доказали, что в верхнем течении реки Янцзы цивилизация...
13 января 09:38

SST: The most anticipated cryptocurrency of 2021

In January 2009, the genesis block of Bitcoin was mined, marked the birth of the blockchain. This sign opened up a fan for the financial industry a broader door. Subsequently, it had continued to expand to areas such as payment and settlement, financial transactions, supply chain management, and intelligent manufacturing.By 2020, there are thousands of digital currenc...
2 января 10:22

Qingdao Investment Resources Information Social Platform

Qingdao Investment Resources Information Social Platform is officially launchedTo facilitate the government-business communication, solve poor information, magnify the "conference effect", providing one-stop service for entrepreneurs to invest in Qingdao■On this platform, the originally independent government service functions and government data converge to open each...
19 декабря 2020 г. 11:14

Apocalypse Chain intends to acquire the CPCT Foundation and related businesses, and is committed to expanding the Asia-Pacific market

2021 is coming soon, and Apocalypse Chain will continue to make great strides. It plans to vigorously develop the Asia-Pacific market in 2021. As we all know, the Asia-Pacific region has always been the most active region for digital token transactions, and any promotion of the encryption industry cannot be separated from the strong support of the Asia-Pacific market....
18 декабря 2020 г. 06:13

ETH pyramid smart contract is the future business trend

At present, blockchain has gradually become an important basic measure of "value Internet". Countries have begun to actively embrace blockchain technology, open up a new track of international industrial competition, and seize the commanding height of a new round of industrial innovation, so as to strengthen international competitiveness.In addition to being the pilla...
17 декабря 2020 г. 14:08

A hot topic about anti-quantum technology named DMO hit the bitcointalk

The public chain DMO (Digital Monster) comes from the deep web,officially released in the bitcointalk community just now. DMO is based on the Monster signature algorithm,it provides a quantum computing attack resistance of digital signature encryption method and system, and follows the isomorphism chain framework to create a stable, safe, efficient...
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