Decentralization leads the trend of blockchain, AIMEX opens up a new path

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With the explosive growth of the demand for blockchain digital asset financing, the exchange as a key link connects the primary and secondary markets of digital assets and has almost become the only bridge between the project party and the blockchain investor. The exchange controls The absolute right to speak in the blockchain industry.

Unfortunately, most traditional exchanges have a highly centralized attribute, which seriously violates the core essence of blockchain-decentralization. This is a truly subversive idea in the innovation of the blockchain. This is not only Satoshi Nakamoto’s whimsical idea to solve the double-flower problem, but also the survival setting of a new technological network that makes pure technological creation It has a self-evolving "life", and our exploration in this direction has just begun. Many trading platforms today have very basic technical structures, simple patchwork of functions, low service quality, low security and stability, and opaque data and rules. Serious shortcomings.

In order to promote the global blockchain industry to enter a healthy state of development, the market urgently needs an innovative, democratic, transparent, equal, free, and safe trading environment, based on a deep understanding of the blockchain revolution, and for the global blockchain business With the goal of making a key contribution, the AIMEX blockchain digital asset trading platform was launched, reshaping the global trust mechanism and business landscape, and promoting the formation of a more benign competition pattern for global exchanges.

AIMEX coexists with the original universe solar system, using deflationary economy to hedge inflation economy to offset the global economic crisis. Technology-driven innovation is driving the high speed of financial ecological transactions and leading mankind into the glorious era of the new economy.

AIMEX provides safe, transparent, stable, and efficient blockchain asset trading services to users around the world. Security, decentralization, stability, and liquidity are the core values of AIMEX. Combining the landing ecology to provide every investor with an efficient investment environment At the same time, investors do not have to worry about personal privacy protection or the security of digital assets. The professional financial unit of the platform will provide investors with rich risk hedging tools and investment options.

At the same time, AIMEX New Unbounded Exchange uses the four-star string vibration theory to build the world's first four-currency linkage model. Sun, Mars, Mercury, Earth, and four-currency are jointly issued, which coincides with the changing laws of the universe and achieves a perpetual cycle. The spiral increases, resulting in an endless effect, and it comes with a deflationary destruction mechanism. Using gold-based mining, you can mine more with one machine. The more people involved, the fewer and fewer coins. In the end, one coin is hard to find. The peak work that only rises but never falls.

AIMEX trading takes the blockchain technology as the bottom layer, uses community autonomy, high-performance matching engine, distributed consensus and other features, adopts DPOS+BFF consensus mechanism and four planetary dimensional contracts, just like from the distant "wind of the sun", link transactions We believe that the AIMEX decentralized ecological exchange can bring you more wealth system in various industries such as office, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, etc., to create a colorful community autonomy world in the dimensional era!

Currently, the online version of the AIMEX exchange supports simultaneous ETH/EOS dual-chain transactions, asset custody smart contracts, private key signature authorization transactions, the world’s first ROC, rapid and instantaneous mass transactions, which can minimize GAS consumption and support spot Trading and C2C trading modes, contract trading, leveraged trading and other services will be launched to support more than 20 countries around the world.

In the world of AIMEX, it is possible to create value exchange by itself, and it is unique. Its first four-currency linkage is the only one in the world. It combines with the heaven and brings its own bright aura, leading the gods to become. It will not only show its skills in digital asset transactions, but also lead human beings to explore in the blockchain universe. AIMEX is bound to be the New Year's Eve superstar of 2020. Joining AIMEX will be an important turning point in your life!

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