Qingdao Investment Resources Information Social Platform

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Qingdao Investment Resources Information Social Platform is officially launched

To facilitate the government-business communication, solve poor information, magnify the "conference effect", providing one-stop service for entrepreneurs to invest in Qingdao

■On this platform, the originally independent government service functions and government data converge to open each node in the whole chain of investment attraction, thus enhancing the systematization, integrity, and coordination of Qingdao's "double attracting and double introduction" work.

■On this platform, the logic of government-enterprise communication is newly defined. Entrepreneurs investing in Qingdao will realize "point-to-point" communication with relevant government departments, and investment consultations and suggestions will receive immediate feedback.

■On this platform, all kinds of innovative resource elements will gather, interact and couple quickly to shape the complete ecology of investment and entrepreneurship in Qingdao, helping entrepreneurs fulfill their creativity, innovation and creation.

Since Qingdao launched the "Double promotion and double introduction" campaign in 2019, the city has established a "one game of chess" large investment promotion system and a series of investment promotion mechanisms such as top-level promotion, marketization, and platformization to promote the continuous optimization of the business environment. At the same time, some pain and difficult points have also been exposed with the advancement of the " Double promotion and double introduction" campaign, including fewer government-business communication channels, and not wide publicity channels such as key industries, investment policies, and investment resources, not high platformization degree enough of investment attraction and investment docking to fully magnify the "meeting effect" of major events in the city.

How to solve these pain and difficult points?

Under the guidance of platform thinking, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Qingdao Daily have jointly created a social platform for investment resources informationization (hereinafter referred to as "social platform") to systematically address problems, improve mechanisms, and strengthen dispatching to enhance the effectiveness throughout the project attracting, planning, and negotiation and landing. After three months of trial operation, the "social platform" was officially launched on Jan. 1, 2021.

A new platform for understanding entrepreneurs

Since 2019, a series of high-level exhibitions and forums have been held in Qingdao, such as the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum Conference, the Qingdao Summit of Multinational Company Leaders, and the Sino-European Entrepreneur Summit Qingdao Forum. Thousands of entrepreneurs have come to Qingdao, wedded an indissoluble bond with the city. In the future, these entrepreneurs who have been to Qingdao will continue to “stay” in Qingdao via the “social platform”. On important holidays, they will also receive greeting messages from the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and continue to feel the temperature and sincerity of the city.

What do entrepreneurs on the platform need most? What can we do for them? For the team involved in the construction of the platform, these two issues are the clearest logical line among a multitude of things, running through from the construction of the background technology to the design of the platform interface and the optimization of social functions, and also the "golden rule" that the team staff adhere to.

Liu Jin, general manager of Liandong Group Qingwei, who started using the platform during the trial operation, browses the platform almost every day, "Every day there is the latest information on investment promotion, and some investment promotion and industrial policies are also updated in a timely manner."

Since the "social platform" started trial operation, when companies come to consult about water, electricity, and gas bills in case of investment in Qingdao, Wang Li, a staff member of the Chengyang Investment Promotion Center, would directly send the link of the platform to the other party. "On this platform, there are comprehensive company-related fees, and many companies find it very convenient."

These warm-hearted and careful considerations for the sake of entrepreneurs are precisely the true heart that Qingdao can understand enterprises and entrepreneurs.

A new path for government- business communication

On Oct. 18, 2020, a Sunday shortly after the trial operation of the platform, a special "receptionists "training was held in the 1301 lecture hall of Qingdao Research Institute of University of International Business and Economics. "When answering the phone, we can’t say I don't know, nor can we say that this matter is not within the scope of my duties." The training teacher of Qingdao 12345 government service hotline said while the more than 50 "receptionists" in the audience are rustling notes. In fact, these "receptionists" are cadres responsible for investment promotion from the direct departments of Qingdao City and various districts and cities, and they are the professional communities specifically established by the Qingdao Municipal Bureau for the platform during the trial operation, together with the operation team and many district and city investment promotion departments, business associations, and head organizations. In these communities, government departments often publish investment promotion policies within the region, and enterprises often exchange investment projects.

New ecology of platform thinking

In the process of "Double promotion and double introduction" in various places, due to information asymmetry, communication barriers and other reasons, it is often difficult for investment promotion personnel to grasp the overall investment progress. There are usually difficulties and blockages in the process of project implementation, making the efficiency and price performance ratio of investment promotion hard guaranteed. The "social platform" will break through this constraint, break down barriers with platform thinking, and reshape Qingdao's new entrepreneurial ecosystem of "Double promotion and double introduction", which is deeply connected, open and collaborative.

At present, the platform has released 93 investment intentions, with a total investment of 47.6 billion yuan, the project docking rate hitting 98.92% , and 35 projects implemented.

Using platform thinking to do development multiplication, and using ecological thinking to optimize development environment, the relevant person in charge of the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced that in the next step, the "social platform" will also be linked with the "Policy Communication" platform of the Qingdao Private Economic Development Bureau. In the future, it will continue to link with government service platforms such as customs, taxation, and administrative approval to open all nodes and links in the process of "Double promotion and double introduction", thus constructing an integrated ecosystem of Qingdao municipal services.

At the same time, as more and more platform institutions, entrepreneurs, and investors join the "social platform", this online entrepreneurial ecosystem will continue to grow and expand, attracting more entrepreneurs to invest in Qingdao, i.e., a crucial investment of "Investing in Qingdao is investing in national investment strategy." with capital.

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